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Part 3 with all the PHOTOS, the DIARIES, maps and photo analysis in the case of Kris and Lisanne in 2014

The missing Dutch girls in Panama
part 3 - all the chronological photos and the diaries

October 11th 2019 - This is part 3 with the chronological photos and diaries of Kris and Lisanne. If you are new here, please start reading about the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne in my first blog post, hereAnd in part 6 you can read the most important interviews with the parents and families of Kris and Lisanne. 

Sas asked me below one of my youtube videos about the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne: "Is there a website on which the readers here can see the official chronology of the Photos that were made by Kris and/or Lisanne? Which were taken with the phone, which with the digital camera and what are the times and days on which the pics were made..? Do you have a link to such a website for the readers here..? It could be convenient for the readers to have that oversight in this case." -  Great suggestion! The photos we know of are predominantly published by the families themselves over time, or appeared in the media (not always in the best photo quality). Lawyer Arrocha also gave a photo to a befriended journalist who posted it. And Dutch TV programs like 'Een Vandaag' and 'Break Free' also published some in their TV programs on this disappearance (whole series with subs can be seen in my main blog post on this case). We even had to work with screenshots from TV broadcasts sometimes, which resulted in even worse quality photos. There is also a better sized photo here and there. Some were also leaked by people 'behind the scenes'. Unfortunately we don't have copies of all the Panama photos which Kris and Lisanne took. It is therefore also difficult to provide a chronological overview here. But I can publish all the publicly shared photos taken by Kris and Lisanne here. Thanks to Imperfect Plan's help, I can also give you their photo numbers and some further details.  

DISCLAIMER: The quality of many (not all) of the photos is not ideal. The reason for that, as I also understand it from Juan, is that most (not all) of the photos as we know them have not been officially released in their original format by the family, but instead have been published by/leaked to the press or insiders. The Panamanian media who printed these photos readjusted the size of the original photos. Most versions as we know them are only between 1024x768 and 1600x1200 pixels in size nowadays, whereas the originals are 4000x3000 pixels. And a note from Imperfect Plan: None of the early pics have time stamps. 'Not cropped' refers to the image not appearing cropped, but this is not verified on a per pixel level. A Dutch "highly qualified digital forensics expert" from the NFI analyzed the camera and its SD card, and discovered a total of 470 photo files in JPG format and seven video recordings in PMB4 format on the memory card. A total of 133 photos were created after March 31st, numbered from #476 to #609. They fall into two categories: daytime photos from April 1, and nighttime photos from April 8. The NFI only examined image files that were taken after March 31, 2014, i.e. after the girls' disappearance.    

Chronological order of the photos taken by/from Kris and Lisanne

Photos taken by family members
Taken on March 15th 2014 around 07:00 AM.
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

First the photos taken in Bocas del Toro,
 between March 16 - March 29, 2014

Photo #167 (IMG_167)
This is the very first trip related photo taken. I do not have this photo. 

Photo #170 (IMG_170)
No time stamp. Cropped. 

Photo #177 (IMG_177)
No time stamp. 

Photo #181 (IMG_181)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #187 (IMG_187)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #188 (IMG_188)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #198 (IMG_198)
No time stamp. Slightly cropped.

Photo #199 (IMG_199)
No time stamp. 

Photo #234 (IMG_234)
No time stamp. Slightly cropped.

Photo #238 (IMG_238)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #239 (IMG_239)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #249 (IMG_249)
No time stamp. Cropped. Photo is in portrait orientation.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
May be taken with a cell phone.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
May be taken with a cell phone.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Not taken with the Canon camera. Probably a cell phone photo.

Photo #268 (IMG_268)
No time stamp. Cropped a lot. 

Photo #271 (IMG_271)
No time stamp. Slightly cropped.

Photo #293 (IMG_293)
No time stamp. Slightly cropped.

Photo #294 (IMG_294)
No time stamp. Slightly cropped.

Photo #298 (IMG_298)
No time stamp. 

Photo #299 (IMG_299)
No time stamp. 

Photo #300 (IMG_300)
No time stamp. 

Photo #302 (IMG_302)
No time stamp. Photo cropped.

Photo #306 (IMG_306)
No time stamp. Photo about 50% cropped.
Kris fully visible in original

Photo #316 (IMG_316)
No time stamp. Photo slightly cropped.

Photo #317 (IMG_317)
No time stamp. Photo slightly cropped.

Photo #338 (IMG_338)
No time stamp. Photo cropped.
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Photo #350 (IMG_350)
No time stamp. Photo slightly cropped.

Photo #351 (IMG_351)
No time stamp. Starfish in foreground
cropped and background cropped
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Photo #355 (IMG_355)
No time stamp. Cropped.

Photo #356 (IMG_356)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #358 (IMG_358)
No time stamp. Slightly cropped.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Not taken with the Canon camera. Probably a cell phone photo.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Not taken with the Canon camera. Probably a cell phone photo.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Not taken with the Canon camera.

Two photos taken by friends 
Bas van Lieshout and Edwin Cornelis. 

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Not a photo taken with the Canon camera
(possibly taken with their mobile phone) 

Photo #372 (IMG_372)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #375 (IMG_375)
No time stamp. Cropped.

Photo #416 (IMG_416)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #420 (IMG_420)
No time stamp. Not cropped.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Image not from the Canon camera.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Image not from the Canon camera.

Photo #? (IMG_?)  

Photo #? (IMG_?)

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Image not from the Canon camera.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Image not from the Canon camera.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Image not from the Canon camera.

Photo #? (IMG_?)
Image from Lisanne's phone

Second, the photos taken in Boquete 
between March 29 - March 31st, 2014

On Saturday March 29th, Kris and Lisanne arrived by shuttle bus in Boquete in the afternoon. They met their host family and checked out the nearby Spanish language school that day. On Sunday March 30th they explored Boquete, had lunch in town in 'Boquete Bistro' and explored the direct area. On Monday March 31st they went to a local children's school in the morning to start their volunteer work, but were sent away and told they had no place for them that week. The girls then went to the Spanish language school to tell what happened and waited for a good part of the day there for a coworker to try to find them another volunteer job for that week. In the late afternoon they had a long massage with a Dutch lady. On Tuesday April 1st they hiked the Pianista Trail and possibly went for a swim. (Swim may have happened the day prior also). 

Photo #439 (IMG_439)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #441 (IMG_441)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #443 (IMG_443)
No time stamp. May also be #444, but probably 443. 

Photo #446 (IMG_446)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #447 (IMG_447)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #454 (IMG_454)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #455 (IMG_455)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #456 (IMG_456)
No time stamp. Slight crop. 

Photo #459 (IMG_459)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #460 (IMG_460)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #461 (IMG_461)
No time stamp. Cropped. 

Photo #462 (IMG_462)
No time stamp. Cropped. 

Photo #463 (IMG_463)
No time stamp. Cropped. 
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Photo #464 (IMG_464)
No time stamp. Not cropped. 

Photo #465 (IMG_465)
No time stamp. Cropped. 

Photo #466 (IMG_466)
No time stamp. Cropped. 
Kris Kremers, Panama

Video stills from a short video taken:

Third, the photos taken in Boquete on April 1st

We know that 33 photos were taken this day with the digital CANON camera. Out of those, 23 photos have been made public, one way or another. The other 10 have been seen by several people, but weren't published. Matt wrote: "All 33 images were taken in 8 groups of 2 – 10 images each and show the same subjects or scenery from slightly different angles within those groups. Therefore, if there is one image from a group available, it is very easy to visualize what the missing ones show." On April 1st the known photo numbers start at #476 (IMG_476) and end with #508. From Matt's article I take it that there was also a first photo taken before #476, of the trailhead. It was shot at 11:08 AM. I don't know if this photo was taken with the Canon digital camera or with one of their smartphones. But we do know that 11:08 was also the starting time of their hike. With regards to these times: I show you both the real time and the recalculated time (minus 6 hours), because the girls had not adjusted the correct year and local time on their camera. It was set to 2013 instead of 2014, and had the incorrect time. - Although there was a seven hours time difference between the Netherlands and Panama at that time, not six, I learnt that investigators may have been going with a deduction of six hours instead of seven because the default time zone for Canon cameras is usually set to London time (GMT), which was six hours ahead of Panama on April 1st of 2014). 

Photo source: the BackpackerCoach

Specific photo numbers and times:
(*These are the official times as they were found on the camera, but they may or may not be correct/manipulated)

                                           Photo #475 (?)  -  April 1st 11:08 AM (Photo of the trailhead)
                                     Photo #476  -  April 1st 11:18:24 AM (officially 17:18 PM)
                                     Photo #477  -  April 1st 11:18:34 AM (officially 17:18 PM)
                                 Photo #478  -  April 1st 11:18:39 AM (Photo of a creek)
                                           Photo #479  -  April 1st 11:18:44 AM (officially 17:18 PM)      
                                Photo #480  -  April 1st 11:25:05 AM (Photo of a field)
                     Photo #481  -  11:25:11 AM (officially 17:25 PM)
                Photo #482  -  11:25:27 AM (Photo of a field)
                      Photo #483  -  11:25:31 AM (officially 17:25 PM)
                Photo #484  -  11:25:33 AM (Photo of a field)
                      Photo #485  -  11:25:35 AM (officially 17:25 PM)
                           Photo #486  -  11:25:45 AM (officially 17:25:48 PM)
                            Photo #487  -  11:42:14 AM (Photo of a small creek)
                            Photo #488  -  11:42:18 AM (Photo of a small creek)
                      Photo #489  -  11:42:26 AM (officially 17:42 PM)
                         Photo #490  -  12:02:40 PM (Same location as 491)
                      Photo #491  -  12:03:08 PM (officially 18:03 PM)
                           Photo #492  -  12:03:16 PM (Same location as 491*)
                      Photo #493  -  12:42:25 PM (officially 18:42 PM)
                      Photo #494  -  12:42:32 PM (officially 18:42 PM)
istance thicket of the forest, with the small log over the
creek in the foreground - similar location to photo 491
The next photos are all taken at the Pianista summit (the Mirador):
                     Photo #495  -  13:00:23 PM (Photo at Mirador)
                     Photo #496  -  13:00:36 PM (Photo at Mirador)
                      Photo #497  -  13:01:06 PM (officially 19:01 PM)
                      Photo #498  -  13:01:14 PM (officially 19:01 PM)
                      Photo #499  -  13:01:38 PM (officially 19:01 PM)
                      Photo #500  -  13:01:44 PM (officially 19:01 PM)
                      Photo #501  -  13:01:56 PM (officially 19:01 PM)
                 Photo #502  -  13:02 PM (officially 19:02 PM)
                     Photo #503  -  13:06:15 PM (Photo at Mirador)
                      Photo #504  -  13:06:20 PM (officially 19:06 PM)
The next photos are taken behind the Pianista summit:
                      Photo #505  -  13:20:33 PM (officially 19:20 PM)
                      Photo #506  -  13:20:39 PM (officially 19:20 PM)
                      Photo #507  -  13:54:50 PM (officially 19:54 PM)
                       Photo #508  -  13:54:58 PM (officially 19:54 PM
    Photo #509 (Unknown) -  DELETED

Photo #476 (IMG_476)
11:18 AM (officially 17:18 PM)
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Photo #477 (IMG_476)
11:18 and 34 seconds AM (officially 17:18 PM)
Photo #479 (IMG_476)
11:18 and 44 seconds AM (officially 17:18 PM)

Photo #481 (IMG_481)
11:25 and 11 seconds AM (officially 17:25 PM)

Photo #483 (IMG_483)
11:25 and 31 seconds AM (officially 17:25 PM)

Photo #485 (IMG_485)
11:25 and 35 seconds AM (officially 17:25 PM)

Photo #486 (IMG_486)
11:25 and 45 seconds AM (officially 17:25 PM)

Photo #489 (IMG_489)
11:42 and 26 seconds AM (officially 17:42 PM)

Photo #491 (IMG_491)
12:03 and 8 seconds PM (officially 18:03 PM)
(Last photo by Alexander)
This photo was taken before the summit and can be found here

Photo #493 (IMG_493)
12:42 and 25 seconds PM (officially 18:42 PM)

Photo #494 (IMG_494)
12:42 and 32 seconds PM (officially 18:42 PM)

Power-Pixie found the matching location of photo #494 here

Photo #496 (IMG_496)
13:00 and 36 seconds PM (officially 19:00 PM)
Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Photo #497 (IMG_497)
13:01 and 06 seconds PM (officially 19:01 PM)

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Photo #498 (IMG_498)
13:01 and 14 seconds PM (officially 19:01 PM)

Photo #499 (IMG_499)
13:01 and 38 seconds PM (officially 19:01 PM)

Photo #500 (IMG_500)
13:01 and 44 seconds PM (officially 19:01 PM)

Photo #501 (IMG_501)
13:01 and 56 seconds PM (officially 19:01 PM)

Photo #502 (IMG_502)
13:02 PM (officially 19:02 PM)

Photo #504 (IMG_504)
13:06 and 20 seconds PM (officially 19:06 PM)

Photo #505 (IMG_505)
13:20 and 33 seconds PM (officially 19:20 PM)
This photo was taken after the summit and can be found here

Photo #506 (IMG_506)
13:20 and 39 seconds PM (officially 19:20 PM)

Photo #507 (IMG_507)
13:54 and 50 seconds PM (officially 19:54 PM)

Photo #508 (IMG_508)
13:54 and 58 seconds PM (officially 19:54 PM), 

'PanamaResearch' made this AI-type of image improvement of photo #508... I think it may be too artificial to be correct, but it definitely shows some apprehension and worry on her face for sure. 

Photo #509 - DELETED

Update: photos taken with the mobile phones on the summit 

On the summit of the Pianista trail, the Mirador, there were also nine known photos created with the iPhone from Kris and the Samsung Galaxy phone from Lisanne. Matt does not show them in his article, but he does describe them in little detail.
-IMG_2125; taken with the iPhone4 on the Mirador at 13:14. This was around 6 minutes áfter the last digital photo was taken on the summit, photo 504, which showed the views down towards Boquete. So there were six minutes where we have no idea what happened, but then these eight images are taken in quick succession with the mobile phones. And going by the numbers of these images, there may even be more that we don't know about?   
-IMG_2126; taken with the iPhone4 on the Mirador at 13:14.  
-IMG_2127; taken with the iPhone4 on the Mirador at 13:14. 
-20140401_131420; taken with the Samsung S3 on the Mirador at 13:14:20.
-20140401_131424; taken with the Samsung S3 on the Mirador at 13:14:24. 
-20140401_131430; taken with the Samsung S3 on the Mirador at 13:14:30. This image shows similar clouds and scenery as Image 502
-20140401_131456; taken with the Samsung S3 on the Mirador at 13:14:56.
-IMG_2128; taken with the iPhone4 on the Mirador at 13:15:00.
-20140401_131513; taken with the Samsung S3 on the Mirador at 13:15:13.


Fourth, the photos taken in the 
dark of night, on April 8th 2014 

Specific photo numbers and times:

      Photo #510  -  April 8th 01:29:00 AM
      Photo #511  -  April 8th 01:30:00 AM
   Photo #512-540  -  01:30-01:37 AM
      Photo #541  -  April 8th 01:37:57 AM
      Photo #542  -  April 8th 01:38:12 AM
      Photo #543  -  April 8th 01:38:28 AM
      Photo #544  -  April 8th 01:38:46 AM
      Photo #545  -  April 8th 01:38:57 AM
      Photo #546  -  April 8th 01:39:12 AM
      Photo #547  -  April 8th 01:39:21 AM
      Photo #548  -  April 8th 01:39:32 AM
      Photo #549  -  April 8th 01:39:42 AM
      Photo #550  -  April 8th 01:39:54 AM
      Photo #551  -  April 8th 01:40:07 AM
      Photo #552  -  April 8th 01:40:18 AM
      Photo #553  -  April 8th 01:40:32 AM
      Photo #554  -  April 8th 01:40:48 AM
      Photo #555  -  April 8th 01:40:59 AM
      Photo #556  -  April 8th 01:41:16 AM
      Photo #559  -  April 8th 01:41:26 AM
      Photo #561  -  April 8th 01:42:07 AM
      Photo #562  -  April 8th 01:42:25 AM
      Photo #563  -  April 8th 01:42:45 AM
      Photo #564  -  April 8th 01:43:14 AM
      Photo #565  -  April 8th 01:43:28 AM
      Photo #566  -  April 8th 01:43:45 AM
      Photo #567  -  April 8th 01:44:12 AM
      Photo #568  -  April 8th 01:44:37 AM
      Photo #569  -  April 8th 01:45:01 AM
      Photo #570  -  April 8th 01:45:14 AM
      Photo #571  -  April 8th 01:45:23 AM
      Photo #572  -  April 8th 01:45:32 AM
      Photo #573  -  April 8th 01:45:52 AM
      Photo #574  -  April 8th 01:46:01 AM
      Photo #575  -  April 8th 01:46:11 AM
      Photo #576  -  April 8th 01:46:20 AM
      Photo #577  -  April 8th 01:47:31 AM
      Photo #579  -  April 8th 01:48:10 AM
      Photo #580  -  April 8th 01:49:47 AM
      Photo #582  -  April 8th 01:50:05 AM
      Photo #583  -  April 8th 01:50:26 AM
      Photo #584  -  April 8th 01:51:56 AM
      Photo #585  -  April 8th 01:52:28 AM
      Photo #586  -  April 8th 01:53:02 AM
      Photo #587  -  April 8th 01:53:13 AM
      Photo #590  -  April 8th 01:55:01 AM
      Photo #591  -  April 8th 01:55:36 AM
      Photo #592  -  April 8th 01:57:03 AM
      Photo #593  -  April 8th 01:58:26 AM
      Photo #594  -  April 8th 01:58:35 AM
      Photo #595  -  April 8th 02:00:37 AM
      Photo #597  -  April 8th 02:05:25 AM
      Photo #599  -  April 8th 02:12:11 AM
      Photo #600  -  April 8th 02:15:25 AM
      Photo #601  -  April 8th 02:20:48 AM
      Photo #602  -  April 8th 02:31:25 AM
      Photo #603  -  April 8th 02:31:25 AM
      Photo #604  -  April 8th 02:37:11 AM
      Photo #605  -  April 8th 02:46:16 AM
      Photo #606  -  April 8th 03:09:35 AM
         Photo #607  -  April 8th 03:09:51 AM   
                     Photo #608  -  April 8th 03:22:47 AM               
      Photo #609  -  April 8th 04:10:59 AM
All new night photos printed here have been first published by JUAN. Later Matt confirmed their authenticity to me, based on the case files he has access to. These night photos have been taken mostly all at the same location. In this video I show how a very specific leaf keeps coming back and has been photographed from different positions and angles. The newly leaked night photos continue to show this leaf in different ways, just as the V-shaped tree keeps coming back. Details such as the exact timestamp have also been taken directly from these leaked photos. I later verified them all with the times mentioned in the official police files, as published by Matt. Also, there are a couple of new night photos that seem enhanced versions of others; not different photographs taken at the time. The parents of Kris and Lisanne stated that there were 90 photos taken that night, whereas Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf mentioned 77 photos. It is now confirmed that there were in fact 100 night photos taken in the early hours of April 8th (the 'night photos'), of which 50 are known to the public. The last known normal picture that was taken on April 1st was #508 (Kris at the small stream). The first nighttime photo is #510, which was taken on April 8th at 01:29 AM. Not all of the night photos have been made public, but Matt saw them all and has confirmed to me that the remaining photos all show the same dark surroundings and sometimes almost completely dark photos. Nothing of new interest has been held back, therefore. Hardinghaus and Nenner confirm something to the same effect: "We know of additional, previously unpublished photos from the police files. In our opinion, however, these do not contain any new information about the disappearance of the girls - they are mostly variations on the perspective of already-known motifs or unsuccessful shots."

Quick succession
From photo #510 onward, photos were taken in quick succession initially. At times as many as seven pictures were taken within a one minute. Sometimes photos followed each other every 10 seconds, sometimes every minute. Most photos were taken in a cluster between 01:29 and 02:00 AM. Then the frequency of the photos went down a bit. The last known photo was taken at 04:10 AM. It seems that the person who took the photos was seated or laying down even in one very specific area. You see the same trees and foliage coming back in many different photos, and often the camera is aimed at the sky and the tree line. So all these photos are now proving us that the flash of the camera was not used to find their way while walking around. No evidence for this whatsoever; more evidence for the contrary in fact. The photographer was pretty staticAlso, the 'figure resembling Kris laying down in a ravine'  now proves to be just a leaf, lit up by the flash of the camera. The outline comes back in many photos, taken from different angles, and is clearly just a leaf, not a body. There are drops lighting up in the dark sky in many photos; either they are raindrops, or perhaps water mist from a nearby waterfall. If the drops are rain, then it is peculiar that the camera lens rarely ever seems to be wet. And it begs the question why the photographer spent nearly three hours out in the open air, in the rain, in the dark of night? And why all these photos were taken suddenly, after a week of no photos or videos? Also very strange; not a single photo indicates who exactly is taking these photos. Not a hand or foot of the photographer is visible; not one lock of their long hair fell in front of the camera lens in any of those 100 photos. No selfies, nothing. It could be anyone. After the last normal photo 508 on April 1st, these girls basically turned into ghosts. There is just no clear evidence that Kris and Lisanne took these photos. Only the back of the head photo of Kris seems to prove that the girls were present. But that image makes no real sense either, if Lisanne was supposedly taking these photos. It was not blurry and most likely not taken while on the move. It seems to prove that Kris was present in the night of April 8th. But then the question arises why, if Kris was alive by April 8th, there had been an absence of normal PIN code entries from April 5th onward already. Unfortunately this photo #580 does not show us if Kris is dead or alive. And neither can we see who is the photographer :( Although it looks like the photographer at the very least pretends to be Lisanne. As many people have openly wondered: why are these photos so utterly devoid of any human presence?

FIRST: these two new photos from the girls' camera also showed up recently, published by Juan. Someone numbered them as IMG_479 and IMG_480, but they in reality carry numbers #477 and #479. Then there is a swimming photo. However, that river is not situated near the Pianista Trail, but instead lies more south-east of the trail, in the Caldera hot springs. Could this be the evidence that - as stated by some witnesses who also claim to have seen them there on March 30th and/or March 31st - Kris and Lisanne had already visited the hot springs in the day(s) before their started their Pianista hike on April 1st 2014? Their busy schedule and diary entries seem to indicate that they did not go swimming there in the days before  April 1st however.. 


Photo #511 (IMG_511)
Probably taken around 01:30 AM 
(officially 07:30 AM), 

Photo #541 (IMG_541)
Probably taken around 01:37 AM 

Photo #542 (IMG_542)
Probably taken around 01:38 AM  

Photo adjusted with lightness settings etc:

Photo #543 + 544 (IMG_543)
Probably taken around 01:38,28 / 01:38,48 AM  

Photo #545 (IMG_545)
Probably taken around 01:38,57 AM  

Photo #546 and 547 (IMG_546)
Probably taken around 01:39,12 AM  
Photo #548 (IMG_548)
Probably taken around 01:39,32 AM  

Photo #549 (IMG_549)
Probably taken around 01:39,42 AM  

Photo #550 (IMG_550)
Probably taken around 01:39 AM  
Photo adjusted with lightness settings etc:

Photo #553 (IMG_0553)
Taken around 01:40:32 AM  

Photos #554 and #555 
Taken around 01:40,48/ 01:40,59 AM  

Photos #556 and #559 
Taken around 01:41 AM  

Photos #561 and #562 
Taken around 01:42.25 AM  

Photos #565 and #567 
Taken around 01:43.28 / 01:44,12 AM  

Photos #569, #570 and #572
Taken around 01:45 AM  

Photos #573 and #576 
Taken around 01:45 / 01:46 AM  

Photo #unknown (probably #577)
Taken around 01:46 AM  

Photo from Alexander:
Some of the papers found on the flat rock may have come from both part of the map Lisanne was pictured with a few days earlier during lunch. See Alexander's find in the photo above. Another matching detail was discovered by Dutch forum member 'Geruisloos'/ 'NostraSilencio' below:
It also seems that the previous photo #576 is of the exact same photo as 577, only altered in photoshop (by whomever leaked these photos I reckon, or even by investigators possibly) to make the details of the rock in the background stand out more. Hence why the foreground seems so over-lit suddenly. 
Here you can compare the two photos. When you look at the specific specks of lit up water drops in the sky, you can see that these two photos were taken at exactly the same moment in time. Even a second later and the background drops would have looked different. So they are the same photo, one had its brightness adjusted to show the details in the background. And whomever leaked them gave both photos (erroneously) a different photo number. 

Photo #580 (IMG_0580)
Taken around 01:49,47 AM  
See the full photo HERE
So we finally have the full photo of the hair of Kris. The uncensored one, I should say. No clear head wound is visible. Aside from some vague markings under the hair, possibly. What does stand out, is how clean and dry the hair is looking. It makes you wonder how someone's hair can look so clean, 8 days into a disappearance in what is assumed the jungle of Boquete. Sleeping without protection from the elements, without a cap to put your hair under, without even a pillow to sleep on. Or does it only look clean due to the flash of the camera perhaps? BTW: the time on the 'old' Polaroid version of this photo which was used in Dutch TV program Een Vandaag is 03:54 AM. But ever since the night photos were all leaked, the real times became known and it was actually taken at 01:49,47 AM. Matt, who has access to the official photos, confirmed that this is the correct time. I have no idea why the TV makers made these time errors. I will add the photo copy of it which has this timestamp (don't forget to extract 6 hours from it):

Photos #582 and #583 
Taken around 01:50,05 / 01:50,26 AM  

Photos #584 - #587 
Taken around 01:51,56 / 01:53,13 AM  

Photos #590 - #593 
Taken around 01:55,01 / 01:58,26 AM  

Photo #594 (IMG_594)
Taken around 01:58 AM  
Photo adjusted with lightness settings etc:

Photos #595 and #597 
Taken around 02:00 / 02:05 AM  

Photo #599 (IMG_594)
Taken around 02:12 AM  

Photo #600 
Taken around 02:15 AM 

Photos #602 
Taken around 02:29 AM 

Photos #603 and #604 
Taken around 02:31,25 / 02:37,11 AM 

Photo #605 (IMG_605)
Taken around 02:46,16 AM  

Photo #607 
Taken around 03:09 AM 

Photos #608 and #609 (IMG_608/609)
Taken around 03:22,47 / 04:10 AM 

Photos #609 is the last photo that was 
taken with the Canon camera, at 04:10

David pointed out to me that: "If the collection seen in Juan's album is accurate to the source retrieved from the original disc you meet huge problems in their credibility as several are indeed direct duplicates, and at least two of them are inexplicable: this one and this one. Look closer at the two, look at the raindrops frozen in time there, and you see that these are very clearly the same picture! The exact same photograph, but one has had the display completely smothered by a bizarre whiteout effect while the other is clear. How can this happen inside a digital camera? I have no idea. Surely it can't. And yet there is also a similar picture in the album showing the boulder/Marker display that has had a similar treatment... the exact same photograph but with one having extreme light strobing that obliterates the main object in the image. Are these leftover works from others who handled the images in the weeks and years since the Police received them, or original shots within the camera's memory card? We will likely never know. But as two examples of strange and inexplicable shots that are in fact duplicates of clearer images, you do wonder if deliberate manipulation was undertaken at an early stage and the 'originals' accidentally left saved to disc. And if that were to be the case then virtually all of the pictures have to be treated as suspect..."

I replied: "Yes those photos were of the same SOS marker, the same photos. With exactly the same water drops. They can't have been taken in quick succession of one another therefore, because even a second of added time would have changed the position of those lit up drops. Looks like someone brightened some of the night photos and left the adjusted photo in as well."


If you are new here, please start reading the main story of the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne in my first blog post, here

Juan posted a remarkable photo in it (photo #541 taken at 01:37 that night)
All credits to Toni also for creating this overlap photo. One of the nighttime photos which were published by Juan, shows this odd picture. Around this point in his youtube video, Juan shows an overlap photo, very craftily found and made, which makes a convincing case for the assumption that the nighttime photo is an overly lit up close up of the face of Lisanne.. There are quite a few photos in Juans file, taken in the night of April 8th by supposedly Kris and Lisanne themselves - I have doubts about that personally - which show a strange round lit up 'something'. You can see them all here (press the arrow on the right of the photo to go through them all). In some photos it seems that perhaps a finger was held before the lens and flash, but in other photos there seems to be light almost in the right top corner. Sometimes it may be a chin perhaps, being overly lit by the flash. OR....... could this be the lit up (by the flash) bent middle finger in front of the lens? In that case, this photo was taken by a man. Hardly any women have hairs on their fingers/hands. Anyway, you can check them out for yourselves. There is a very lively discussion also in that google album of Juan, really interesting to read up on. 

And Mike made this photo overlap 
(although Lisanne would have had to grin then.. No..)

Although others think that photo 541 shows a jawline and the cheek, like here:

But it could also very very likely be just a finger in front of the camera lens. If so, 
this person seems to have had some hairs on his finger... I'd say it is more likely a male than a young female, in that case. 




Shoes of both girls


The diaries

The diary entries from first Lisanne and then Kris, show you solely what they wrote about their time in Bocas del Toro and then Boquete. They were photographed in the girls' bedroom and later leaked by a Boquete source. Juan and I both each translated one set of diary entries from Dutch into English for you. We're both aware of the fact that these diaries were private and not written by the girls with the intend to be published online. But in the light of this drama, we just feel that they are important pieces of information. Both covering facts of their day to day activities (important facts in fact, considering how much innuendo and misinformation is floating around this case), as well as first-hand information about their state of mind in the days leading up to their disappearance. Juan decided to make them public, because these diaries were traded behind the scenes for the highest bidder, and he did not believe such diaries should have been used for money; by publishing them for all to see, he tried to prevent this, considering they had already been leaked by someone else. And Jeremy Kryt already had insight in them also in 2017 and quoted from them. As for my decision to put them up here later on; I have tried to give Kris and Lisanne a voice throughout these blog posts, which I wrote and researched in my free time (and without monetizing my work). But ultimately I did not personally know Kris or Lisanne. And here we have their own voices, their own writings. Sad as it is to read this after their deaths, it is the most direct information into who they were at the time and what they did and felt like in Panama. Offering a small reality check for those of us who may be overly eager to fill in our own images of who they were and what their interactions were like. Had this been a collection of highly intimate revelations for instance, I wouldn't have published them. But the diaries contain interesting first-hand accounts of their everyday experiences and their state of mind at the time. Especially Lisanne seemed to not feel good psychologically after arriving in Boquete. It also shows that they were cautious, but at the same time young and fun-loving. These diaries give us a factual account of how they spent their time in Bocas, which may be the best indicator of what they may have looked for again in Boquete, after their volunteer work plans fell apart.

I also feel that we should not underestimate just how bad Lisanne was feeling initially in Boquete. Her panic and anxiety are palpable through the pages and have to be taken into account when it comes to trying to unravel this mystery of what ultimately happened to them. Most of all, these diary entries provide you with Kris and Lisanne's own voices, in an ocean of other people screaming about them. Or as Dave Mullen wrote me about this: "As for the diaries, I always see them as Kris and Lisanne’s inadvertent/accidental cry for help. It’s somewhat of a gold standard for me as I cannot imagine the case without their own words, even if they were careless or not as forthcoming on every detail. Without their own words we’re left with chasing two ghosts."

March 15th, 16th and 17th 2014
"Waaaaah it takes so long! What a trip. Luckily I almost forgot about it already upon arrival in the beautiful and cozy Bocas del Toro. I would not want to be found dead in San Jose, although the chance of this is quite high in San Jose. But I could live in Bocas for the rest of my life. Maybe when I ever retire? I am sitting in the sun, which I can't hold out much longer by the way (hot!) and I take a good look around me at my new accommodation for the next two weeks. The heat is already very special by the way, even in the shade I have the feeling that I can still burn alive. But despite this, the sun is actually quite nice. How intensely happy it can make a person. Kittens, stray cats, yes, they are regular customers here. They walk everywhere! Just like mini salamanders, even in the shower! If they manage to keep the spiders away, they could actually become my best friends."

March 18th 2014 "Red Frog Beach, one word A - MA - ZING!! We have also seen a dolphin, the ultimate enjoyment. Drinking from a coconut, a real one yes! And getting suntanned, I worked well on my tan, what more do you want?!"

March 19th 2014 "Spanish Class, it's pretty complicated. Yet I do notice that I learn to recognize more and more when I listen to conversations, which is a fantastic feeling. The rest of the day we enjoyed relaxing around the hostel. Three lovely afternoon naps in the hammock, a game of cards, some food and snacks. In the afternoon (medio tarde!) we had a nice cocktail at Casa Verde. Lovely time alone with Kris, we had nice conversations and afterwards we were, of course, a little tipsy. Long Live the Holiday. La puda vida [sic. The good life!] In the evening we had cooking class, tortillas and gazpacho were on the menu. Fortunately we live completely according to the Caribbean style so I will have to withdraw from the Dutch [way of] life. A 7 o'clock cooking class means that at half past seven the ingredients really still have to be bought, haha. And that also means that there is food on the table at 10 o'clock. A very educational evening for my patience and concentration. I believe I failed! But the food was very good. After dinner quickly with our backsides under the shower because Wednesday evening is Aqua Lounge Day! A disco a la Caribbean Style. Large outdoor area with swimming pools and ocean views. Amazing! Enjoyed dancing and drinking with the boys. Yes, Bas and Edwin. Our Dutch hostel friends and not to forget Mart! Later Ethan, our Australian negro, joined. Around 3 o'clock we were kindly asked to go find our beds, but a tropical downpour made us delay this about 3 times. Eventually we finally went. Nothing was dry anymore!! But it was a special experience to dance in the rain when it is 30 degrees outside. By the way, you have to use the water taxi here to go to places, really cool. For $1 you can go to the other side, a small beach and Aqua Lounge. You can visit other islands for $5. Two down, so many more to go! Hasta manzana! (see you tomorrow!) Haha apple!"

March 20th 2014
"I have such thick legs, it must be from the heat that my ankles look like rhino legs. We had FAN - TAS - TIC food with the boys in a little Caribbean restaurant. I have never before eaten such tasty pasta with tomatoes. Then followed a little Snickers cake and a 2 liter can of sangria. Yes, this was again the ultimate enjoyment. Now fingers crossed for nice weather tomorrow, because today was three times nothing. Hasta mañana! Today's slogan: it was AMAZING hihi."

March 21st 2014 
"This morning I had Spanish lesson, the last one for Ethan, Davis and Bas. It started raining at 8 AM and it only started to dry up again around 1 PM. Because the weather was so bad we couldn't really make plans. We have brought a deck of cards and have dived into Casa Verde! Initially together with Mart and later Edwin and Bas joined. It cleared up and the afternoon flew by with a number of beers and games. Wonderful! At 6 o'clock we had a BBQ with the whole group on the small island! We played volleyball and I got completely punctured by mosquitoes. Fortunately there was enough beer and fun! Later that evening we went out to La Iguana. A few dances and beers later it was suddenly 4 o'clock. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow the Deep Sea tour is on the program!"

March 22nd 2014
"Buenas dias! No Spanish class today! Secretly that is kind of nice though, lovely weekend! Getting up with a clear blue sky and sun is really as it should be, lovely lovely! At 09:30 on our way to Zapatilla. Crossing over the water with the boat to spot dolphins and sloths. Well we were successful! So cool! Then sailed through the mangrove. That really made me realize that we are in Central America, far away from the Netherlands. After the mangrove with 300 km/h over the open ocean water to Zapatilla. I could not believe my eyes, it was one big paradise. Exactly like in your dreams, Bounty Bounty Bounty Island. Deep sea boarding, diving with a board into the water like a mermaid, and coming back up again, and all that while you are hanging behind a boat. What a cool experience. After that we had some 'free time' (yes, English, Spanish, Dutch, it is very confusing sometimes all those languages). Made a wonderful walk on the dreamy Bounty Island (after a deliciously prepared lunch). I also snorkeled a bit and swam a little. Seen so many beautiful fish! Now chilling out in a hammock and will have a bite to eat soon! Today was really incredible!!!"

March 23rd 2014
"Sunday morning, no warm buns at the Mathildehof but a watermelon smoothie and an omelet in La Buquita on Bocas del Toro. That's a different story! Learned a bit of Spanish and had an afternoon nap. In the evening we had a bite to eat together and were in bed on time, a real Sunday! 2 hours at the beach!"

March 24th 2014
"Monday morning, at 7 o'clock the alarm goes off, are we in the Netherlands? Noooo! We join Carlos's Spanish lesson. Nice guy, good teacher! Kris is still not feeling well, but we decide to go to Starfish Beach anyway. So cool! So many starfish in mega clear water. Another bit of paradise! Delicious dinner in our favorite restaurant on Bocas in the evening, two courses and a small jug of sangria! Holidays!"

March 25th 2014
"Kris feels very unwell and decides to stay in bed all day. I have to make a switch myself, but I decide not to let my day be ruined because of this. Off to Spanish class! It went pretty well! After the lesson I chilled and brought the laundry away. It is not really wise to take to the streets on your own, but I did it anyway! Bought some postcards and went into some shops. Some Lisanne time! In the afternoon I picked up some smoothies for us and chilled with the boys in Casa Verde. Nice!!"

March 29th 2014
"I'm sitting here, with tears in my eyes and rolling down my cheeks. The view of the mountains is beautiful, the house is spacious and the family is friendly. I'm even here with Kris, who is so very familiar. But still I want to go home. I had no problems for two weeks and suddenly I went completely crazy. The transition from two weeks of lively holiday to stepping into the life of a real Panamanian family is just too much for me. I cannot make myself understood and this is real life, not a vacation anymore. I was way too naive to think that I could handle this. Because this is exactly the type of situation that I just can't handle. Not even now that I'm 22 and living on my own. I'm in way over my head. I want mom and dad to hold me tight and tell me that everything will be alright. But I can't let them know how I feel now, because I don't want them to worry. It is precisely because I am 22 that I think I have to solve this myself. Still, I now feel like a small child of 2 yelling for her mother who is 2 metres away. I didn't really want this, but I went anyway. I thought I should be able to do this, the final test before I can be really happy with myself. So far I have failed badly. Shit."

March 26th, 27th and 28th, 2014
"I just saw that I had skipped a few days, but I will of course quickly tell you what happened in those three days. On Wednesday the 26th we have lessons in the afternoon. Quite a shame for such a beautiful day, but we are in Bocas for the Spanish lessons after all. Around 5 o'clock we close off and we go into town for a bit, to see nice shops and stalls. We walked past the Wine Bar and decided to eat there. Shared 3 small appetizers and a glass of wine. Wednesday evening means only one thing: Aqua Lounge! Put on nice clothes and let's move it! We lose Bas out of sight already fairly quickly and so we celebrate the evening with the three of us. That evening I also meet the chef of our favorite restaurant, brilliant! Around half past three we are thrown out and it's time to go to bed. 4 o'clock in bed, and at 7 o'clock the alarm goes off for Spanish class oops oops oops ... the alarm clock rings ... I was just asleep! Groggy we drag ourselves out of bed. Today is the second last lesson. In the afternoon we decide to enjoy our vacation for a little longer. Off to Red Frog Beach! Yes!! Again beautiful and not crowded at all. The afternoon flies by. In the evening we join the boys. The restaurant with the fireworks show. Ate a delicious fish! Of course we play some more games of cards in Casa Verde. No matter how tired and broken we are, it is our second last night here so there shall be dancing in La Iguana. Again half past three, oops! Friday morning, 7 AM, the alarm clock rings. BROKEN! But today is our last day in Bocas, so we'll just have to work hard. Spanish lessons are fun! Learned animals, translated a song and learned games which we can play with the children in the children's school. Saying goodbye to Carlos. What a cool guy he is. In the afternoon also Skype with mom and dad and afterwards we spent a lovely time at the small beach. Stunningly beautiful for a "small" beach. Oh yeah! The power went out last night. All of Bocas was without! Very special to see how everyone conjures up their candles and emergency lights. Fortunately it was already fixed at 8 o'clock! Continued with the last evening. Of course three course dinner in our favorite restaurant, with the boys! Then we had a drink and played some cards. It was a perfect ending to our two weeks in Bocas. Saturday morning around 10 o'clock we are ready to leave for our new destination: Boquete! I am fairly ready for it, but it is also a shame to leave Bocas. We have booked a shuttle service to get to Boquete. Everything went well and 4 hours later we stood in the school in Boquete. And 45 minutes later we were sitting on the couch with our host family. Wow!!"

March 30th 2014
"Okay, the tears are gone but it is still strange. I still feel like a tiny intruder in this family. Delicious French toast for breakfast! Explored Boquete in the afternoon which was nice. What a world of difference with Bocas! Here its windy and everywhere around you there are mountains. Magnificent! You can go almost anywhere here for 60 dollar cents. In the afternoon we also went to the school to check out some excursions, that will be fine. We mainly eat rice here by the way! Tomorrow our first day in Aura! Exciting!"

March 31st 2014
"Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Our first day was a disaster. As we arrive at Aura on time, we are not even recognized or given a friendly welcome. The only thing we hear is "no proxima semana" = we are only welcome next week. WHAT?! We returned to the [Spanish] school disappointed and indeed, the daycare only has work for us next week. But of course we don't buy anything for that*. Maybe we will be able to start tomorrow at Casa Esperanza. Fingers crossed! To alleviate our disappointment we went to Sigrid for a full body massage. Some enjoyment! Another day tomorrow, hasta la mañana!"
[Scarlet: a Dutch saying. It comes down to this 'being of no use'] 

April 1st 2014

March 16th, 2014
"The time has finally come. We are in Costa Rica. What a trip it was! 12/10 hours flying to Houston, waiting 4 hours there and then another 4 hours to San José, Costa Rica. We arrived here at the hostel around 10 o'clock, which actually felt like 4 o'clock in the morning due to the time difference. How tired we were, because we had already got up at 4 AM to arrive at Schiphol airport on time, so we had been awake for 24 hours! We were picked up by a friendly little mister, together with his wife. The same man will soon pick us up again to take us to the bus. It is now around 7 o'clock in the morning. The sun was already rising around 4,5. I am writing this now in the garden of the hostel. Very cute little courtyard with many plants and a kind of fountain/altar made of mosaic. I can't wait to travel to Panama soon. I think the bus trip will be very beautiful, hopefully we will see some nice things of the country. So exciting, the journey has really begun!"

March 16, Monday  (probably an error; should be March 17th)
(Drawing of a sun). "It is so hot here! I really have to get used to it. It's like 30 degrees here, sitting in the sun is way too hot. I am currently in the hostel. We arrived yesterday around half past six. The bus trip was an adventure in itself. The bus journey itself went well. But first we had to speed through San José by taxi because we had no cash on us. When we got out in Sixaola, we and two locals were the only ones left. We had to just figure out for ourselves how to get to the border. The bus driver only spoke Spanish. We were sent one way and with our backpacks we really stood out among the locals. We arrived at the border, which consisted of an old bridge. It was very bizarre to cross the border that way. Once on the other side we arrived at a building where we had to pay money for a sticker on a passport (I think we were scammed). When we stood at that real immigration [checkpoint] a man approached us and asked if we had to go to Bocas. We were a bit suspicious because we didn't know very well if we could trust him. All the people were in a great hurry because they thought we would not be able to catch the last boat. For this reason we decided to just jump in the car and hope for a happy ending. And it came. After a hellish ride where the driver was driving so fast that I didn't even dare to look, we arrived at a small stepping stone for the boat to Bocas. After about half an hour we finally arrived. After two days of traveling it felt incredibly surreal to be at the destination finally. Yesterday we also had a bite to eat but I was so tired that it didn't really get through to me. But now that I am writing this I am sitting at the bar of the Spanish school with some nice Spanish music in the background and I am starting to realize that we are really here and that we can happily enjoy this holiday. Our first Spanish lesson will start in 15 minutes. I am very curious. It is wonderful here". (drawing of 3 suns and a sailboat). - Picture below of the border bridge, found by Power-Pixie.

March 20th, 2014
(drawing of cloud with rain). "We are in Panama and it is raining. And not just a little bit, it is pouring down. We already came home last night due to the pouring rain. We then went to Aqua Lounge for the first time, a somewhat larger club just across the street. Fortunately we have lessons today in the afternoon. Let's hope that the sun will come through a bit again. The day before yesterday we went to Red Frog Beach. It was really beautiful. We were dropped off at a jetty and had to walk a bit ourselves and that was beautiful. The jetty continued over the mangrove and turned into a path in the forest with giant plants and beautiful flowers. The beach itself was also beautiful, very clear water and few people. Davis was with us and he is really a sort of survivor. There we were, drinking from a coconut on the beach, delicious. Today we are planning to do a tour on Saturday, looking forward to it!"

March 25th, 2014
"It is Tuesday around 10 o'clock in the morning and I should actually take classes but I am sick. After having had a nervous stomach - gippy tummy – for 3 days, it finally all came out today. This morning at once I had terrible diarrhea which now persists. Which sucks because now I dare not to go anywhere, and so I spend the whole day in my little room. Super lame but now I do have the time to write down everything from the last days. Friday we went to a school BBQ. Was good fun and then we went to the iguana again and had a super evening with Bas, Edwin, Davis and Chad. Saturday we did a super nice excursion. We went in a small boat and first we went dolphin spotting. We then saw one that we followed for a while but then more and more boats were coming so he was gone again. Then we sailed to the edge of the mangrove and there we saw sloths in the trees. We saw at least three and one of them climbed all the way in a tree and at the end he then hung like a hammock. That was very cool, I am really happy that I could see those animals so clearly. Then we had to sail for another half an hour and it looked like we were going to an island in the middle of the ocean. When we arrived there we went deep boarding. This means that you hold a kind of clear plastic board and you let it pull you through the water by a boat. You wear goggles and with this you can view everything that is under water. We saw beautiful coral, also those plants with long thick strings and many different fish. I thought I'd be pretty scared because I don't really like fish but it was really nice to see everything. The water is also so clear here. Then we had a nice lunch, pasta and we had time left. Then we went for a walk across the island and arrived at the other side of it, and it was super beautiful. Truly a fairytale island. Then we walked back along the coast. Super. The island was called Zapatilla. On the way back we made a quick stop at a spot with shallow water to watch all the starfish. The trip was really super. Yesterday, Monday we went to Starfish Beach. In a super hot and super crowded van we drove to the other side of our island. On the way there people were dropped off at places of which I thought, where would those people live? More or less in the jungle. Then we were brought to the end location with a small boat and at first we didn't see any starfish and we thought, well that's just great.. But when we went into the water we suddenly saw a lot of them and with the snorkel that we had rented we could see even more, and also some nice fish. So those are the adventures we had. It feels like we've been here for centuries already, but it's only 1.5 weeks. We still have so much to go. Hasta luego."

March 30th, 2014
"Wow. How much has changed since the last time I wrote something. We are now staying at the host family. The last days on Bocas we mainly enjoyed the beach, good food and going out. We had quite a bit of sleep to catch up on. The time we had in Bocas was really amazing and we really had a holiday there. So it really felt like goodbye, because we probably won't be coming back there. I have never seen a place with such a beautiful coastline and palm trees and such. Really super. Yesterday we arrived in Boquete. The journey actually went very well. The small bus even had air conditioning. We also found the school in no time. We had to get out earlier than the other people on the bus, so that was a bit strange because we got off almost in the middle of nowhere. The school called the family where we would stay. It was really nerve-racking to wait for them because you really hope there is a click. Fortunately it went well. Last night we really had to get used to the new situation. You suddenly stay with a family that you are not (yet) part of. You know nothing about their habits and you actually don't know how to behave. On top of that you can hardly speak a word with them, so you also cannot express how you feel. We were also really exhausted yesterday, but after a good night sleep all is not so bad anymore. So once we have stayed here for a while I am sure that it will be all right. The family is very sweet. The mother's name is Miriam. The eldest daughter Y. Miriam also has 2 other children. A. and A. Y. also has 2 children, J. and S. The youngest is 1 and the other almost 3. They are all very friendly and used to visitors who cannot speak Spanish. The eldest daughter does speak English. But for our Spanish it is better to speak as little English as possible. We also went to Boquete today. Very nice and cute village. Tomorrow we will start at Aura. Very curious how that will go." [I removed the full names of the kids, Scarlet]

=April 1st, 2014 (although the day of March 31st is described..)
"Today was a strange day. We were going to the project for the first time. We were quite nervous and found it nerve-racking. When we arrived we introduced ourselves, expecting the woman to know who we were because she was expecting us, after all. But that was not the case. She showed no sign of recognition and said that it was not possible now [to start volunteer work there] and that we should come back next week. Very unfriendly and not at all warm or cordial. So when we left again we were very disappointed. We were not received openly and did not feel welcome at all, unexpectedly to us. We also did not understand what was exactly going on. Then we went back to the language school to tell our story and to get some answers. It turned out that there was no place/work for us after all this week, so we couldn't start yet. The school also found it very strange because we had planned things months in advance. Then we had to wait all day for Marjolein to hear if we could be part of another project for this week. Eventually we heard that she had not been able to speak to the volunteer coordinator yet, so she wasn't sure, but she did think we would be able to start there. She also said that it was a nice project and after reading about it we also became enthusiastic. Tomorrow they will try to get a hold of that woman and suppose that we really like it there, then we can also just stay there*. Because we both don't really want to go back to Aura anymore, because we didn't feel welcome at all there, and it was really a huge disappointment. Let's hope that the other project is really fun. Well, lets go with the Panamanian flow then."

*This formulation will read slightly wonky, but so does the Dutch formulation. In Dutch it states literally: 'and suppose that we really like it there, we can nicely stay there.' It is not perfect Dutch either. It is the sort of Dutch you can speak among one another, but does not make for grammatically correct writing. But what it would mean in Dutch is that they may just as well continue to work there if they really like it at Casa Esperanza (and thus never return to Aura, neither a week later). 

The photographer of the diaries
As for Mark Heyer, who's name was mentioned in the file names of the leaked photos of the diaries as the photographer of them; he wrote the following on a Boquete forum. April 16, 2014: "Reflections on a tragedy and looking forward. The instinct of parents to protect their children is one of the most powerful human emotions. We equip our children as best we can and send them out into the world with confidence and optimism. Accidents happen and we accept those risks as part of life, painful as they might be. But the cruelest and most emotionally devastating loss is to have your children simply vanish without a trace. When it happens in a benign and hospitable place like Boquete, every one of us is shaken to our core. The sudden and unexplained disappearance of Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers on April 1, 2014, following a casual afternoon of hiking has deeply affected everyone in this town. To have two such intelligent, aware and capable young women, serious in their life ventures, suddenly disappear from the known universe compels every one of us parents to walk in those shoes, and stirs our empathy, with the understanding that even our darkest thoughts can never remotely approach the pain experienced by the parents of Lisanne and Kris. The people of Boquete have been generous in their support of the families, the searchers and independent investigations, for which the families are eternally grateful. The Pianista trail has been scoured multiple times by search teams both official and private. But the painful truth of the situation is that there is not a single actionable bit of evidence pointing to what might have happened. Now that the official SINAPROC investigation has been closed, police and possibly private investigation will continue, but we have to face the reality that these young women might easily have been taken to Costa Rica or Columbia or beyond, which vastly expands both the difficulty and cost of the investigation. Once again, they vanished on the trail, or shortly after leaving the trail, possibly in a red truck - but without eyewitnesses, it could have been any car - and that's where the evidence ends. In the two or three days that passed before an official investigation got under way, their fate was probably sealed. In our personal thoughts we can all hope for a miracle that will return them unharmed. As a community, we need to take a hard look at what happened and our responsibility to prevent similar things from happening in the future. The cost of this one investigation, in helicopter time, personnel costs, injured searchers (yes, many), private donations of time and money not to mention the incalculable value of the two beautiful lives - that are apparently lost to us - would easily pay for a community-based tourist security system. A simple emergency transponder and/or a little education could possibly have prevented this tragedy. We should put it on our Boquete community to-do list and get it done, to honor the loss of Lisanne and Kris and recognize our mutual responsibility to protect the tourists who come to enjoy Boquete in the future." 

Perhaps Heyer had as little trust in the Panamanian police as Lee Zeltzer had, and that is why he safeguarded the copies of the diaries. Mark Heyer is an American expat and the photographer who went into the girls' bedroom on April 8th and documented their diary entries with his camera. He did so reportedly on behalf of a person directly involved in this case, but the case files stay totally mum about Mark: either he did his thing illegally, or investigators do not want to mention him for a specific reason. Mark Heyer was part of the local Alto al Crimen team together with Lee Zeltzer and Erik Westra, set up to offer extra protection for foreigners in Boquete. All three suspect from the outset that Kris and Lisanne met foul play. That is also why Lee Zeltzer went out to interview the inhabitants of the Pianista trail early on, before Sinaproc or local police came round to do so a week later. It is suggested that Mark Heyer was also the person who obtained the swimming photo and leaked it. 

By the way, This photo of Kris' passport was taken on the same afternoon of April 8th when local Boquete man Mark Heyer took the photos of the girls' diaries in their bedroom. For documentation value. Only this passport photo bore the name of a local Panamanian journalist in its exif data, Mr. Rosario. He was also in their bedroom that day, together with Heyer, taking photos of the scene. One can wonder why a journalist and a local photographer were allowed to roam through this bedroom by April 8th, taking photos of a possible (?) crime scene, on the same day when the forensic investigators inspected this room. 

Lisanne's diary entries

Kris' diary entries

Photos showing just how dry it was in the period of early April 2014
Despite claims of the girls having 'drowned in wild flowing rivers', this photo comparison shows just how dry it was in Boquete when Kris and Lisanne arrived there (and throughout their first week in Boquete it stayed dry, the rain season did not start yet). Right a photo of Lisanne posing next to a dry and run over river bed. Below there is on the left a photo I found here and taken in 2019, and on the right a photo taken on approximately March 30th when Kris and Lisanne explored the town. The entire river bed is dry. Plants grow in the gully where the river normally flows. This matches reports about the exceptional dry spell the town was in back then. You also see it on their photos of the Pianista trail; dry trails, no mud. And as we can now see also no 'wildly flowing rivers', as the tour guides like us to believe, as well as prosecutor Betzaida Pitti. As you can see in the shapes of the mountains in the background and other background elements, these photos were taken at almost the exact same location. But during very different climatological circumstances; one during normal conditions, the other during an exceptionally dry spell. And a Boquete local wrote this on a forum at the time (on July 2nd of 2014): "We must bare in mind that two months ago, there was a severe (fuerte) drought in the area, that affected the water levels in the whole cordillera of Talamanca." 

Although this photo from a news item on TV shows that water streams usually on the left side of the green wild plan growth. Nevertheless: in the photos taken by Kris and Lisanne, there really is no water visible at all, not even a small stream on the left. 

The Mirador photos revisited
Power-Pixie wrote me some more interesting things about the Mirador photos and the clouded sky in some of the photos. While looking back into it all, I realized that I have been wrong so far about my perception of where these different Mirador photos were taken exactly! Somehow I have assumed that the blue sky photos were taken on one side of the summit, while the cloud covered ones were taken on the other side. But this is not true, I only now realise. Very silly, as the Lost in the Wild crew has made it clear already what that summit looks like. 

So I used to think that the ongoing trail was facing the north-east and that the blue sky views were on its left, so facing West. While the clouded photos were aimed at the East. While in fact, all the photos were taken on the East-side of the summit, facing the (South-)East. Just as Hans Kremers already showed the meticulous viewer in the Answers for Kris video

Starting point for all this was that Power-Pixie brought a video of a group of Canadian travelers back to my attention. I had seen it before, but not been paying enough attention. Because these hikers actually showed the East-side view in one ongoing camera motion. I put it in a gif video for you:

The interesting part here is that I already felt that the clouded sky on one side (and in two photos) contrasted a lot with the blue sky on the 'other side' (and in most of the other summit photos). But now we have the fact captured on video that these Mirador photos were all taken on the same stretch of mountain, all facing the East/South-East. Here we can see the similar shapes of mountains in the background of 'our' photos, further proving this.

I still think that the contrast is extreme between both skies. Perhaps even more so, now that they aren't approaching one another on different sides of the mountain, but on the same side. Could this be a clue that those two overcast selfies on the summit were indeed taken on the way back, potentially? And that someone has been tossing the order and chronology of these photos, re-arranging some of them to make it look like all those photos were taken at the same time, after climbing up the Boquete side of the mountain? This is a big stretch of course and may not really be the case. Beides, there áre also some fluffs of white cloud drifting by in some of the sunny photos. Nothing like the coverage in the cloud photos, but with a bit of imagination, you can combine these photos and make a reasonable suggestion that it was just one of those cloud decks, which very suddenly cut off and went over in cloudless skies..

Power-Pixie posed an interesting question however: "It does look like significant cloud cover (in photos 500 & 501). Do you think that Kris and Lisanne, as they descended down towards the location of photo 508, would have been under all this cloud cover?" - It is a good question and it was the reason why I looked into this sub-topic again. A question also, which I have not really seen posed before, as such. These clouds must be coming from the North or North-East, but they seem to stretch out all over the East. According to this weather site, on April 1st the wind came from the South at midday (noon). By 6 PM the wind turned to the north, northeast. However at noon, when these photos were taken, the wind would have blown that cloud cover straight up north. But since the trail continues in a North-Eastern direction initially, you would indeed expect that in the photos beyond the summit, Kris and Lisanne would have faced some clouds. And also: since the wind blew from the south, they would have logically speaking already encountered cloud overcast before they reached the summit. However, we have no evidence of this. Because none of their pre-summit photos show cloudy skies. They all show sunlight shining down. Photo #505 for instance, shows Kris goofing around with the sun shining on her through the foliage. It was taken about five minutes after the girls had left the Mirador behind them. And their other after-summit photos don't show any evidence of clouds either. Peculiar. But then again, we do not know what was pictured on the five photos taken on the summit by mobile phone. And how the sky looks in those photos. Still, there is so much cloud cover pictured in some photos, that I find it odd that there is no hint of it in the pre- and post-summit photos. And we know that it was not uncommon for that Pianista area to have dense clouds in juxtaposition with blue skies. 

But Power Pixie's wondering why in no trail photos the girls seem to have encountered clouds overhanging, does interest me. At some point before or after the summit, they should have been covered by that massive cloud deck if the photos are shown in chronological order. And yet, we have no photos with an absense of sunshine. My guess would be that either the wind was blowing the cloud deck North at a steady pace and the girls were just on the sunny side of things. Or those cloud photos were taken on their way back, and then we have to come to the conclusion that those photos or their numbering have been manipulated and shuffled. Perhaps on June 17th, when Pittí altered the memory card by photoshopping some of the original photos. The very different colour of the sky may then have been the very reason for them to take some more photos. To document the difference between having had clear views and blue skies at the ascent, versus sudden thick grey clouds all around them on the 'way back' (of which there is no hard evidence by the way). I am not convinced that they returned, I just keep the option open based on these photos. As Dave Mullen wrote: "Too many people are fixated on the other side of the mountain, but after the full phone logs were released we learned that what we had always been led to believe on the loss of signal, and where, was all wrong. But people won't let go of that 'official' idea that the two friends got themselves lost on the other side as they weren't paying attention. I feel whatever went on that afternoon is more complicated than that simple thinking though." - See a string of photos with these different background skies below, accompanied by the exact camera times. And also notice how there are sometimes only seconds between photos, taken at different spots on the summit with different backgrounds and even different hairstyles at times. The two photos that stand out from the rest, with the full clouded background skies, are also the only two photos where Kris and Lisanne suddenly stick their thumbs up. 

Notice also how in some photos it is Kris who wears the (light) backpack, while in others it is Lisanne. Did they simply switch carrying the bag on the way back, perhaps? People have also brought up the different hairstyles of the girls. This photo timeline shows that Lisanne had her hair still tied on the summit at 13:00:36, just like during the hike itself. But that she had thrown her hair loose by 13:01:38. One possible explanation is that these are two sets of photos combined, taken at different times. Lisanne wearing her hair tied back when they reached the Mirador for the first time, and loose when they returned there after taking photo 508 at the stream. Another possible explanation is that Lisanne untied her hair on the summit, just for the photos... To create more varied photos, where she sported different hairstyles. Perhaps the loose hair made her feel more glamorous. The same can be seen with Kris, who wore her hair tied back in most hike photos that day, but loose on the summit photos. Only in Lisanne's case, there are sometimes mere seconds between these photos. For instance, photo #498 (Lisanne with tied back hair) was taken at 13:01 and 14 seconds, while photo #499 (Lisanne with loose hair) was taken at 13:01 and 38 seconds.. At different places on the summit. Not a lot of time to do all that, ánd take a good photo of it.

in this travel program, I saw the following images come by of a cloud forest in nearby Costa Rica. Near the border with Panama. I screen saved them, because it does look like very localized patches of cloud seem pretty normal in this terrain.

Look also once more at wildxplor's blog post and his photos. Still going by the afternoon (old) timeline, he went up the Pianista trail in the second part of April 2014, by 15.30 PM and was at the summit by 17.30 PM. Now compare his background with Kris' photo, which was said to have been taken at 13.01 PM (instead of 19.01 PM as the camera originally indicated). In his photo there is similar light clouding, but with a bit more blue still visible. The sunlight appears still pretty good for a late afternoon photo session. To me the light seems pretty similar in fact, despite the gap in time (according to police). Now in that regards: although it appears to be correct what police did in terms of recalculating these photo times to an 11:00 AM start of the trail and 13.00 PM summiting, I am also still not entirely sold on this. We have not seen the evidence, have not been presented the findings of the 'sun specialist' (which I have been told was not really a specialist at all, but just an employer from the NFI). Nobody bothered to explain away all the off witness accounts either. I don't exclude the possibility that the old timeline is correct after all. 

Power Pixie's thoughts on authorities messing with the photo chronology
"I think the images are mixed up. Especially #499, #500, #501, and they have probably had to remove #509 first before mixing that set. They may have removed even more after #509 or perhaps not, but in trying to be clever they left behind a gaping hole. EXIF information is written when a photo is taken/created. It contains all the technical information like date/time stamps, when it was created/modified, camera lens used, focal length, exposure, etc. It's just a digital fingerprint of a photo. Once this photo file is created and the EXIF information stored as part of the file, if opened at a later time whether it is just to view it or edit it, more information is then written to the EXIF file as part of a running record. So if you open and edit it with Photoshop, this information is then noted in the EXIF and date/time stamps are also noted along with this new update of information. Juan discovered the inconsistencies years ago when he looked at the EXIF files. He saw that someone used a Window based software to edit the files. The basis of evidence tampering is there for all to see after this, no matter what theory you hold. And no explanation was given at the time as to why or what was done.

The main aspect to their photography is the pattern that was established:
- Kris somewhere in the composition
- Lisanne somewhere in the composition
- Establishing location/area where they took the above two photos
- Selfies

All of a sudden past the Mirador we don't see this pattern repeated. While hey had nice weather and bright light for a few more snaps. If the intention was to turn back, there would have been a final closing photographs, at the very least of the upstream or downstream views with both Lisanne and Kris. Think back to the first two stream photos (#479, 480) that to me were mundane, but important enough for Lisanne to take a couple of photos at least. Expectation vs Reality. Very few photographers past and present knew/know how to capture what they see/saw in the moment. Most capture 50% - 80% of what they saw. I'm not knocking off Lisanne's attempts. I'm saying that at River 1 or River 3, compared to the stream by the Iron Bridge, these two river crossings offered her just as important and interesting a view up and downstream. Whether she took another mundane photo isn't the point. She nor Kris took any more photos in keeping with the pattern."

About photo #550
Bennengelly wrote me below this blog post in Spanish (translated here): "Hi. I may be wrong, but it seems to me that the picture where you can see a branch with pieces of red plastic was taken at 1:05 AM."  -  I suspect he bases this for the most part on the Dutch TV program Een Vandaag, who showed this:

Good question! Yes unfortunately the Een Vandaag team made errors in their display of the photos. In this screenshot, they show that photo 550 was taken at 01:05 indeed. But this is incorrect information. [Update: Matt had access to the case files and confirmed that photo 550 was taken at  01:39:54 AM]. They may have been very sloppy there because in the same TV program they also showed extracts from the official police file documents. And on it you see the times for the photos 510, 511, 512. All taken in the night of April 8th, at or around 01:30 AM. Photos were taken in close succession and photo 550 comes obviously after photo 512, so could in fact never have been taken at 01:05 AM. As the program makers showed (screenshot on the right), they had the correct police file info, and they also had a public prosecutor/investigator and police member in the studio during the show, to emphasize that they indeed shared such case file info with these journalists. Juan also noticed this inconsistency and wrote the following about it:

Juan also checked the EXIF data of all the photos that have been made public, and found the following data, which match the ascending (time) order which we saw in the police case file screenshot above. So the general consensus is that photo 550 was taken around 01:39, corresponding with its EXIF data and matching with the screenshots we have of the official police case file report... Thanks to Juan for explaining me this further today.

Also check out the great artwork made by Dwain Reynolds to go by this youtube video on the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne; The Lost Girls of Panama

Also check out this fab video from the same makers about the 
Mystery of Mysteries: the Dyatlov Pass Incident!


I tried to make some more detailed and comprehensive maps of the exact area where Kris and Lisanne walked and where their remains were found, also indicating where approximately were finca's, wooden huts and houses in the vicinity

Was helped tremendously by Jeremy who found great online maps of the area and did a lot of searching work for finca's. I'll keep reading on public forums (some have thousands of pages..) about this disappearance case, and adjust the maps accordingly if needed. As the map shows, Kris and Lisanne could have walked wrong already after the meadow (where Kris' parents end up near the end of this video), but then they must have also found small wooden sheds and even the first inhabited house. And if they walked further even more houses (Alto Culebra). 

And David M. also pointed me to Satellite Pro, where you can see very detailed maps of the world 
Here you can zoom in on the Boquete area. Dave wrote: "Something that has affected the way I read what may have happened to the two friends is discovering the excellent Satellite Pro site, which offers astonishingly detailed and powerful aerial views of the Pianista wilderness and the ability to zoom in in a way that leaves Google.maps far behind in terms of quality. Using it, studying the area and potential routes, really opened up my mind to the reality that this is a story that can be divided into two halves. The first act is the initial disappearance on April 1st, and when I say disappearance that is exactly what happened to the two friends, although the Elvis Gonzales camp suggests their presence it remains unconfirmed, and so the two have literally dropped off the face of the earth, not got 'Lost'. But vanished. So anything anyone can think of here is largely meaningless as there is almost nothing to go on after the final Photo of the day. Act Two however begins with the finding of the backpack, and here is really where the attention should be as by its discovery (planting) comes virtually everything we know - the remains, the phones, the camera, etc. It all springs from the finding of that backpack. And that point has long fascinated me as this part of the story is where it is all at: the backpack leads to the remains discovery, Kris Kremers' shorts which have miraculously stayed in place in some eddy beside the river not far from the cable bridge, meanwhile we are to assume 97% of their remains have been washed away into oblivion... which when you study the route of the river on is a near absurdity really. A winding rubble strewn river would catch much of the remains along its channel, any flood powerful enough to wash away all of two bodies would certainly take a pair of shorts with it, and geographically if this had all washed down the river it should collect some remains at certain points. This is what happens on mountains and river channels - debris tends to funnel to certain points thanks to gravity and the geography, but all along the river and past Alto Romero no one notices all this human debris washing by, over at least several days...? I find this hard to believe to say the least. Something that also occurred to me was that given the searchers found numerous small fragments of bone, which turned out to belong to bodies from possible washed out graves of locals, it demonstrates that the search was reasonable thorough. If they found such small fragments like this, many years old, where is the rest of Kris and Lisanne...?"

Thank you Dave, that is indeed an excellent site and I already made some great screenshots from it in the past, of the places where Kris and Lisanne's remains were found along the river. I agree that the river is littered with rocks and it winds all over the place. It is unbelievable that entire bodies would be dragged away, never to be seen again, in such a winding bendy obstructed small river. The professionals agreed on this. They would in that case have found bodies or -parts stuck in bends.... Professionals stated the same, they found bodies in river bends who had been there for over a year. Intact bodies, despite of course being altered in appearance by decomposition. But it is unbelievable that those tiny rivers who go all over the place and have rocks everywhere, stunting flow of objects, could have made the bodies for 98% disappear the way they did. People also live alongside these small rivers, there are houses and farms nearby. The backpack was found by people bathing in the river, supposedly. So entire bodies floating by... exactly. Bodies with a 40.000 dollar reward, no less. Here are some photos showing just how teeny tiny those rivers are. They also show just how much open terrain there was in this area. Just how many places where Kris and Lisanne - had they truly been lost by themselves - could have stood, waving their coloured shirts, signaling the helicopters which flew over this area many, many times. But the helicopter pilots saw nothing, no sign of the girls. These are the locations where the (few) bones were found close by:

Going by the old timeline: 
if Kris and Lisanne started their hike later (matching the witness statements from the language School staff and the taxi driver), they would have started their Pianista hike around 13:45 PM, would have been at the summit around 15:30, then at the quebrada (first stream) around 16:30, so ten minutes before first calling emergency services at 16:39 PM. Within this old timeline, the girls would have started calling emergency services either 10 minutes after crossing the stream (pictured on photos 507 and 508), or they would have turned around and called 10 minutes after the start of their walk back to the summit. At the first small stream, the distance from the Mirador (summit of the Pianista Trail) and this small river crossing is around 45 minutes worth of (normal) walking distance. It is possible, not to say likely, within this timeline that the first emergency call was made somewhere on a hill that can be seen in the left side screenshot. It’s actually a decent increase in height. With thanks to Jeremy S. who made these screenshots. One shows the elevation, another shows roughly where the girls would have been when they made their first emergency call - assuming the witness based timeline. Again: the distance from the Mirador to the stream is the equivalent of 45 minutes, and we for now assume (with this screenshot) that the first call to 112 was made 10 minutes after crossing the stream.

These images also show quite clearly that the girls had gone no real distance after the Mirador yet and that they were still a long way from the first cable crossing over a further away river. It also clearly shows the girls were no real distance from the stream they'd just crossed and in fact, given it was a hill rising from the stream with worn areas it's possible that when they made the first call they could look down and see the stream crossing still. It's also possible that they called when they reached the top of the hill and realized that the way ahead didn't lead to a path taking them back to Boquete, but instead further away. Jeremy S. also wrote me: "Although I firmly believe the girls were victims of crime I'm open to the possibility that the girls got lost first. For that reason I've created this map with shows all possible routes to the 1st stream." Thank you also Jeremy for your great maps.

The waterfall
These days there are signs placed at the top of the Pianista Trail, warning people not to keep walking further without a guide, because there is more treacherous terrain ahead. But there is also a small water fall ahead... On the photos 507 and 508 of Kris crossing a small river, a trail is shown that goes to a waterfall. A large waterfall beyond the Pianista summit. But it is hard to find. Is it possible that the girls deviated from the main path at some point to find this waterfall? And that they got lost along the way? Jeremy S. managed to find aerial 3D imagery of this mysterious waterfall! See screenshots below:

Maps of the area behind the Pianista Summit and where exactly some of the many small wooden cabins and finca houses lay

As you can see, this area is far from desolate, nor cut off from civilization. Locals walk the paths with their cattle, natives live in this region and have villages here (Alto Romero for instance, to name just one of them); they use the cable bridges over the rivers, as well as the other paths. Tourists and tour guides also pass this stretch of land.
• Casa Calixto = hiker's cabin - not permanently inhabited
• Casa Sinaproc = hiker's cabin with skull - not permanently inhabited
• Casa Matteo = possibly from the S. family - permanent? inhabited?
• Casa Mata ~  resembles 2 ruins here
• Casa Carlos = permanently inhabited?
• Finca Chani = not permanently inhabited

1. indicated the place where the jeans shorts from Kris were found.
20. shows the summit of the Pianista Trail; the Mirador.

The next map shows the stretch of terrain the girls could have covered on day 1 (April 1st) of their disappearance, and where in this area wood cabins lie:

2024 Photo from Romain showing all the huts near the Mirador

This graphic makes me think that Kris and Lisanne were returning from their last photo location River 1, when they may have been intercepted by Henry and his friends, and they convinced Kris and Lisanne that the hidden waterfall was nearby. Taking them through one of these secret paths, but that did not lead to the hidden waterfall but may have taken them further away from Boquete and into very unfamiliar territory."

Were these night photos really taken in a riverbed besides the Pianista Trail? I doubt it
January 24th, 2020. I think these night photos may in theory also have been taken by a 3rd party. We do not have any proof that Kris or Lisanne took them, because there have been no selfies made, or any photo showing it was them, other than the hair photo. But the location of the night photos seems to be one place. I feel the person who took these photos remained for almost three hours in the same spot. Reason; the same characteristic tree with branches in a V-shape can be seen on many of the photos; from the very early ones to the last ones taken. In fact, some photos look pretty much the same, with minor alterations. Below are just a couple of examples out of many photos with this same tree in the right hand background. So why would Kris or Lisanne make 99 photos over the course of over three hours, but not a single actual selfie? We know that no helicopters were flying at night, so they couldn't have tried to flash a helicopter. There is no evidence either that search teams were out there between roughly 01:00 - 04:00. Is this actually Lisanne shooting photos? Or someone else entirely? Trying to make it look like the girls were still out there, somewhere (never an identifiable shot of where they were actually taken though), lost? Don't forget that the bag and camera were found around two months after the girls disappeared, meaning there was a sea of time for.. all sorts of things to happen in the meantime. Including camera content manipulation. 

One thing that is certain now however, is that these photos were not taken to 'light the way'. Or while on the go. Or while fleeing for something. The person who took these shots remained in the same area for certain while taking these photos. 

Why? Why so many of the same photos also? Why no selfies? Why no clearer view of that location? (Do keep in mind that the photo times and numbers have not been confirmed by the authorities). Big thank you and shout out to Juan, who first found and published all these photos. As for finding this tree and identifying the night photo location; if that tree still exists it may look different after six years, and if it were truly other people who faked these night photos, they probably got rid of the identifiable V-shaped branch soon after. 
In video form:
Photo #511 (IMG_511)
Probably taken around 01:30 AM 
Photo #553 (IMG_0553)
Taken around 01:40:32 AM 
Photo #567 
Taken around 01:44,12 AM 
Photo #584 
Taken around 01:51,56 AM 
Photo #590 
Taken around 01:55,01 AM 
Photo #595 
Taken around 02:00 AM 
Photo #600 
Taken around 02:15 AM
Photo #603  
Taken around 02:31,25 AM
Photo #605 (IMG_605)
Taken around 02:46,16 AM 
Photo #607 
Taken around 03:09 AM
Photos #608 and #609 (IMG_608/609)
Taken around 03:22,47 / 04:10 AM

Some good suggestions made by Magnus: 
"Well, for a start all droplet types can be identified: if it's rain, mist or from a waterfall or even a cave it's possible to tell one from the other, it's basic fluid mechanics. From how translucent the droplets are it's also possible to know what's inside them. Also, the rock shown in a photo has a specific curvature and pattern to it, unique to it, unmistakable in computer recognition software (they can do this with rocks on Mars so on Earth it's a piece of cake).  Then the vegetation shown in the photos can be identified by a biologist or a botanist, lots of those in the Netherlands. There are issues when there is lack of evidence, not too much evidence as in this case, even if all evidence shows up clean. The position the person was in when taking the photos can also be determined, so reconstituting that night scene can't be hard. Note: from the weather report it's possible to know where it was raining and from the rain intensity to pinpoint the location of the photos."  -  I answered that unfortunately the Dutch Prosecution is done with this case and not willing to reopen it. If we want that, we have to personally write Betzaida Pitti in Panama with that request. She won't reopen either. So then it comes down to people who follow this case to find these things out somehow? If anyone has an interest in these subtopics described by Magnus, or is specialized in them perhaps even, feel free to shine your light on these photos..

David also had good suggestions: "Genuine or Fake. It says a good deal about these night-time shots that even a sit-on-the-fence like me is finding them suspicious. On the face of it these photographs do seem convincing and in line with what you would expect of someone who is physically and mentally exhausted, possibly injured, and certainly at the far limits of her ability to cope with the situation she is in. Camped outdoors, deep into the night-time, and it starts raining. There is some protection from an overhang or the trees above you but not enough that you can get any sleep and ignore the downpours. So remembering you have one, you pull out the camera and start lighting up your misery.... Really these pictures are as much a subject for a psychologist as a geologist. Yet despite their time frame and the conditions they are being taken in they suffer from one curious flaw - there are no signs of life in them. No legs coming into shot, no knee or arm, no boot or backpack coming into the frame, nothing. Except that shot of what appears to be Kris Kremers' hair, and because of this this is the photograph that is the odd one out of the entire set, the one photograph that shows something human (after a fashion). But why take it then? Over three hours of shooting, carefully and deliberately avoiding showing anything of yourself, or your friend, and you then shoot this extreme close-up of the back(?) or her head. Just the one photograph. You can analyze too much. And I am well aware that if this is Lisanne (or even Kris) then they aren't going to be in the best state mentally, so logic isn't necessarily a factor in the use of this camera. But still, to pull out the camera after seven days for a three hour-plus shoot, deliberately avoid shooting anything of yourself and your friend, then put it away again and never use it.... No, I accept that logic doesn't need to play a part given their situation here, and yet is it not telling that there is nothing human in these eighty odd shots? Nothing definitive. So well framed and perhaps even cropped that they really are eighty-odd photographs of nothing.... there is virtually no information whatsoever to be had here in them. And nothing to my mind that even definitively shows that Lisanne and Kris are indeed present here. Eighty odd photographs of nothing. I really don't know what to make of them, or even say about them...."

I replied: "Thanks for your thoughts. It makes no sense to me why any of the two girls would have been shooting the same pictures over and over again, for almost 3 hours, in the dark of night. People say that they may not have wanted to take selfies because it could frighten their parents, as they must have lost weight etc, but even if their hand(s) would have been photographed, it would have been able to tell us more about who took those shots. Now the only thing linking Kris and Lisanne to them at all is the back of the head shot from Kris' hair. And that photo becomes more scary every time you look at it. I can't believe thát is the type of photo you would make of your friend, after a week alone in the jungle.. A week without taking any photo. This whole nightly photo series seems vague on purpose. Yes! As Magnus suggested, we would all benefit greatly from the specialist help of a biologist or a botanist in order to identify the lit up 'droplets' in the sky and the vegetation on scene. But also a take on these photos by a psychoanalyst would be extremely interesting. True also; why does not one of those 90-something photos show their backpack? Their personal belongings? Their shoes or legs? Anything really that makes us able to positively identify them being there in person? Aside from the eerie back of the head shot, which reminds me more of a military execution scene than of the kind of picture you would normally take from your friend. And indeed, maybe they were hallucinating at this point, or in an erratic hysteria from the anxiety and hunger and despair. But we cannot let go of all logic in this; if that were the case, how come all these photos are sharp? Focused clearly on the same scene, the same tree. Not one photo shows a vague diagonal shot of the ground for instance, which you'd expect if you'd sling the camera around in terror and just shot pictures randomly. No, they are all taken with a steady hand and aimed at a specific composition. Thanks for your very good analysis."

David replied: "Yes! This is the sort of thing I was struck by with them, although I do bear in mind the psychological effects that might be motivating Lisanne or Kris at this point these are still deliberately framed shots. Some do have the rain hitting the lens and leading to strobing lighting from the Flash of the camera, but in general there IS a sense of some purpose to them. The angle does strongly support the idea that the photographer is either laid down or seated throughout, but beyond that it is difficult to read much else from them other than the fact that the shot of Kris' head is the odd one out of the set. With photoshopping possibilities and the lack of anything in the set that definitively identifies either Kris or Lisanne as being present it is right to be questioning these pictures. For one thing what does gradually become apparent when you look at the set in Juan's album, is that several of those photographs are in fact direct duplicates, you can play this game if you study the set closely - as the rain droplets are a dead giveaway. Duplicated photographs, were these duplicates a left-over from the other hands who have handled the pictures over the weeks/years since the event, or were they present when the Camera was handed to the Police originally? We will never know. But with one photograph deleted upon arrival and these several others showing duplication and possible manipulation it is understandable to me why many are suspicious of their origins and even reject them. [..] Over the year I have dipped in and out of this story so much has changed in how it is being perceived and reported that it has become very clear that the biggest hurdle any investigator faces with it is in being able to separate the assumptions now being taken as fact, and just what it was (and is) that the actual evidence is showing."

A graphic designer sent me interesting photo compositions 
Raghab worked on the hair photo from Kris and I like to share his great work, with his permission. I realize that many people will think that this was just an odd photo taken by Lisanne of her friend; possibly while she was walking ahead of her. But another group of sleuths thinks that a 3rd party took this photo. Raghab believes so too. He is strongly convinced that the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne is a case of "Murder in cold blood", and that there may be more than one person involved. He also believes that at the time this photo was taken, Kris was already dead. There has been a lot of online debate about this photo. Jeremy Kryt claimed to have seen the original and there was a head wound visible. The full photo I have shared (acquired through Juan and leaked by someone close to the investigation in Panama) does not show a clear head wound, however. Going by this leaked photo, we could determine for ourselves that no clear head wound is visible. Aside from some vague markings under the clean looking and dry hair. What is visible vaguely under the hair is up for debate. It may just be lit up and underlit hair, creating contrasts. But many people think that they can see the outline of a nose (nostrils). Others see a mouth, a jaw or a wound hidden under the hair. (2nd photo credits to Marcos).

Raghab believes that gruesomely, we may be observing the severed head of Kris. One person is holding her head up by the hair and another person took the photo. R. thinks that this photo was later cropped, to get rid of evidence about the surroundings. He told me that we can see the hair outline, eye socket and lips. He compared the proportions to a superimposed picture of Kris, taken at the Pianista summit. As he sees it, Kris' hair is being pulled at the top, as if someone is holding up her head by the hair. So part of the hair is pulled, while the rest is covering her face. In fact, R. thinks he has the evidence for this because we can apparently see the killer's right hand thumb and left hand index finger at the bottom of the photo. R. added photos to visually explain what he means. 

Thanks for your work Raghab! And thanks so much for sharing. There is a death mask feel about the photo, I agree. Whatever is lingering under that hair, she looks unfortunately deceased. I ain't sure myself if her face can be seen under the hair or not. But R. makes an excellent case here for a normal positioned face underneath the hair. I wondered how Raghab estimated the chance of it being Kris' jaw on the right and her face lying like this? (See photo on the right; says first 'nose', then 'open mouth') Because I am still unsure about that row of white, as I see it? Which in the vertical photo on the right looks like it could form a row of teeth in the lower jaw. What could they be in the horizontally flipped photo which R shared? They don't match an ear or anything in his excellent overlap. Raghab replied that my vertical face orientation (90 degrees clockwise) suggestion is a good one, but that he sees problems with it. He sent a basic anatomy image of a frontal human face and used it to make an overlap image with my 'vertical photo'. Problems he sees with it are that Kris' forehead would be missing in my version. Also, the teeth would not be in a normal proportional line in accordance to the human anatomy, but would have had to be shifted to the left (marked in green in his overlap photo). And the supposed open mouth (marked in pink) would have shifted to the left (marked in white). He thinks this is only possible if her jaw bone would have been broken and dislocated from her skull joint (yikes!).

On the right here, in Raghabs ('horizontal') photo orientation, he marked in green the place of the ear with the black earring. In red he indicated the right height for the top of the ear. He explained that when sketching facial anatomy, a single eye is used as a measurement unit. For instance, to determine the gap between both eyes (which is equal to the length of one eye), the width of the mouth (generally equal to the length of 2 eyes) and the width of the nose (1 eye). The height of the ear is measured by the distance between the eyebrow and the base of the nose. And the distance between the nose base and the eyeline equals 1.5 eye length. Taking all of this into consideration with this photo, R. considers the 'horizontal' photo orientation the best option. The white mark - which I considered to be teeth - is present here on the frontal cheekbone and R. thinks it may be a wound that was treated with bandage or tissue paper.

But then that wig would be a real good match in colour and texture.. How would someone in Boquete Panama purchase such a perfectly coloured and textured (wig) match in that short timeframe? Nah..

I replied that I see what he means and that he made a good case for the proper proportions of Kris' face to better match a horizontal composition. I wondered why the top of the head, where Kris' hair is cascading from at the highest point, looks so very far up. R. explained this by letting you imagine a head that is being pulled up by the hair, so to speak. He also believes that we can see the shapes of fingers near the right bottom side of the mouth and at the hair bundle. He believes the photo was cropped, to cut out more footage of the people involved, as well as hiding deep cuts and wounds from the photo. I also told him that I keep the option open that the two girls were both lying there, next to each other (or over one another), and that the hair of the one is flipped over the face of the other. I even wondered out loud if this hair may be a wig perhaps? As it is looking so clean and dry (albeit a bit tangled), for someone who wouldn't have washed it for over a week? But then that wig would be a real good match in colour and texture.. How would someone in Boquete Panama purchase such a perfectly coloured and textured match in that short timeframe? Nah.. I also wondered why a perpetrator who seemingly goes to great lengths to hide his crime, would allow such a photo to be made if it gives clues to Kris being dead? Raghab thinks these photos were probably taken for fun and later submitted in order to divert police verification. He thinks that the spot where these photos were taken is also the place where their bodies were dismembered and disposed of. "All those photos were clicked hurriedly, so we can see the fingers on the lens (bright blotches) on some photographs." He also considers it possible that the two girls were indeed lying there, next to each other or over each other, and the hair of one of them was flipped over the face of the other. Or that both of the girls' heads may be tangled by their hair. In the right bottom corner you can see what look like strings of brown hair, roughly bundled into a single mesh, contrasting with the other strawberry blond hair. So all in all, R. believes that this photo indicates that Kris and Lisanne met foul play. I am not sure if this interpretation from this pivotal photo is correct or not. But R. makes an intelligent and well-motivated case for it. This whole disappearance case is, in the end, a very sad and murky one. A lot of details are known, but nothing really adds up. There is conflicting info along every bend of the way. Highly tragic, whatever scenario someone may believe in, Kris and Lisanne must have endured horrors either way 😨😩

And blog user Matt also sent me an interesting version of the same photo
Matt adjusted the hair photo in photoshop to work out the "neck" area some more. All colour adjustments and colour manipulations of this photo were done global, meaning that they affect the entire image in the same manner. These colour adjustments are therefore not just applied to the neck area: it affects all parts of the image equally. In this manipulated photo, it does seem like we are looking at the back of the head and the back of the neck of Kris. And that there are wounds visible on her neck, underneath her hair. Dark holes. They do not look like gunshot wounds, but like larger wounds from being struck with something heavy. But there is no blood visible in her hair. This "wound area", with its redness now exaggerated, stands out and has a different red hue than the hair. Matt wanted to separate the wound area from the hair to be able to see its details better. Of course, due to the manipulating effect, one can wonder if this result is realistic or just a side effect of the colour adjustments. Nevertheless, this photo result may discard the notion that we see Kris' face under the hair.  Matt himself doesn't think that we are looking at nostrils and an upper jaw. The distance between nostrils and teeth doesn't fit in his opinion.

Also, Dave M. looked very closely at this photo and noticed some things under the hair. He wrote: "Looking at this picture of what we must suppose is Kris Kremers' hair isn't the most pleasant of pastimes, potentially a snapshot of her lying down and either seriously aiming or already deceased it stand out from the collection of other photographs on that night of 8th April as it is the only one of those three hours of shooting where the Photographer decides to show something human. An indicator that there IS actually a person here. Or is it....? Enough has been said on this picture's strangeness as a shot, and the decision of the photographer to shoot it. I myself am very wary of its provenance, its lack of clarity and the utter impossibility of working out any orientation of the head supposedly beneath it is deeply worrying. It is automatically assumed this must be a shot of the back of the head, but then perhaps it is the top of her head, but wait - look to that long lock of hair that falls along the bottom of the picture from right to left - surely then that is the 'floor' it lies across? That is the bottom and the 'head' must be laid on its side therefore? But what CAN we perhaps see in this image? We can see that the colour and texture is a near enough match for Kris Kremers hair certainly. We can see that the shot is taken very close-up, which may tie in with the other three hours of photography as it appears the person taking these photographs is probably seated on the ground, with a restricted room to move in, perhaps wedged between a rock wall and a boulder, and so the choice in where to aim and shoot is very limited. For an image that is so vividly indicative of Kris Kremers on the night on the 8th April this is a shot that shows, well, nothing really. A formless mass of hair, little to say whether it is attached to a head, where that head might be, and whether Kris is aware and awake. So on the surface of things it shows us nothing actually. But like some game of "Where's Wally" this is an image that contains a number of hidden add-ons. Strangeness isn't just confined to the choice of the Image itself, but to what lives within it...

Things I noticed: To the left of the image a strange watermarking can be found. Lettering apparently. Strangely for something that must be an overlay the overlay has strands of hair apparently overlaid over the top of it! But it is the bottom-right corner though that is the most mysterious area of the image, half obscured in shade and murk it may or may not show some evidence of photoshop work, but it is by far the busiest and most baffling area of the picture as this is where the 'Bun' is seen and contains one or two surprises. At first glance the sight is that of a conventional 'Bun', of the hair being wound up, but apart from the photographic evidence showing that Kris Kremers never tied her hair so extravagantly (just a simple 'knot' was enough) it is when you zoom in closely that the fuller effect becomes apparent. Beneath the wound-up hair (curiously appearing partially black, partially blonde/red) we see a white ivory coloured object. This object, whatever it is, is what the hair is wound around, and appears to have some form of patterning or rough etching on its surface. You can see the overall effect best when you tip the picture upside-down. And you see that whatever this white Ivory item is it extends around the under-edges of the 'Bun' and again appears to be marked with some patterning, or perhaps writing. It is distorted, stretched, but whether this is a result of the conditions at the time, or evidence of Photoshop work, it raises several immediate questions - what IS this object? Where did it come from? What is its Purpose? And who placed it so...

All food for thought, but there's more. Just to the left of the Bun -  - is something just as remarkable. Perhaps it is connected to the object beneath the 'Bun', perhaps not. But this is something I spotted and initially felt it was another trick of the light and shadows that perpetuate these pictures continued fascination. When looking closer the suspicion that this was something other than an optical illusion grew stronger, and it was while toying with the overall picture by splitting its colour contrast using a CMYK tool that the suspicion became conviction. CMYK is useful in these situations as it can work like an x-ray, showing greater clarity and detail than the standard colour image and revealing hidden objects. The colour original, once you know where to look, shows a small object that is probably rectangular and seemingly with a speckled surface. This put me in mind of Kris Kremers' sunglasses initially, but a check and comparison makes this seem very unlikely in the end as the glasses are very different in shape and texture. What this object is is anyone's guess. As with the White Ivory object beneath the 'Bun' I offer no theories or suggestions as I haven't a clue myself! I really do have no idea what to say on it all."

And one person wrote about this photo: "The pixelation of the night hair photo is too detailed to be a cropped fraction of the original. Even if the camera was at a max default setting of like 5000x3000, to crop it down and still retain the amount of detail the night hair photo has, at 1074 width? Unlikely. You could make it look like a night photo IF you had some people with more experience than simply dragging an exposure bar. Certain things in the night photo seem legit. The strawberry blonde hair has a luminescence, a transparency, that the camera flash demonstrates in the night photo. This happens with very light hair when a light source is applied at night. Instead of listening to people on the internet, including me, find the real "bun photo" in question and compare for yourself. Lisanne's jawline is also in the night photos. She has a tiny, almost unnoticeable mole or bump on her chin. That is one of the ways you can distinguish her jaw from, for instance, one of the girls' arms. Her skin texture gives it away too. I am not sure if it is a fake. After taking so many photos of one's own face, it is inevitable that you will see duplicate angles. I don't think the night photos are photoshopped. At most, if anything, they are staged. I have a feeling one or more girls is already dead or very close to dying at the time of the night photos, whoever took them." 

April 4th 2021: some people online uploaded their version of the night photo. Unfortunately their posts have been removed again, but one person showed a cropped version of the night photo of Kris' hair placed vertically, and believes we are looking at nostrils and teeth. Another photo is a good photo comparison, insinuating we are looking at the bend head of Kris, looking down slightly and that we see the top of the head as well, which could explain the 'high forehead' issue (click on photo to enlarge): 

How most of the night photos all fit into one big photo

January 26th, 2020.
For a long time it was assumed that the following shape could be that of the body of Kris, laying down in a ravine of sorts.. But now that many more night photos have been leaked, we can see that this same outline has been photographed from many different angles. And it is clearly not the outline of a body, but the lit up shape of a leaf. I also found how almost all these night photos, except for the one of the plastic on a stick, the photo of the back of the head of Kris and the ones with round lit up shapes, all fit into one big photo. I will add it at the end of this video. In the following video I will highlight this specific leaf, as well as another leaf right next to it on the right, by drawing the same sort of red line around them. So you can see that the same things have been pictured over and over again: a tree and this foliage. What do you think: should we place the overall collage image horizontally, or vertically? I think that whomever took these photos aimed the camera upwards and not downwards. At the sky and not down a ravine. The majority of the photos seem to have been taken 'horizontally' in composition, I'm inclined to think the rock wall is on the left, not bottom down. We can also rule out the scenario that the girls fell in a ravine and were stuck: if that were the case, the reflection light of the flash would have bounced back from the right hand side. It does not. It is still theoretically possible that there is some ravine behind them; we cannot see everything as the camera is aimed upward. But whomever took these photos was able to move around and change positions. Difficulty with these photos, is that the flash light distorts the image, to some degree. Using a flash in the dark, can make some things appear closer by in the photo than they actually are. Another major thing to keep in mind with this collage photo, is that I did connect all the photos by exact overlap lines at the edges, but that the collage is ultimately not the same as one photo. All the individual photos that are combined in the collage, have been taken from slightly different positions, perspectives and angles. Therefore it is very artificial to glue them all together and the end result may not be the same as when you were physically at this location yourself and simply stepped back to overlook the scene. I'm just trying to show that these photos were taken at the same location and that the photographer took meticulous shots from this one lookout, moving the camera bit by bit in order to capture the view. 

Thiago wrote me that he is a botanist and that in his opinion the correct position of the end (collage) image is the one with the ground placed horizontally: so the vertical picture on the right. He thinks this, because plants always grow towards the sun, even when they grow in slopes or rocks (this mechanism is called positive phototropism). "With that in mind, if the rocks were in a vertical position, the plants would not be growing perpendicularly to the rock, but parallel to it instead. So I am convinced that the rocks are horizontal. The trees in the right side of the image look like vertical trees in the separate photos. But in the collage image they don't look like entire trees, but like horizontal branches of a vertical tree. There is also a long branch in the top left corner. If the rock is vertical, this branch should be pending and not erect I think..". He added some photos he took while out during a field expedition. "I imagine that the night photos were taken in a place like this - but not so high; the rock in my pictures has more or less 300 metres of elevation. In my opinion, based on experiences in places similar to this one in Brazil... these photos seem to have been taken on the summit of a peak. And the rocks appear to be on the edge of a precipice." [..] "The position of the rocky ground and the type of plants growing on it, as well as the position of these plants, suggest that the place is not too slope (more for a small ravine than a precipice); the trunks and branches at the bottom of the night photos suggest that the place is somewhat open from above, but surrounded by dense vegetation, with tall trees with long and hanging branches. Water droplets caught on the photos can be from rain or a possible waterfall. Putting all these conclusions together, the possible location of the night shots would be something very similar to that of this image from Juan of a waterfall." - Image added here:

Thank you for that, Thiago. Very interesting, also to see the way plants can grow on top of rock formations. I guess I wonder also if it could be true what the parents and their lawyer initially said: that these photos were taken from a cave? That's what they thought. I'd say that the horizontal collage photo "may" show a cave, with the big rock on the left. Although I am also doubtful about this at the same time, because of the lack of reflection of flash light from some angles. Same for the head photo of Kris' hair; if that was taken at the backdrop of rock or anything really, wouldn't this rock have lit up too in the flash of the photo? Now the background is just darkness.. But the right, vertical collage photo looks much more like the top of some summit indeed. I would say; the top of a waterfall perhaps even. Could the combination of the rock, with the water droplets all through the sky in many night photos (yet Kris' hair is dry so it wasn't a downpour of rain) with the vegetation and the direction in which it grows indeed lead to an area near a waterfall? Or a deep, dry riverbed?"

**I must add that I do not believe that Kris and Lisanne took these photos themselves.. I think they were taken by someone else, and staged, as if to show the investigators that these girls were still out there alone by day eight. If that were the case however, then I'd assume at least some photos that could identify them. But there is very little there to identify them. Aside from the strange back of the head shot from Kris and vague lit up profile of what may have been Lisanne, or which could just as well be the lit up finger or knuckle from a man with some fine hairs on it. But they are so abstract and tell us very little... The most plausible reason to choose for such vague dark shots, to me, is for a 3rd party to make a false trail. There is no indication or proof that helicopters flew at night in that mountainous forest terrain and neither that search teams were out in the dark. These are also not the last dying actions from the girls, because Kris' iPhone was activated for a whole hour on day eleven, so four days after these night photos were taken. But if Kris and Lisanne really were stuck in some place on or next to a rock formation, and they couldn't move anymore (because mostly all the photos were taken of the same things), then their bodies should have been found there as well. Together. Not a few bones 14 walking hours up north from the Pianista Trail's summit, in a place where there are no direct ravines or water falls. No microscopic animal claws or teeth or anything really visible on those bones. How did two girls get trapped in a ravine of sorts, unable to get out supposedly, but their bodies naturally managed to end up many kilometres up north? So, I have little illusions about these night photos. All that truly interests me is where they were taken and by whom? Juan has found some very interesting possible locations of interest, in and near the Caldera hot springs region: 

Guido Steiner wrote me in response to the night photo collage: "Literally putting the pieces together.👍😊 It also makes sense that whoever took the pics did not move around through difficult terrain in the midst of the night, neither girls in acute distress nor perpetrators aiming to create a halfway credible deception. By the way, has anybody ever tried to generate a list or tree like summaries of all theories around certain aspects of the case, with some subjective assessments of likelihood Like, in the case of these night photos: Group 1: Shots were taken by (one of) the girls. In this case, the Intention was most likely not to depict anything special, but to take the pictures for a specific side effect. 
1a. Illuminating the path taken. Can be ruled out by the fact they did not move around at all, a blinding flash would not also not have helped much.
1b. Beacon theory. (One girl moving around, the point of return marked by the other one by repeated camera flashing).  Unlikely to risk that shortly before daybreak, unless acute emergency and concrete expectation to achieve anything.
1c. Attracting help theory. (Possibly targeting small planes flying over or search teams heard from a distance.) - Unclear if any of those targets existed. Photos taken exactly in time window were most people are in deepest sleep and lowest chance to alert anybody. Unlikely that search teams would have missed signals if close by. (Possibility though that they ultimately attracted the wrong type of people.)
1d. Scaring away animals theory. Not completely implausible at that time in the night, but occasional shots that light up objects in the foreground also render this less likely. (Pointing the camera up in the air or towards a steeper escarpment: night active birds that make strange sounds?)
1e. Flashing emergency signals with camera. (Like SOS or international distress signal) | Unlikely at that time in the night, much better chances that signal is seen when early evening or morning. Exact time stamp pattern of all shots would still be interesting to be analyzed (if available).
1f. Leaving behind a message. Except saying "we spent another horrible night out there", nothing meaningful could be decoded by anyone in these images and there are obvious possibilities to have left a really meaningful one. Can be ruled out safely, probably.
1g. Total desperation (intolerable state of anxiety, panic or boredom during a sleepless night that causes the camera to be used just because there’s nothing else to do and this helped to calm down nerves and give a remaining sense of freedom of action.) | Possibility should be assessed by expert, but probably has to be taken into account as well in case of absence of more convincing alternatives.... And similar for the obvious group 2. Anyway, could be useful to get a quick glance of what has been thought of yet."

I replied: "Hi, I have covered as many theories as I could think of (not all the ones you now name though) in my blog, when investigating this case in detail. But maybe your idea could serve for a video of your own? The more people report on this case the better :)  Based on the info we now have, I would say that mostly all of your suggested theories are unlikely to be true (just my opinion though). 
1a: the first and the last photo and mostly all the photos in between show the same area; the same tree, the same foliage. There was no moving around depicted. I dismiss therefore by now the theory that the flash of the camera was used to illuminate the path, while on the run for something or while walking in the dark. (Which would be a very unwise and dangerous thing to do in a foreign jungle anyway).
1b: exactly; unlikely for that to start around 01:30 AM and stop shortly before sunrise; but a good suggestion. 
1c: there is currently absolutely zero evidence that a helicopter flew at night (too dangerous) or that search teams were walking in the dead of night in the tropical forest. Very unlikely that they would flash for almost 3 hours, if that were the case. Sound travels a lot further also.
1d: not realistic either probably; none of the photos show any evidence of an animal. And you wouldn't scare it away for nearly 3 consecutive hours, sometimes flashing 5 times in one minute. Then there would have been an animal pictured at least on one of the photos, you'd think..
1e: like 1c; no evidence whatsoever that anyone was out there searching for them at night. And voices and shouts would have reached much further than a camera flash aimed at the sky
1f: they had a camera with photo+video option: if they wanted to leave a message, all they had to do was record or photograph one. Their camera would have been found no matter what. And if they were still walking around then there are easier ways to leave a message behind", such as using sticks to form words, using rocks to scrape messages onto other rocks; they had paper also it seems.
1g: if the photographer was nearly delirious, the photos wouldn't have been made conscientiously of the same things over and over, for such a long time. You'd expect more erratic photos; more unsharp photos taken while moving an arm for instance. I don't understand the boredom theory... They could have viewed their own holiday photos, hundreds of them by then, if they were bored. Why not make a photo then of your leg, arm, your bag, all of your surroundings. These were highly intelligent girls, they would have put some variety into these 99 night photos if they just shot away out of boredom or psychological distress I think.-Well, not a lot of pure objectivity in the answers, as you can tell :) That one is more difficult than often expected."  -  More photos of a waterfall which may be a possible match with the elusive and mysterious night photos, Charco La Cascada. Credits to Juan who found them all, these are his photos also: 

The night photos revisited

February 6th, 2020
I received two photos from Mutinyonthekitkat, in which he shows and explains that the night 'SOS photo' fits in with my previously made night photo collage. Very well spotted and thank you for the heads up. I have worked on his suggestion and now show you my thoughts on it all, also messing about in photoshop to show you how this photo could fit in with the collage. This new match confirms once again that these photos (taken between apprx 01:30 and 04:10am on April 8th, so 8 days into their disappearance) were all taken from one and the same location. So the camera and its flash were not used by the girls in order to light their way, while on the run for instance. Also no photo evidence of any animal has been found on these photos, making it also unlikely that they used the flash to scare off animals. If they used the camera to signal someone, it begs the question who that could have been, because helicopters didn't fly in the dark of night in the mountainous tropical forest and search troops haven't been reported to have searched at that time either in the dead of night. Zero evidence for that. I also explain at the end of the video that even though I myself am not convinced that Kris and Lisanne took these night photos, I do think it is important  to  get  a  very  clear  image of the  location  where these photos  were taken. Because it  would be a step 
forward in this disappearance case if someone would be able to positively identify this location. Also, I am not very computer savvy and it did take me a lot of energy and time to make these  last three night time videos (and they are still amateurish), but for me, their 'value' may lay in the fact that it should now be visually clear to everyone that there is no reflection of the body from Kris down in a ravine in those night photos. It is 100% proven now that this shape is in fact a specific leaf, which has been photographed throughout the many nighttime photos and from different angles and perspectives. So lets put a big heavy No Entrance beam in front of that (Body of Kris-) side avenue. The same story for the theory that Kris and Lisanne were walking at night or trying to find their way in the dark, or were fleeing from someone and needed the flash of the camera to light the way. No. From the first to the last photo, taken over a time-frame of more than 3 hours, the same view was pictured over and over. The same distinct trees, the same rocks, the same sky. Here is my youtube video on the matter:


Some interesting comments I received on my youtube channel about the night photos:

Mutinyonthekitkat wrote: 
"Looking at the bigger format version of the 'round mirror and tissues on the rock' photo (not included in your nice panorama here), across on the left edge of it you can definitely see the same rounded top of the rocky wall visible bottom right at 0:48. There's a distinctive bright-lit little plant with four tiny leaves in a line against the blackness and two unmistakable dark lines in the rock near the top also visible in some other photos. It shows that the mirror and tissues and the backpack strap on the flat rock are directly to the right and close to the camera. If you look at the dull rocks and little plant on the left side of that first photo link they can form an overlapping panorama with some of the other bright foreground wall photos and this seems to prove the mirror and paper on the flat rock are close to the right of the camera. It must also prove we're looking upwards at the bright foreground wall and plants rather than across a horizontal ledge and down into darkness. I don't understand where the 'twig with orange plastic' fits into the rest of the pictures. Its the most mysterious one of all I think. As the relative order of the photos is uncertain (I seem to remember reading), it makes it even harder to see where it fits in with the other night photos. In trying to make sense of the photos I've put together a v. crude panorama of my own."

David M. wrote: "That's Excellent detective work! With nothing to orientate yourself with in these pictures it has always been near to impossible to tell whether you are standing at height and looking over a precipice, or looking up at a rockwall and the Sky. When I first saw these photographs the natural assumption was that it was looking over a drop and into the forest below, that changed to thinking it was a rockwall, but examining these photographs now, in this context, there are some small details about the photographer that become evident, particularly if you take the view that we are looking over a precipice and drop to down below: *Most or all of these photographs are taken looking in one direction, we can now tell this as between the distinctive 'fork' tree and the plant you highlight that appears in all of the images the photographer is not seated, but stood. We can be sure of this as the girls never used the zoom feature and so whoever is taking these images is stepping around slightly to peer over the edge. It is also clear that the Photographer is not taking static shots - the camera is apparently being used both vertically and horizontally. and possibly even diagonally as they are taking the shots from one perspective, and wherever they are is only allowing for left-to-right views. And this is what is dictating these shots. *Again if we stay with the idea this is a precipice we are looking over then it raises the question as to what is behind the Photographer? If the set of photographs is all the same location where does the Boulder fit in, and for that matter given the forced perspective of that image could it be something other than a boulder? I would say it has to be a boulder due to its shape and texture, but it is very different to the rockwall we see.

*One other detail that supports the precipice idea is that for the most part the camera lens stays clear. If this was a wall of rock we were looking upwards to, with the photographer laid or sat down, then most of theses images would be distorted by raindrops hitting the lens as the Photographer spends so much time pointing it at what we think is the sky it actually make little or no sense that they would point it at the heavens! So a precipice, the camera looking downwards would mean minimal rain on the lens and so the quality of pictures we see here. *With so little movement from the photographer - essentially just left to right photography as seen here -  is this indicative that they are based on a ledge somewhere? We never see what is behind them, we can only wonder where the large Boulder fits into this location, but if you consider the 'SoS display then if these shots were looking upwards then that tree cover we see would likely cover any chances of arial sightings from rescue craft of the display. It's impossible to say but you do get the impression that if this is Lisanne and Kris they may have instinctively headed for height, and this then isn't necessarily by any river but is somewhere with height. We cannot know either way. But it is curious that the photographer is clearly very limited in what direction they can shoot in here. It is left-to-right shooting, over what might be a deep ravine. And on balance I do now return to the idea that this is what we see here, not upwards shooting and a rockwall above them, but an attempt at gaining height that has ended with them perhaps now on a ledge and with very limited options for moving...

David M. continued: "[..] Like me If you try to study them you do quickly end up with a frazzled mind, they [the photos] are migraine inducing if you try to study them in sequence and in detail, as while many show something none of this 'something' means a thing. I've realised the problem is your mind is trying to make sense out of nonsense. There is no real logic or reasoning here, just visual static. Whether we are looking down over a ledge, or upwards with a rockwall, is something you can play either way. Studying the photographs again with the plant as a reference point does bring a little more sense to some of them as you can then grasp nearly all of them are taken from that one very narrow spot, looking over(?) a ledge and into the trees that fall away below. Is it a cave they are in, somewhere with an overhang? The ledge the photographer is stood on would be very small, and potentially very dangerous. I can't make sense of the Boulder photograph in this context however, and even the 'SoS' display looks dubious again in this context. One of the problems with this set of photographs as we've said is that it lacks any human touch or indeed proof either of the girls is here, and they filled around ninety photographs with scenes that are suspicious in their apparent composure and framing, it may be a set of pictures filled with chaos and static but the framing of many of the images is deliberate. But as a location? There is virtually nothing here. No clues as to where this place might be, there is no way to be completely sure whether we are looking upwards, or downwards. No sense of place - as in what the immediate area looks like around the photographer. Just a fascination in shooting off over that ledge and into the distance.... as I've said, it is as if the camera and the phones are in two different places, being worked by different people. And the strangest aspect is that neither of these two bits of evidence has any sense of passion or purpose to them... both show a user who is curiously unconcerned by the situation they are in and  are seemingly detached from their apparent predicament. It really is strange as a record."

Davesco wrote: "Anyone who thinks about this for a second after watching 2-3 videos should come to the conclusion that this was a crime, not an unfortunate accident or them getting lost. Too many things do not add up in the getting lost scenario. Them getting lost on a trail that you basically can't get lost on. Dozens of people use it every day according to locals, I saw a video of it and it seems indeed impossible to lose your way there in broad daylight, so they would have had to intentionally venture into the jungle, but that seems highly unlikely because not only do I doubt they would have randomly gone deep into the jungle on a whim without an experienced guide, they also did not have the supplies for a long and hard hike through the thick jungle. I mean I know they were naive, but it is at least questionable to assume they were that stupid.
- Having a guide dog with them but supposedly still getting lost on that easy trail or venturing into the jungle without using the dog to find their way back. If the dog was indeed with them, he went back because someone scared it away.
- Police not looking for them for several days. I know this is Panama and people there suck, especially the corrupt police, but the amount of time waited when there was a clear indication that something went wrong seems too high even for central american bum standards.
- Their entire photo making behavior changing. Almost all of their photos before the night photos are either selfies, or photos of each other, some people just develop this habit, especially girls, but you wanna tell me they suddenly stopped making photos of themselves or each other entirely when they realized they were in danger? I am sure someone else took these photos, as it also explains all the attempts to get access to the phone. If they had done the photos they would have turned out differently, they also had no logical reason to delete a single photo from their phone in that situation. Also them doing dozens of pitch black photos when they were supposedly trying to save batteries is bullshit, as if they were trying to continue moving through tricky terrain during the dark night. If they really survived for so many days, they had to sleep at some point, I can see them successfully fighting against exhaustion on the first night, but no way they made it several days without using the night to sleep if they indeed survived for this long.
- Them supposedly surviving for 10+ days in the wild jungle despite having no survival skills or equipment with them. They would have died 2-3 days in tops and thats already very generous, jungle is a very hostile climate, they would have broken down quickly due to the heat, lack of food and especially water, walking non stop in this environment takes a ton of water to keep going, no way they managed to get enough for that. Also if they went walking around for many days, it is insanely unlikely that they never came across other hikers, Indigenous people who live in the area (like the one that supposedly found the backpack) or just found any type of civilization on accident. The search, when it was actually started, would have managed to find them if they were still alive, there were aerial searches and signals sent that would have gotten their attention, and one of the many people searching through the areas would have found them.
- the backpack was found at that location very close to a village, without a lot of signs of weather damage despite supposedly lying around in the open for weeks, with the bras they wore on some pictures and phones inside it. This makes zero sense and screams foul play, especially given that the backpacks distance from their starting point was ridiculously far, way too far to make it in that terrain with as little experience as these two had in traveling such a landscape, their lack of energy due to low food and one of them supposedly getting injured early. Their bones being scattered around at the same location, with traces of bleach being on them confirms it. It was often said one of them died earlier, but the bone fragments were found together, which makes no sense either. For me, everything screams murder. They were most likely stalked, maybe even hunted and then captured on their first day in the jungle. Maybe they were kept alive for a while, but then were killed and disposed of anyway as to not have any witnesses of the crimes most likely committed against them in their final hours. Everything else, the photos, the backpack, the bone fragments with the bleach, that was just the aftermath, probably was the intention to make it look like everything was a tragic accident."

David M. wrote about the back of the head photo of Kris' hair: "It was shocking when I saw it, but I don't believe we can see an actual face - the 'nose' is too far away from the 'mouth' for one thing, and while Kris had long hair it wasn't that much of a mass as to be able to be piled up on top like that. So I put it down to an optical illusion. It will remain unsettling however as once you 'see' it it can't be un-seen. If I were perfectly honest this picture is another example to me that adds weight to my doubts about this set of photographs, because like every other photo in the set it is so conveniently framed and deliberate in its purpose to show us everything-but-nothing that it bends my sense of credulity to the absolute limit. I mean what are the odds? What are the odds that Lisanne (or Kris?) would spend three hours taking snaps in the dark and not one of them shows anything of themselves, or anything useful or informative? It may well be as I say that they have been edited at some point after the fact, with one photo being deleted, possible photoshop work to hide certain details, and others (like this one) carefully cropped to remove its context and limit its information and usefulness. But looking at the photograph with a serious eye and assuming this is Kris with Lisanne the most likely scenario is that this indeed shows us the back of Kris' head, it may be a deliberate shot, or it may be that she got in the way of the intended shot, either way though this has to be the back of her head in extreme clos-up. Could that be the remains of a bun in the bottom right corner? It seems too dark for that, but I'm at a loss otherwise. Perhaps rather than dwell on the 'face' another line of reasoning I suggest is that this is the back of her head yes, that may be the remains of her bun in the bottom right corner, and just to the left of it, that white spot, could just be Kris' ear-studs catching the light of the flash, with her jawline appearing just below it.... It's a stretch yes, but just as valid a sight as the 'face'. Really though there is nothing to see or say with this image. Like the rest of them I can't put much stock in their weight as they raise far too many questions about how legitimate they are and to what extent they have been edited and worked on. And I have little doubt that they have been edited, missing Photograph #508 is no coincidence in this light.

I replied: "Well you may be right there and indeed do those open mouth/nostrils images only come up after long staring. They are pareidolia most likely, as Juan calls them. But there is something under that hair. In what could then be the neck instead of vertical face with open mouth and nostrils. A dark spot under the hair, without a doubt. Someone suggested it could be a wound from a stem gun type of injury? Is it a wound you think, instead of just a shadow? Another suggestion that keeps coming back is that in the bottom right corner, some darker hair can be seen. Either it is from Kris and from the back of her neck where the hair can look darker, or many people have suggested it may be the hair from Lisanne, which was more light brown-ish. It is indeed so that this is just another of those photos which appear to show a lot at first glance, but then flourish mostly in vagueness and mystery. It makes no sense to me why it would be made by Lisanne; it is not an accidental photo however because it is a sharp photo, not a blurred one taken while moving the camera about. Perhaps it could even be one of many 'fill up photos', possibly because more than one photo was permanently deleted (not just photo 509 therefore), which had to be filled up with photo after photo showing nothing but the hint of two girls lost in wilderness? Oh and I keep wondering how it is possible for the hair to look so clean and so dry after 8 days and nights in the wilderness? No dirt or tree branches in it, not wet from the rain, not even too messed up in structure. Its bizarre when you think of the Lost in the Wild circumstances she was supposedly going through for over a week by then."

David M. replied: "I don't see anything like a wound no, but I do agree that there are little hints of 'something'. Those little white areas that I was wondering might be her ear-stud are not looking like natural light reflection from her hair for example, and neither perhaps are the little white areas that we see as 'teeth' any light bounce-back from her hair either, but apart from her ear-stud I have no other ideas what they might be. One good frame of reference I suggest however is to look at the close-up of Lisanne and Kris taken back on the mirador peak, with them both smiling into the camera. It acts as a very good demonstration and frame of reference as to how Kris' hair catches and deals with the light, and shows off as different colours and shades as a result. Despite the bright light of the sun her hair still shows as dark when not catching the direct light from above and only reflects the light at certain angles where the light is falling on it directly. It's a useful comparison to look at when trying to get anything out of this image here on the 8th April... for instance although the 'bun' in the bottom right corner looks too dark and odd in this picture, when you look to the Mirador photo as a reference it actually isn't necessarily all that unnatural at all. If her hair doesn't catch the direct light of either Sun or a flash it does indeed turn dark like that. And the photograph on the 8th has the flash focused naturally on the left-hand side rather than the right, so this is one possible explanation for that strange dark 'bun' and its oddness. I refer to it as a 'bun' by the way as I don't have any other idea as to what it could be otherwise. The hair is being wrapped around something, there is also the hint of something just under it, something artificial. The image does such strange things in that extreme bottom-right of the picture though that if you look closely it suggests the possibility of crude photoshopping to cover something over - the picture just disappears into such indistinct smeared murk, which is at direct odds with the clarity of the photograph as a whole. But like every other photograph in the set this one is far too convenient in its framing, its complete lack of any context or information. It's frustratingly too deliberate a shot and feels and looks as if cropped after the fact... how difficult is it to take a photograph, a set of pictures, that shows and tells nothing at all? Why bother to take such an extreme tight close-up of the back of your friends head and nothing else of her or yourself? It seems pointless to do. Imagine for a moment if you could draw backwards from that shot, pull back from this extreme close-up and try and imagine what you would see if you took two steps backwards. I have tried, and I draw a blank. I can't imagine what it is I might see if I drew backwards for a complete view. And Maybe that inability to guess what we might see is telling us something important... that we aren't meant to know what it is showing. I don't quite know what it is I am saying here but even with the enormous psychological and physical  pressures of an eighth day lost in the wilderness like this these shots are just too calculated and well framed to be someone at the end of her limits and lost in despair and desperation. But perhaps as I suspect the truth of the matter is that what we are seeing is an edited version of events, the results of careful cropping and adjustment. Either way these photographs, unlike the phone records, don't really bear up to being worth the attention and scrutiny, as the evidence is there to show us that the record they held has been edited and manipulated to remove information and alter what was there originally. Somewhere, at some point between handed in to the Police and then being handed to the News outlet that broadcast them, is where the editing took place. And I do think it quite possible that this is the time and place that perhaps a back-up cache of the Camera contents was made by journalists and editorial, that perhaps somewhere there might be a disc or folder with the contents still as they were when the camera was accessed. It's a wishful hope, but not an impossible one.... someone at that news station, or in the police may have seen the set in their raw state, did anyone note that one photograph was missing? Or did the erasing take place after this point? Fascinating questions to think on, and possibly the answers might just be out there in Panama, if only someone was in the position to pursue and ask them. Either way though the set has been interfered with, edited. I have little doubt about that."

This local tour guide Ivan B. from Boquete made a photo on about the same spot as Kris did - but now on a cloudy day -and according to some he could be 'mimicking her pose' 

It may just be one of those international poses which many people make; just like sticking your thumbs up. Some claim on forums that he stands just a few steps away from where Kris stood, as you can see in the short tree trunk. Some people think that he is mocking Kris here, others say he may goof around and make such poses naturally, unrelated to that photo of Kris which hardly no-one knew about back then anyway. By the way, this guy, Ivan B. was out there on April 5th 2014, looking for Kris and Lisanne.

Dutchman Rick M. walked the Pianista Trail and wrote this about it:
December 23rd, 2019.

"Scary! When I first heard about the El Pianista trail, it gave me shivers down my spine! Two girls (Lisanne Froon & Kris Kremers) lost their lives during this trail, when supposedly they got lost. What exactly happened is a mystery to this date. As Lisanne and Kris were from my home town, I wanted to do this hike even more to show my respect, despite all that could happen. The track was easy to navigate and I nowhere felt unsafe. The hike was actually very beautiful, besides the uncomfortable feeling I had about what had happened here 5 years ago. As I already reached the summit after 1,5 hours of hiking I spotted a memorial that was placed to remember the girls. To this day, there now is a sign that says not to walk further, as it's dangerous to continue. Despite all the horrors this Forrest holds, and me being curious, I went past the sign. As I descended more down along the muddy road it started to rain heavily, as from that moment, and with the story of the girls in the back of my mind, I decided it would be too risky to continue and turned back from hence I came. All by all it's still a mystery what happened, but I can say this hike gave me the shivers all the way."

Michael K. replied to Ricks post: "You don't know me, but I knew Lisanne. I've been working on this case for a while. I don't know how much research you've done in advance, but in this area there is probably a serial killer at work. In addition to these two girls, several tourists were found dead. And according to local residents in that area, more than 20 people were killed. Many suspect that a 'much too friendly tour guide' has something to do with it. Good job of you though! But I don't know how prepared you are .. Just .. don't make the same mistake. Expect the unexpected in such a country, but don't let it blind you to have fun. Good luck, have fun!"

Rick replied: "Hey Michael, how interesting to read. I did look up a few things on the internet before I did this hike and came to the same conclusion. I also came across this specific tour guide during the hike, but at that moment I did not yet know who he was and that it was him. All in all very crazy. I hope I don't disrespect someone by sharing this story this way, I wanted to do the hike out of compassion for the girls. Hopefully you could give her loss a place."

Photos from Kris at a 
Halloween party in 2011

3D images of Kris and Lisanne Photos from Zachary Womack
Zachary made up several 3D images from some of the pictures which Kris and Lisanne took on their trip. He explained to me that 3D photography relies on taking two pictures (one for each eye) and then blending them together in one image. 3D images can be useful as they provide depth information compared to a normal 2D image. Also, items that are in one image and not the other “pop” out making them easier to spot. Last, 2 images of poor quality can be “enhanced” in 3D allowing you see more than if looking at one image. Colored glasses, or other types of glasses are needed to give the 2D image a 3D appearance. For these images, you will need to get the “red blue” (Anaglyph type) glasses to view them. Zachary also explained that the 3D images are in no way perfect, as the girls were not trying to create them… He did the best he could given the angles and the fact that there was only a few that could be converted. 

Thank you! Click on each photo to view it enlarged

Injury on Lisanne's foot 
Host family mother Miriam Guerra has stated to the Panamanian press at the time that Lisanne was not feeling good the day(s) before the Pianista hike. From her diary we know that she wasn't feeling good psychologically when she stayed in Boquete. And physically she was said to suffer from asthma-related respiratory symptoms, as well as a leg injury. This non-specified leg injury may have stemmed from her volleyball sport. But in this close-up from Lisanne's right foot for instance, taken the week prior to their Pianista hike (while in Bocas del Toro), you can see that Lisanne had a red swelling on the bridge of the foot. In her diary Lisanne confirmed also to have suffered from circulation problems due to the heat: "I have such thick legs. It must be from the heat that my feet look like rhino legs".

And these Dutch bloggers and tourists also went to Boquete; their blog details their experience with the Pianista Trail in July 2013 (so 3/4 year before Kris and Lisanne went there, and look which dog accompanied them)

July 20, 2013 (Translated from Dutch), bloggers are Thijs and Anique: "We arrive in Boquete mid-afternoon. We notice immediately that it is indeed cooler here. Through the accommodation of our choice, which is full, we arrive at a great hostel where we are the only ones. We continue with our culinary wizardry from the past weeks, and start cooking here as well. For the remainder of our stay we remain the only ones in the hostel, except for one night. In the evening we watch movies in a communal space. Good for our Spanish. The day after our arrival we make a walk through the pleasant, but otherwise not very special village. We also make a plan for the coming days, because over here it is more about activities in the area, than about Boquete town itself. We make a great hike, partly through meadows and mountains and we get company of a nice husky dog. Safer and convivial! However, we only hike to the point where the cloud forest takes over from the grasslands. Both in the hostel and on the way we are warned that tourists have been robbed on this trail in recent months. This, combined with the cloudy weather, makes us decide to [turn around earlier and] go back to the hostel."

Cody_nzealand also got slightly lost on the Pianista trail, and díd in fact video document it, here and here


And this is a video that shows very clearly the start of the Pianista Trail
After 23 seconds you see the house of Oliva on the left.
After 1.04 minutes you see the garden of Martina.
After 2.32 minutes you see the bridge you have to cross according to Lonely Planet.
After 5.00 minutes you see a truck (with people).
And on the right another good video showing the Pianista Trail:


Excellent work from an online sleuth named Barbarossa170, who investigated the angle of the sun in the summit photos

Here this disappearance case is discussed in detail. Barbarossa170 writes on May 8th 2020: "I worked in IT forensics in the past, supplying services for local as well as state law enforcement in my country. I have worked on digital evidence relating to cases ranging from copyright infringement to homicide. I'm not an accredited subject matter expert however (I worked under the supervision of several during my time in forensics though), do not represent any official forensic institution or law enforcement agency and haven't worked in the field for a while. None of what I am going to put forward here is based on a claim to authority in any case. You can research and recreate all of this yourselves. This is just to put my interest into this particular aspect of the case into perspective. In this case there has been ongoing discussion about the veracity of EXIF file data (data embedded in images on the womens' camera showing the time and date of the pictures taken). Discussion specifically focuses on the timeline as the EXIF data shows Kris and Lisanne on a mountain summit at around 1300h local time when several eye witnesses place them in the village where they had been staying at that time, making it unlikely that they would have reached the summit before 1500h. The camera on which the pictures where found was missing for some time after the girls' disappearance, alongside their cellphones, only to be found by locals, contained in the women's backpack, in good condition, despite them allegedly having been "dragged to death" by a river. This opens up the possibility of the files having been tampered with to plant false evidence. The time the women reached the summit is of importance since it would put the first distress call they made at 1639h into perspective. The pertinent question being: was there enough time between them reaching the summit and the first distress call to make the hypothesis that they walked on for a long time after the summit and thus got lost at some point (more or less) likely. The official position of the Panamanian government as well as the Dutch investigators is that the EXIF data is correct. Various online sleuths have called this into question, in the case of the Panamanian officials with good reasons since the case was botched at every turn, with such enthusiasm in fact that one cannot help but think that they intentionally tanked the investigation.

When I first read this, I was taken aback at how much credence was given to the metadata given the camera may have been in the hands of the perpetrator for a long time. EXIF data on a camera/SD card can be easily manipulated given access to a computer and the willingness to research how to do it. It is by no means complicated at all. Added to this is the fact that one picture seems to have been securely deleted from the camera, which would not have been possible for the women to do but would have required the camera to be hooked up to a computer. The picture I looked at in particular is image IMG_499, showing Lisanne Froon on the summit. In the koudekaas blog I linked above, it is stated the experts determined the EXIF data to be correct and the picture to be taken around 1300h local time. I set out to see if I could replicate that result, especially since the blog calls the determination by experts into question and since there is no further information as to what exactly the experts did to determine the time of day retroactively. My methodology was as follows: I used a rendering engine commonly used in visual effects (Octane Render) to light a 3D model of a human. Octane Render has a so-called daylight model, which enables the user to input coordinates, date, time of day and GMT offset (for the local time zone). Thus, the user is able to accurately replicate lighting conditions of a clear sky at any given time anywhere on the planet.

I used the following data;
Coordinates: 8.78024 | -82.441360
Date: 1st of April
GMT offset: -5

I then rotated the model so the lighting direction matched the photo (meaning Lisanne's rotation relative to the sun, not the sun's position) and input 1300h, 1400h as well as 1500h as the time of day. Here is the result. As you can see, the image most closely matching the pattern of light and shade on Lisanne's face and body, particularly the arm, is in fact the rendering with the setting of 1300h. The lighting pattern on the arm and the face changes drastically as the sun's position changes, the forehead receives much more light at both 1400h as well as 1500h and the angle and extent of the cast shadow of the head also changes noticeably.

The conclusion to this analysis is that the Dutch investigators where in all likelihood correct in assuming that the time of day contained in the EXIF files was authentic. In fact they probably used similar methods to the ones I used to test their hypothesis.

There is a word to be said about the next photo, showing Kris Kremers standing at a similar spot but with much more diffuse lighting. There have been allegations that these photos were in fact completely "photoshopped", with the disparity in lighting between these photos as well as distortion often cited as evidence. Regarding the changing lighting conditions: every photographer will attest that this can happen very quickly. A cloud drifts in front of the sun and suddenly you don't have clear cast shadows anymore, only diffused light. The change of lighting can also be seen in the surroundings; less harsh shadows overall. As to the allegations that these photos are completely photoshopped (as in: the girls were pasted into the images) - Without the original files, no conclusive judgement can be made, but suffice it to say that photoshopping people into photos like this, especially with hair blowing the the wind, as is seen in IMG_499, is far from trivial. It would have taken a person with professional expertise in retouching to "fake" these photos. Personally, I see this option as very unlikely. There is an obvious drawback to this analysis: while it does show that the time of day contained in the EXIF data is most likely correct, we have no way of proving the date was not tampered with (meaning the pictures could have been taken a day before their vanishing, for instance). That being said, the Dutch investigators also had access to the data contained on the women's cellphones, including at least one picture taken on that day. If there had been a disparity between the date of that photo and the photos on the camera, it would have been noted in the investigation. Could the data contained on the cellphones have been tampered with as well? Technically yes, of course, but practically it would in fact require specialized hardware, software and extremely niche know-how to extract and the re-import the files. This hardware, manufactured by companies such as Cellebrite, is very expensive and only available to law enforcement, the military and intelligence services. The bottom line here is: the official timeline, placing the women at the summit at around 1300h is in all likelihood correct and the hypothesis that the EXIF files were tampered with in regards to date or time of day seems highly improbable."

When asked in the comments below his post what Barbarossa170 thinks of the phone and camera use in this case, he brings up arguments which I have stressed as well all throughout these blog series on the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne, and he answers: "There usually is a single reason for such a bizarre array of evidence, clues and lack of data, and that is shoddy-beyond-belief police work. We're left to wonder about all of this because this whole case was botched so thoroughly. What sticks out to me most in terms of IT related issues is what in IT forensics is called the "pattern of usage" of the cellphones and the camera starting from the first distress call, which is highly unusual to put it mildly. People who get lost or in trouble at some point start to record videos, messages or write up texts in their cellphones. This was 2014, cell phone usage was not that different from today and the women were young and competent users. It is also really strange that only 112/911 was called, right from the start and all throughout the recorded cell phone activity. Does this indicate foul play, the perp perhaps making those calls? It might look like it, but the cellphones were in fact logged into with the correct PINs (until one wasn't anymore, usually this is taken to mean that Kris Kremers had become incapacitated somehow by that point in time). Could the perp have forced the women to give up their PINs so he could manipulate the cellphones, e.g. to erase data? Possibly, however, particularly in the case of erased data the Dutch forensic team would with 100% certainty have found traces of that. You can securely erase data from a PC if you know what you're doing, but data on your phone once deleted isn't really deleted at all until it gets overwritten (there are ways to secure delete on a phone but that requires specialized apps, the presence of which again would have been noted in the investigation). So either the women for some strange reason showed very unusual usage behaviour while they were in distress or the perp got them to give up their PINs to do nothing else but periodically call 112/911. Did the perp have insider knowledge about IT-forensics and knew he couldn't do much else besides dialling without leaving traces? Seems even more unlikely. Just bizarre."

"Regarding the night time photos, again they are just bizarre. I keep using that word but it's just a perfect fit for all of this.. The only time I've ever seen something vaguely similar is when I examined cameras used by a person suffering from mental illness. They were taking pictures in their dark basement, hundreds of them in fact, showing nothing in particular. Some of the pictures in this case do show something however (hair, the little twig contraption with the red material, the paper/receipts arranged on the floor) but all of them seem to be shot in such a way that it's impossible surmise what is really happening. That not one out of 90 pictures clearly shows, for example, the SOS written in paper (which is the prevailing theory) is just bizarre, yet again. Now, I wasn't a police officer or criminal investigator, I only worked in tech, but in all cases I had access to the corresponding case file and in some I spoke with the investigators about what they had been doing, so I have some experience with police procedure. Based on that second hand experience alone I can tell you that there is no way in hell that had this happened in North America or Europe, there wouldn't have been several people brought to the police station to question with a high degree of scrutiny and a lot of pressure applied via interrogation techniques. Beginning with all the eye witnesses, including the taxi driver, the restaurant owner and the school teachers, who place Kris and Lisanne in the village/ at the trail much later when in fact the photos show they were on the summit at around 1300h. They just let that go. Baffling. The often brought-up guide F. would undoubtedly been taken into investigative custody, due to his highly suspicious behaviour (going to the place of residence of two customers who didn't show up to a tour, whom he had allegedly never met before, entering their rooms and also inserting himself into the search effort with such enthusiasm. Not saying any of this is proof he is guilty, but it is more than enough to hold him and question him thoroughly). But Panama wasn't interested in clearing this up, and so we're left with this mess."

Lossincasa replies: "The night photos, I said elsewhere, at first impression were as if taken by an animal. What you say, is how I rationalize it immediately after, a sick person or injured, confused etc. If it had happened earlier and not that eleventh(?) day of their ordeal it wouldn't have been as mysterious. There are a lot of days in between with no evidence at all. Great catch on the 911. Why not use or enter another number? Call their parents out of panic etc. I understand conserving battery, but when in panic or fear you tend to at least attempt something. All their possessions neatly placed in a bag is also highly suspicious. As if someone gathered everything idk and placed where water or elements couldn't harm. The police handled this extremely poorly."

Barbarossa170 replied: "When I told a former colleague of mine who doesn't know much else about the case about the backpack- how the sunglasses, cellphones, the camera, the bras etc. were placed inside it, his first reaction was "they went for a swim". Which gave me goosebumps considering the theory that is sometimes brought up that the girls did not go missing on the trail in the first place but went to some sort of hot springs with a group of unknown people. Considering the timeline placing them at the summit at 1300h is most likely correct there would be plenty of time for them to reach a different [swimming] destination altogether and meet foul play there. But, again, even assuming they did "go for a swim" voluntarily, their cellphones were used to make distress calls for days after their vanishing and yet still ended up in the perfectly preserved backpack. At this point we're just guessing again..."

About the discrepancy between image 499 and 500 in which the sky and shadow angle change considerably in the span of 6 seconds, he says: " I don't really see a huge red flag here. We don't see the patch of sky containing the sun (it's off-screen to the right), so we can make no conclusions if there were clouds there or not. What we do see is: diffuse light everywhere- including the foliage. If you compare 499 and 500, it's not just Kris who is lit with diffuse light, it's also the surroundings. So that much is consistent at least." "I'm also struggling to come up with a reason for a perp to mess with those daytime photos. The night time photos are another matter entirely. I'm not sure at all who took those and why." "Regarding the EXIF/ XMP data, it would be interesting to see the original forensics report from the Dutch investigators. This kind of nitty-gritty detail is often lost even on the police officers and prosecutors assigned to such cases. Given what we know from public sources the report should have clearly stated that there are anomalies in the data which cannot be explained without intervention with other means than just the camera, at which point all of the information gleaned from the data is potentially tainted and not to be trusted. Pretty much the only thing we can test as far as I can tell is the sun's position in the photos vs. the alleged time, as I did. They seem to have done that. It is possible that much of this digital mess was produced without bad intentions due to ineptitude of the Panamanian investigation. The way this usually works is that the drive containing the data (whether that's a hard drive, a flash drive, an SD card etc.) is backed up and all the digital investigation is then done on those copies to preserve the original state of the evidence. If Panamanian investigators were just completely inept as well as ill-equipped (meaning they didn't have forensic software) they may have simply plugged that SD-card into a PC and examined the files, perhaps even moved files to the PC's hard drive and back onto the card. At this point everything beyond what is actually shown in the images is pretty much completely unreliable. I've personally "lost" complete drives during forensic analysis, because of technical issues or human error. Not a problem in those cases since those were just copies, you just start over again, but if you don't have the technical know-how you can end up unintentionally destroying evidence."

Barbarossa170 acknowledges some other inconsistencies though, regarding the often changing hair styles of the girls and the appearing and disappearing 'bracelet' on Lisanne's wrist: "The hair observation is interesting. Both Kris and Lisanne have their hair done up at the beginning of the trip. At the summit, Kris has her hair open in all shots, then done up again in the subsequent shots until the last daytime photo (as you said of course). Lisanne has the hair done up in all summit photos except two, one of which is #499 (which I looked at) and doesn't appear in the pictures after the summit. This is from the blog, showing the second photo of Lisanne with open hair and #500, showing Kris. And this photo shows Kris standing in the same spot as Lisanne, with the same lighting conditions. I'm not sure what to make of this. I hadn't noticed this before. Could just be the girls letting their hair down for (some) pics and then doing it up again of course. But it somehow resonates with the arm rings/bracelets that Lisanne wears in the summit photos but not in the photos before, as if we might be looking at two separate sets of photos here somehow. I can see them letting their hair down/ doing it up again for sure. But they changed their hair style in the course of seconds for the different photos, especially on the summit." The 'bracelet' on Lisanne's wrist is probably the hair elastic (ponytail holder).

(1) Here No 'bracelets' (=hairband), hair done up:

(2) 'bracelets' on both wrists, hair open:

(3) 'bracelets' on, hair done up:

Good posts from Barbarossa. The bracelet is a hair band and coincides with Lisanne's hair being loose or tied up. It's not so much a mystery what the 'bracelets' are exactly, that is clear. The question is more so why Lisanne had her hair up and down and up again within seconds, minutes, of rushing from one spot on the summit to another one for photos. It can be vanity, girls sometimes like their photos to be taken with their hair loose or the other way around. But I still believe this detail leaves the option open that the order of these photos has been messed with and we are looking at summit photos which were taken some time apart; one set when ascending the summit, another set from when they returned to the summit from the stream and were ready to descend back to Boquete. It remains to be seen if Barbarossa's light/shadow analysis is correct, but so far the only person who did something similar is a member of the Dutch forensics team. And we the public never saw those end results on paper or heard about the details. So I consider this a much welcomed second opinion. As you can read further down this part 2 blog post, there has been a swimming photo unearthed which shows Kris and Lisanne with some male youth, who both also died relatively shortly after. I do think that Kris and Lisanne turned around after photo 508 was taken and made some more photos on the summit (2nd time). This may also explain the different clouds in the summit photos, the many shots taken in super quick succession supposedly, the changing hair styles within 8 seconds. And then went back down the mountain. The missing photo 509 may therefore not so much show a person they met, but possibly also a location which would have completely discredited the official (Panamanian) reading that they kept walking into the jungle and got lost. In fact, they went back down, were seen by several witnesses around 16:00 looking for a taxi and they went swimming. The local youth they met there.. well they met their own different fates and I think they were kidnapped afterwards. But also keep in mind here that there is one more very important witness to mention: Kris' boyfriend spoke with her on Tuesday around 14:00 PANAMANA TIME. If they really were at the stream of photos 507 and 508 by then, they wouldn't have had cell tower reach, so how could Stefan call or text with her then? (The family says 'contact' but didn't specify what exact type of contact). They told this a few days after the disappearance, very early on, when memory was still very fresh about such details. Roelie even corrects Hans on it. To me that says they turned around and walked back. In theory it also leaves the door open for a 13:45 PM start of the trail, because up until the summit there is cell phone reception. But not after the summit. 

Below one of my youtube videos about this
case, youtuber Missing Mysteries mentions something interesting 
Missing Mysteries, June 14th 2019: "If you pause @ 12:32.... that is the exact spot where Kris was standing. Except the rock she was standing on is gone... quite literally where the stream is now cascading down.... that's where the rock was. In fact... all those big rocks are gone. Could that be from the river? Those rocks were pretty big... I don't see that river moving them. Its almost like someone wanted to redirect the stream. But why? I'm sure its not anything crazy and completely natural... just found it peculiar that those big ass rocks she was standing on are now gone.

I replied: "Well spotted!! You are right. I made photo comparisons of the photo of Kris in April 2014 and this stream in August 2014 when the Kremers family walked there. Wow, only a few months between them but there is more water and you are so right, where is the big rock where Kris stood on? Perhaps with the rain season starting late that year, by August the amount of rain flowing down had somehow created a new stream path. But how did it get rid of that large rock? Your guess is as good as mine! I have no clue how such a heavy rock could have moved by natural forces like that either... HERE and HERE are the original photos from Kris in that same stream.

I honestly don't know why some of the bigger stones would have been removed.. The rainy season did start from April onward and the video from the Kramers was shot in August of 2014, so perhaps a lot of rain had fallen, making the stream swell up. But would it have been able to dislodge some of the bigger stones? Who knows. The day after the girls went missing, there was also an earthquake. It had its epicenter more south, in David, but it was noticeable for the people in Boquete. Perhaps the earthquake was to blame? Another more far-fetched explanation could perhaps be that something happened at that point to Kris and Lisanne. And there was blood from one of the girls on one or two of those bigger (missing) rocks for instance, and it was disposed of by a 3rd party soon after photo 508 was taken? Seems really far-fetched though. Besides; the rock Kris was standing on would have been heavy, is someone really going to move it to confuse people? The missing rock isn't in the Answers for Kris video at all, so if someone moved it then they carried it completely away from the stream crossing. The key question would then be: why? It doesn't make sense for someone to move the rock, the photo of the stream crossing isn't crucial evidence or that picture would have been removed like 509. And aside from A. natural causes and B. human intervention, Jeremy S. also suggested to me a third possible option here (C): the Kremers were led on another path after the Mirador than the one Kris and Lisanne were following. He marked several routes down the Mirador, all passing the same stream, but at different locations. Could it be that the Kremers simply were led along another path and another stream crossing? 

I have to say: for me the above photos from the Kremers' video and the photo 508 are shot at the same location, without a doubt. I cannot imagine that another route, passing the same stream but at a different location, could look also so alike to the original. I just cannot imagine that, I reckon the other stream passing will look different from this one. But by itself, it is an interesting proposition; that guide took them on another route. I just have never seen photo evidence of different trails to choose from on the Mirador... Everything everyone always writes and says (incl the Kremers) is that once you follow the path (clearly filmed by them) on the Mirador, it is one ongoing clear route. NO crossing paths, no ways to go left or right, no intersections; just a clear to follow trail, embedded in rocks and walls of stone initially and then easy to follow near the streams. So where would the family exactly gave been whisked off to an alternative route? And why has no blogger or writer (as far as I know then) reported and documented these alternative trails? Also to me the river crossing in the Kremers video is identical to the one pictured in photos 507 and 508. To assume that another trail passing the same stream further up or down the road, would look identical to it.. I find it too far fetched personally as long as there is no photo evidence to back it up. Below images of the alternative routes which could have theoretically have been taken, down the Mirador and past the first stream:

UPDATE: Juan mailed me a photo he took himself in the past, overlapping the photo 508 with a video still of the Answers for Kris videoAnd it does look to be the exact same crossing.... He first thought the same: that Kris' parents must have passed that stream on another route than the girls did. But he is now convinced it was the exact same crossing. That leaves us with the unexplained missing stones.

Update 2: see much more up to date footage of the streams behind the Mirador in my latest update blog post 4

Video footage of two photo locations: #491 and #505
The first footage is taken before the summit and can be found here. The second footage is after the summit and can be found here. It looks like these are the two locations of both photos..

Aerial footage of Boquete and Alto Boquete, where Kris and Lisanne stayed with a host family


Matt looked more closely at the night photos
Chris from Imperfect Plan published his findings. I will summarize the gist of it for you here. I will add first that I know that these photos are the more eerie and fascinating part of the case for many people. I understand that, I watched the Blair Witch Project in the cinema at the time; these photos are appearing to us like potential messages from the grave. But I personally see them as red herrings. Staged photos, taken by someone other than Kris and Lisanne in an attempt to make it look like the girls were out in the jungle alone in the night of April 8th. I've written enough already in this blog about my own suspicions, but this is why I am not that keen on analyzing these photos without end. We have already established long ago that there is no head wound or blood clearly visible on the back of Kris' head. That it is not certain without a doubt where these photos were taken (in a gully/on top of a cliff looking down/on a rock along the river looking up?) and that we have no proof whatsoever of who took these photos. No selfies, no arm or hand from the photographer visible. No bag with belongings or a leg with shoe pictured from the girls. So all the hours and metres of text spent on the analysis of these photos may just be wasted energy to the amusement of whomever did make these photos. But because not much in this case is certain at the end of the day, and I may be wrong with my suspicions, here we go. 

The quality of the photos
Matt looked at the night photos, numbered #510 to #609, which you can find in my part 3 blog. Going by the date and timestamp on the Canon Powershot SX270 HS digital camera, they were shot between 01:29 and 04:10 in the early morning of Tuesday April 8th. Of these 100 photos, only about 50 have been made public by Juan after leaks by an anonymous source in November of 2019. Matt observed that these photo files were damaged to some degree: most photos have been resized from their original resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels. Matt writes that "the publicly available images were all resized to 1280 x 960 and 772 x 963". But just to be precise; a couple of photos that were taken on the summit are in fact 1600 pixels. For instance this one, photo #499, which Martijn Froon used as a background photo on his facebook. It has 1600 x 1200 pixels. This one is also 1600 x 1066 pixels and this one 1600 x 1205. And the last two photos of the day, #507 and #508, are also 1600 x 1200 pixels. But even then, they are unfortunately still a lot smaller than the original files. This is a problem with all the photos from the girls' memory card. They were mostly all published through media sources or leaks and all those photos were made smaller. And it is tricky to zoom in too much on them, therefore.

Nothing but darkness
Matt establishes that a lot of the night photos had their brightness and contrast enhanced in a straightforward manner before they were leaked. I assume this was done by the anonymous source, because in their original state many of the photos truly seemed to be mostly black. Matt writes that he thinks it was a truthful description by Dutch officials and the Dutch families to describe the night photos as nearly black: "This is also an explanation for the statements made by people that saw the original images. Apart from a few of the night photos, the original night photos would have been mostly black. Furthermore, it would be a fair to refer to even almost black pictures as “black” unless you are examining them meticulously, as is done here. Thus, I’d like to point out that the statement describing the night images as mostly black was truthful and not intended to be misleading."  But what the investigators said was that the remaining night photos show mostly nothing, or 'nothing but darkness'. I probably have to disagree therefore. We're not talking about inexperienced people who just took a quick glance at the photos and came to this conclusion. The Dutch prosecution had investigated these photos at that point and this includes inspecting if changes in brightness and contrast could show more in the darker photos. They already knew there was information on these photos about rocks, about trees, about surroundings. But they had no intention of sharing them with the public, and thus they were downplayed. Which in itself is fine, but based on that non-correct statement, the discussion out on the internet has been warped before these other night pictures were leaked. We could have known all along that the person who took the photos was not running around, on the run or picturing her dead friend down a ravine. On top, the following photos were also included in the 'nothing but darkness' comment and these are not photos of nothing:

Matt confirms what Juan and I also concluded, that some of these leaked night photos are simply manipulated originals with the brightness adjusted. Nothing strange about that, whomever leaked these files had clearly already done his or her homework, as we all would have done. But some of the photo numbers could be incorrect, possibly because the source may have mixed some of them up while handling/working with these photos. Matt also notices that the camera bag on the photo of all the collected belongings of the girls seems not a good fit for the camera. 

Table of the night photos
Then follows a table with all the night photos numbered below each other. There is a gap between known photos #511 and #541 (taken at respectively 01:30 and 01:37am) and Chris tries to fill in the hiatus by adding approximately 14 seconds to each photo in between. This elapse time is of course an estimation, as neither these photos themselves nor their real times are known. But it seems a reasonable estimation. The police report, as seen in the Een Vandaag tv program, only went as far as showing the data until photo 512. I'd want to go as far as saying that we also cannot even fully trust the official photo times and neither those of night photos 541-609. The source who leaked these photos could easily have added them or (theoretically) made them up. We have no certainty here. So, we also do not know if photos #512-#540 were taken for instance in clusters of quick succession, followed by a minute here or there when no photo was taken, or if the photographer indeed clicked systematically, every 14 seconds. But taking a photo with the flash on, as was the case here, would have required a minimum of 6,5 seconds per photo, Matt says. He also keeps the option open that no more photos were taken after #609 because the battery of the Canon camera ran out. But I don't think this could be the case. Because when the camera was found mid June, it was found in good functioning order and to still have normal battery function.

Camera temperature
Matt also writes: "The internal camera temperature is also recorded in the EXIF data and this temperature rose from 19C (ambient) to 34C after 331 images." Juan wrote me the temperature of the camera was around 24 degrees, not 34C. I couldn't see in his text where He found a 34C. degrees reading. Juan found these data:

               Photo 491:                       24 C. degrees.
               Photo 493, 499, 500:       22 C. degrees
               Photo 505:                       25 C degrees, the peek
               Photos 507, 508:              23 C. degrees
               Photos 542, 550:              24 C. degrees

Juan added that the camera temperature is measured with a censor within the device and that it does not reflect the outside temperature. It could be 30 degrees during the day, or -10, and you will normally still see a 24 degrees camera temperature. 

Photo overlay collage
Matt created an overlay of the night photos. A very interesting and pretty looking collage. He more or less digitally stacks a selection of the night images on top of each other, showing you how many of them overlap in the center. But also showing the parts where they do not overlap. He writes about this: "The images are simply overlaid so that common features show the most overlap. Perspective is not considered so that image that are to the sides are distorted. In order to create a perfect panorama, it would be necessary to stretch the images to correct for the perspective. Since there are not enough images and the angles they were taken under are too great makes this impossible." For each image there is a red frame that shows how the camera was held and a red dot that shows the center of each image. He also shows the process step by step in this video

Matt also writes: "Although many aspects of the official investigation are questionable, it appears that there’s little doubt that the images were taken in the “Boquete Area”. Followed by: "They may not have been taken near El Pianista trail though. We cannot be certain of the precise location.". Personally I have not seen a single piece of hard evidence for this. But this is one of the biggest and most important questions regarding those night photos. Where were they taken? None of these night photos have been claimed by someone to have been for a fact taken here or there. Everybody hoped this would happen once these other night photos came into the public domain, but nothing. No official has ever identified the location of the night photos with evidence, nobody has made photos of any location and put them next to our night photos to show they were from the same location. Many people think that these night pictures were taken somewhere else entirely. Some people seem to have made the suggestion that these photos were taken at the first river crossing behind the Pianista summit, a good amount of hours of walking up north. But all the evidence for this is a photo of a rock next to the river, which in my opinion looks just like any other rock of about that size over there. Regarding collages, I did something a bit different last year, placing these night photos together by matching edges. You can read about it in my part 2 blog. Also a video from me about how the same V-shaped tree can be seen in the majority of these photos, and a video about the returning typically shaped leaf which was first confused with a dead body. 

Recreating the hair photo #580
Then follow some other observations, such as who could have possibly taken these photos (Lisanne, Kris, Kris and Lisanne, Someone else). No sublist of possibilities for Someone Else unfortunately. Matt tries to recreate the hair photo of Kris, pretending to be Kris herself. Wearing a beautiful wig :) In other words; can one take a selfie of one's own back of the head? Fast forward: no. "Having longer arms than Kris, being rested, warm and dry, not in a state of distress and having had time to think about how to take the picture and the issues that arise, e.g. how to aim. I was able to take the following image":

"I did not even manage to get the back of my head into the image." An interesting observation from Matt has to do with the location of the flash on the camera: "It is important to remember that the camera has the flash on the left side so the light, especially at close distance would come from the left and cast a shadow on everything on the right that is further away from the camera.  This explains the lower right corner where the hair is darker and appears to have a different colour.  This is caused by the flash being shadowed by the head." Matt thinks that photo #580 could have been an accident. That Kris may have been walking close by Lisanne and that she got in the way of Lisanne.... who was trying to make a 40th photo of the V-shaped tree? This is by far the most interesting photo of the series. But Matt himself also deems the accidental photo theory unlikely, because you'd need to focus to get such a sharp photo. In other words: you'd need to have intent. He also finds it astounding that Kris' hair is completely dry, with not a spec of dirt and not a single leaf or twig or anything in the hair. "At the time this image was taken Kris would have been outside for 7 days and 7 nights and it is hardly imaginable that her hair would be completely clean and dry. The only possible foreign object in the hair is in the upper left corner. This could be a leaf or torn piece of paper.  It is difficult to say for sure due to the low image resolution. I do not think that it is hair." Mind you, he worked with a wig. But he tested the wig anyway outside in the rain. "I have taken the image below after 15 min. exposure to 40 – 70 mm of rain. It is very clearly visible that the hair is very wet after only 15 min." But not a hint of wetness on Kris' hair in the photo, after hours in the rain by then. The dark spots under Kris' hair, I have discussed them for lengths in part 2 of my blog seriesMatt thinks they are shadows caused either by the flash or by two crossing hair strands. He does not believe that the spots are stab, bullet or other wounds, because there is no blood visible anywhere and no disturbance of adjacent tissue. He believes that we truly look at the back of Kris' head, not at a frontal with hair flipped over the face. Matt: "It is remarkable that the image is framed in the way to show just hair, which raises suspicion that something might have been cropped out that is not supposed to be visible."  But he sees no evidence for this in the pixelation and dimensions of this photo (although we know that it is reduced in size, like all the other photos

Who took these photos
(Photo on the right is from Juan). As for Kris and Lisanne alternating the camera to take pictures in turn that night, Matt quite rightly comments that there is essentially no way to prove or disprove this, but that it seems unlikely to him because most images show similar compositions. But if someone other than Kris or Lisanne took those photos, then there is a good chance in Matt's opinion that he had bad intentions and may have acted in a fit of rage, confusion or mental illness. (I'd say; because he wasn't completely stupid and knew how easy it was to make some abstract photos of absolutely nothing of interest in a jungle, making it look like Kris and Lisanne took them). Matt disagrees: "For someone not to at least delete the photos or destroy the camera, the person would have to be extremely stupid or a psychopath. It is unlikely, given the circumstances, that the assailants were truly stupid enough to take photos of their crime, and then let the photos get away to the police, unless they are also very incompetent, and the camera got away inadvertently." Hmmm, no. I think he may be overlooking the reality that is glaringly staring us in the face. The photos were found and did they prove that a crime took place? Nope, exactly the reverse. Did anyone high up in the investigation teams even suspect that these photos were taken by a 3rd party - despite having zero visual evidence of who held that camera? Nope. I always find it interesting to read online how many people deem this very simple thing, a 3rd party zapping away some photos of the exact same location for over three hours, some sort of extreme psychopathic scenario. It's bloody simple and effective, folks. Nothing more and nothing less. Anyone of us could replicate that string of night photos, if we wanted to. And I think a couple of hours in the rain does not deter any tough Panamanian man either, not at all, and especially not when there is a potential jail sentence on the line. It rains more often than it does not in the cloud forest above the Pianista trail, and people absolutely don't huddle around the fire all day if it does rain there. And as for someone else finding that camera and having taken those pictures; passing on the chance to gain $30.000 dollars at that point in order to make not one accidental photos, not ten, but close to a hundred? And then dumping the camera and the bag with belongings that came with it near Alto Romero, again without cashing in on the reward money? Ludicrous. Matt concludes that Lisanne most likely took these photos. 

White dots
As for the white dots, Matt believes they are either specks of rain or water drops from a waterfall, that are lit up in the flash of the camera. He tried to recreate the situation, going out at night in the rain (40-70 mm), picturing bushes and trees with the flash on. The photo was resized to 1280 x 960. Left photo is one of our night photos, right is Matt's result. His conclusion: "It is very apparent that the white objects look identical to those in the original images and we can concluded that the white objects are raindrops.  I marked one dot with a red circle as it exhibits a phenomenon caused by the flash.  It gives the drop an elongated shape and it points IN the direction of travel of the drop.  This is a completely normal instance of flashing a moving object. Waterfall spray is less likely the culprit. Based on the location of the camera, pointing away from the edge of a ledge, we can conclude that the white dots in the original photos are rain, which must have been strong at times.

Red orbs
Several images show red hexagon shaped “orbs” for example in image 585. Matt concluded that these orbs are caused by the flash hitting skin and reflecting back into the camera. It is possible that in our night photos, "the reflection was another person that stood close to the camera to the left of the photographer (the flash is on the left side of the lens) or it is possible that the red reflection is from the hand of the photographer who placed one hand in front of the flash either while holding the camera or while trying to shield the camera from rain with one hand. It is likely that in most cases the orbs are caused by fingers or a hand close to the flash and the lens." Very interesting. And bright blobs are caused by a skin coloured object close to the camera, Matt writes, when an out of focus object near the camera is lit up by the camera’s flash. In our photos they were exaggerated when then image’s brightness and contrast were increased with photo editing software. 

The same happened in photo #577, as I in the past already illustrated with this gif: same photo, but two versions were leaked by the anonymous source. "By increasing brightness and contrast, it is possible that even an object in focus was overblown and therefore looks like an object that’s nearer and out of focus. Here the existing bright detail was totally overblown and turned into a bright white blob."

Photo 541
Matt looked more closely at this mysterious photo. It has been the subject of a lot of discussion online, because no one knows for sure if we are looking here at an over-lit close-up of Lisanne's (or Kris') jaw and cheek, or perhaps at a finger? Especially the presence of some strands of hair is fascinating. Is it scalp hair or the sort of fine hairs some men can have on their knuckles/ fingers? Matt adds another possibility: someone’s bare arm, where we see the elbow in the lower portion on the real image (but where do those hairs then belong to or come from?). Matt: "it is very likely that this image shows skin and hair that was 12 cm or closer from the lens of the camera unless the image is heavily modified and detail lost.  However, I don’t believe this is the fact since the hair is not overblown." Matt tested if he can recreate the photo while using an artificial head "and the best I can do, with many tries, is this" And"It took me several attempts to get the camera close enough to get this angle of view and I was essentially pushing the camera into the head and holding the hair out of the way. I could still not duplicate the original. And there was not even a "upper body" in the way since the dummy is only a head.." (Left the original night photo, right Matt's photo)

Not a bad result, I'd say! Thumbs up to the model also, a makeup dummy with wig and hair tied together in a pony tail. But Matt is critical: "The photo was taken from behind. The bright area is the “chin”.  It is nearly impossible to get as close as necessary. And it would be even more difficult with a real person because their body would be in the way." He comes to a very good conclusion: "Photo 541 also shows one reoccurring problem that we see with many of the images…. even if something is visible, they show very little or it is not distinguishable exactly what they show. Although it is easy to take bad or blurry pictures, it is very difficult to take numerous obscure photos that show something but also show nothing at the same time." This is a conclusion which I have also discussed in the past with someone called David M. in the comment sections; why are all these photos so unclear? Why is it in their composition always just out of reach for us to see what we're really looking at? A few steps back before clicking the shutter and we would have known. Matt concludes that photo #541 most likely shows a head or arm or arm/shoulders, no more than 12 centimetres from the camera lens. The person was not laying on the ground (because otherwise the ground would have shown up in the pic) and the photo was taken accidentally. "The camera has a built in focus light that impressively illuminates objects and therefore, it is rather easy to take photos in the dark. Photo 541 demonstrates that the focus light was intentionally ignored in taking the photo. It must have been taken accidentally." (Of course I think this was the work of a 3rd party, who showed us just enough of a dead or incapacitated Lisanne to make us believe she was out there with Kris, alone, trying to survive). 

Photo 542 shows water
Matt believes this to be the case, because he thinks that "To the right is a small puddle and water is seen flowing into this puddle." And: "There are also leaves on the rock face which is further evidence that it is not steep." The rock face looks to be formed by water erosion, so the image must have been taken by a river, He thinks. "It is possible that this is a small waterfall and there is a river to the right. The river water levels are likely low since it had been a very dry season up to April 2014 in Boquete." He also believes that a small spindle or clip-like object is visible on the ground. He doesn't know what it is. Some rain is visible but the ground is dry or only slightly wet. "This is remarkable since it was raining pretty strong in image 511 that was taken only approximately 10 min. earlier, yet the ground is still pretty dry.

Photo 550
Regarding photo 550 Matt thinks we are seeing the red plastic from a local shopping bag and that the markers are not likely intended to be a marker. Instead it may have been used to collect water (a bad attempt at this then) or to hit insects with. Or built out of boredom... But another person could not have put the thing there. Very unlikely, he believes. Anyway, we all have our own theories. I really enjoyed reading this piece and the photo recreating attempts were very interesting, thanks so much! Great initiative and very comprehensive research. 

Last bits and pieces
-Matt thinks it most likely that the girls took the night photos in an attempt to signal someone. Search troops and helicopters were not out in the middle of the night, but perhaps they expected a house to be nearby or a farm, or even a search teams' camp.
-He thinks that the images must have been taken at the shore of a river.
-In image 550 is also a remarkable straight line visible.  This line does appear to be man made and could be a cable for a money bridge or a cable that is installed for climbing or other leisure activities. 
-Matt deems it unlikely that the night photos were cropped by someone.
-The objects in the background of #590 are less than 30m away.  
-He also sees no evidence for photo manipulation where things were added or erased from the photos.
-Matt deems it possible that more photos were deleted. "It is possible that unwanted images were deleted as it might have been done with image 509.  This would require that there are gaps in the image numbers, like image 509 is missing or that all images were renumbered and the EXIF data edited.  It is possible that images after image 609 were deleted.  Considering that at least one image is missing, it is possible that more images were deleted." 

Update: The night photos have by now almost completely lost their fascination for me. It was chilling to first see them. Then it was interesting to look at those newly leaked night photos last year and to discover that the 'body' was just a leaf which came back again and again in the photos. Or to make the first overlap collage and discover how the night photos were NOT taken while on the run, or even while moving. But I don't think much more can be extracted from them. Certainly not who took those photos. And the location has so far also proven to be too vague and generic to be discovered, going by the continued lack of hard evidence of the location of this spot. These night photos were not made by Kris and Lisanne in my opinion, so analyzing the work of a 3rd person for years on end is probably useless up until a certain point... They seem to have been made vague and dark and non-descriptive on purpose, by whomever took them. 

I received some interesting observations from someone called Jeremy, who pointed me to a possible hiding of the dog Blue in one of the photos from April 1st

He found an image on a Russian forum on this disappearance case (when your computer allows you to auto-translate, it is very well readable when you're not speaking Russian), where forum members really studied photo #491, taken at 12:03 AM - according to the New Timeline. So after some meddling in photoshop with the photos brightness and contrast, people think they may have found, in the bottom right of the photo, the dog Blue. I have to say, I had to ask Jeremy for an outline of the dog, as I didn't see it myself, but after he kindly did I did see what he meant. The dog appears to be keeping himself cool in the shade, laying down with his mouth open or even his tongue hanging out. Of course, this may be like one of those infamous Rorschach tests; either you see 'it' (and once you do, you can not easily 'unsee' it), or you don't... So I may see things that really are just the equivalent of a suggestive ink dot, but is it possible that the black and white outline on Blue's face is visible here?

The colour pattern does roughly match the real colouring of Blue I think..? The white patches with the dark above. Of course, when you look long enough at something, your mind can see mostly anything in it. In the original photo I hadn't noticed a dog whatsoever and the tongue/mouth looked to me like the extension of a sunlit leaf. I truly saw nothing in the original, but did my own attempt to lit things up with some simple photoshop actions; adjusting brightness, contrast and such. I ended up with a photo with lots of chessboard type of patterns all over the place. Asked Juan about it, he said: that's due to the poor quality of the photo (which isn't the original from the girls' camera, but the photo we could all see through leaking of it in the local Panamanian media). This photo we have only has a small size: 1024x768. So once you zoom in or enlarge the photo, you can see the strangest stuff, according to Juan. But truth be told, once being pointed to this dog outline I find it just as hard as Jeremy does to not see the lighter and darker patches that could be the dogs fur markings, the eye sockets, the ears and one leg (dogs front left). Jeremy emphasized that it’s also the sort of behaviour dogs are prone to in warm weather; to lie down in the shade, sometimes with tongue hanging out, once the humans stop for a break or to take photos. Interestingly, if it is in fact the dog, then that implies the picture of Kris may have taken some time. The camera data does show that aside from this photo #491, another photo (#492) was taken within a minute. So they did stand still for a bit. And if the dog Blue was indeed with Kris and Lisanne on April 1st 2014, when they ascended the Pianista Trail, then that also tells us something perhaps about what may have happened to them; I don't believe that a known to be loyal dog like Blue, who features in several blog posts from tourists he accompanied on their own walk up there, would voluntarily leave Kris and Lisanne alone. He would more likely have been sent away then by them or by someone else, or got scared by something, or perhaps (theoretically) a relative of the owners of the dog - Giovanni and Doris from the Il Pianista restaurant at the start of the trail - 'may' perhaps have even been up there and took the dog back home (some locals linked him to a youth gang). I don't even exclude the possibility that Blue was never up there. Update: IP had insight into the police files and all the photos and confirmed that there is no Blue the dog visible in any of the photos on that camera from Kris and Lisanne.  

I asked Juan about this photo #491, where Jeremy outlined the contours of a dog. He said: "I looked at the original photo 491, and I understand what and why he has outlined this. But I am afraid it is pareidolia [the tendency to interpret a vague stimulus as something known to the observer, such as seeing shapes in clouds, seeing faces in inanimate objects or abstract patterns]. Its something I am guilty of myself too at times: we have little to go by in this case, the photo resolutions are poor [we've got most of these photos through media leaks or publications and they down-scaled the photos size], so when you just glance long enough at a photo and blow the size up enough, you will find something. Your brains will make connections. If you look closely at the zoomed in photo 491, you see these patterns of black and white squares turn up all over the background of the photo. Yes, you can vaguely see a dogs outline, but then you see similar patterns all over the forest, criss-cross, only in the other cases they don't resemble a dog. Problem is that if there would really be a dog lying there, its outline would be more clear than this. It wouldn't be looking as vague as a ghost then. I think this is just coincidence and the result of too low a photo resolution. But it's normal to see all sorts of things when zooming in, as this case is lacking in material and we all desperately want to solve it. Something else however, I think, is the more than prominent photoshop suspicions of photo #499. There you really do see dark contours around the arm, seemingly something that was forgotten to be erased. Or Lisanne's face which looks blown up suddenly, as if it was stretched. 

Hardinghaus and Nenner wrote about this topic: "Numerous theories are circulating on the internet that the day photos were manipulated by cropping, i.e. Kris and Lisanne were cut out of other pictures and inserted into the scene of the Pianista. This would at least be a conclusive explanation for the considerable discrepancies concerning the time of the hike and the girls' clothing. The theoretical possibility exists, and we also notice that certain areas appear strangely distorted and blurred, which is atypical for the camera used. This blurring does not appear in the photos of the girls taken before their hike to the Pianista Trail. On the contrary, the images always appear sharp and clear. So far, however, no one has been able to prove that cropping has been used. On the other hand, nobody has proven the opposite. We have confronted several experts with the question of whether the photos provide evidence of cropping and have not received a satisfactory answer. We were told in unison that it was highly unlikely, but that it could not be ruled out, as the overall quality of the images was too poor. However, the person who managed such a manipulation must have been a master. The unanimous opinion: It was either perfectly done or not all."

DISCLAIMER: The quality of many (not all) of the photos is poor. The reason for that, as I also understand it from Juan, is that most (not all) of the photos as we know them have not been officially released by the family, but instead have been leaked to the press. It was Panamanian media who printed these photos, always readjusted the size of the original photos therefore, and most are only 1024x768 in size nowadays. Lawyer Arrocha also gave a photo to a befriended journalist who posted it. And Dutch TV programs like 'Een Vandaag' and 'Break Free' also published some in their TV programs on this disappearance (whole series with subs can be seen in my main blog post on this case); there we had to work with screenshots from the broadcast in the case of some photos, which resulted in even worse quality photos. There is also a better photo here and there, one of Lisanne's relatives uploaded a large size photo of the girls on the summit as a facebook background photo and that one has a better resolution therefore. But the majority of the photos are too poor in quality to allow for proper zooming. Which... results in us seeing all sorts of strange things when zooming too much. It makes reliable analysis of the background impossible in most cases. The family hás been asked to publish all the original photos, to give the larger community online the opportunity to help 'detective' along, but they're not all that well-wishing towards 'us'. So it is not the camera's fault. The original photos have a decent good size. It is the result of these photos having been resized before publication (after leaking) and us having to do with these second hand versions. My verdict: there is no dog visible here. It's pareidolia. Question then: did his owners really say they saw Blue walk off with Kris and Lisanne? And if they did see that, how come there are no photos of the dog?Just to be clear once more: I share on this blog all sorts of information on this case, including other people's theories. Just because I share them with you does not mean that I myself believe in each and every one. Try to keep in mind that this is a cold case currently and that not even the cause of death of Kris and Lisanne is known. Let alone what exactly happened. So any theory that could be theoretically true, I try to cover here.

I received more interesting observations and ideas from Jeremy. I will paraphrase some of it here

He wrote that nighttime pictures may really not have been taken at the second monkey bridge, as is assumed by some people. Or at any monkey bridge for that matter. J. doubts that their location was in fact by the rocks or on one of the riverbanks near one of the cable bridges, because to him, the specific patterns of rock eroding on the nighttime photos point more towards a place with consistent water erosion: for instance near a waterfall. J. looked at many pictures of the rocks surrounding the various cable bridges over the river: the rocks are right next to the crossing and whilst naturally higher than the river, these rocks are significantly above the river bank. Looking at these rocks, they are towering (in height) above the surrounding ground. So water erosion should only be seen on those rocks that are directly near the cable crossing and which thus catch water. [Or these high up rocks should be subjected to flooding regularly, perhaps, but the river had been very low and calm for a long time already however in the first week of April 2014 and the rain season had not yet started]. The rest is too far away and above the water to get that type of erosion.  Honestly, I am not a biologist myself and I do not know if this is a correct assessment. Perhaps the markings on the rocks from the nighttime photos were created by mosses or after rainfall or whatever, I honestly don't know and it must be difficult to judge with certainty based on photos for many people. But I do like people who think outside the box and there may be truth to these assessments perhaps. So it's worth exploring a bit. -  But, the nighttime pictures do show rock that is not only elevated by the look of it, but that also shows the effect of water erosion, J. thinks. Going in the direction of the drop off. He claims that the only type of place that has permanent erosion at the edge of a drop, are places surrounding waterfalls. Waterfalls also tend to have considerable drops offs, otherwise they'd just be rocky rivers rapids. So J. proposes the theory that the night pictures therefore weren't taken by a bridge, but by the edge of a waterfall. This may also explain another problem with the nighttime photos: One of the pictures is meant to show rain, even though the picture that covers the immediate area to its left shows no rain. [Same for the 'SOS' photos; supposedly taken on the same night, but there is no clear rain damage seen on the mirror or on the toilet paper - something which is usually clear to see, just try it yourself and spatter some water on toilet paper]. Of course, it could just be fine rain - even though the drops that light up in the flash look of a normal size. But maybe another possible explanation for this, J. proposes, is that it's actually water spray from a waterfall that lights up in the flash from the camera. Hence why you do see water drops against the dark background, but no real signs of water on the rocks and anything placed on top of them. This also means that the place where these night photos were taken does not necessarily have to be on top of a waterfall, but could also be (theoretically) around a mid point - a waterfall often has a series of levels. Then spray droplets could quite easily be in one picture and not in another, taken in the area immediately adjacent. 

And another interesting aspect of the waterfall theory, is that often near waterfalls you can find caves. The lawyer of the Kremers family as well as the parents have long suggested that these photos could have been taken from a cave. (I don't see that myself in the photos however; they seem to have been taken outside I think, but it is true that despite the rain, there weren't many water drops on the actual camera lens in the night photos). Perhaps that could also explain why Lisanne's remains managed to stay intact for as long as they did; in late August 2014, a rolled up ball of skin from Lisanne was found after all, and turned out to be rather intact and in a very early stage of decomposition, just like her foot; this did not fit the time since death and the forensic specialist has stated that her remains must have been kept or stored therefore in a cool and dark place.... Indeed, caves generally are noticeably cooler than the local area. But even then we have the problem that her bones were found nowhere near a cave, and in fact near the hamlet of Alto Romero. There has been no information released however on the exact finding spot of the rolled up skin that belongs to Lisanne... The fact that many people have made the good point that the location of these cable bridges are far from desolate,  reinforces this theory; the places near those monkey bridges have been searched and the girls were not found there. They are also daily crossed by people and have inhabited finca's nearby. No sign of the girls ever having walked around there or been looking for help there. Also, I am not convinced that the "give away" sign for the location of the nighttime photos are some cables in the background of the plastic wrapper photo. In the attached photos you can see where some people think those lines may be visible. I don't see them very clearly myself and even if they are there, they don't seem to match the direction which the cables make on photo. See my attached photo where I showed the cables direction with red arrows. None really match the very low (supposed) double lines in the nighttime photo. And none of the rocks appear to be near the point where these cables come together in reality. J. is also not convinced that the digital camera time and date stamp are 100% reliable, so doesn't rule out the option that these nighttime photos were not taken in the early hours of April 8th, but instead may (theoretically) also have been taken much sooner, even on the morning of the 2nd day already. 

Waterfalls in the area So, J. wonders if there are many waterfalls in the area, and if so, whether or not they lie on the same main trail which the girls walked, or on a branch off the main one perhaps. Or perhaps there are more waterfalls in the area that are not on any trails, and only known to locals or guided groups. Waterfalls in the vicinity are the Three Waterfalls, also called The Lost Waterfalls. This chimes in with the messages I received from Sas, and which I already posted. I will combine these two updates therefore as there is a good overlap in information. So how far is the area of the Three Waterfalls (aka The Lost waterfalls), from the Il Pianista Trail? In this blog post, hikers describe it as follows: "Today we had something much more mellow in mind – we wanted to get to the “secret” waterfall that Susan and I had not seen yet, but the others in our group had been raving about. The trail begins at the Il Pianista Ristorante (outstanding Italian food, BTW) in the Alto Lino area just north of Boquete. You need to wade across the Rio Pianista after 200m, but then it’s a steady, leisurely incline for 2km before you start to climb a steeper, narrow path. Today, we were accompanied by two young guides, Jefferson and Miguel (as it happens, these cousins are nephews of our gardener, Sergio) – and it was a good thing, because finding the waterfall required us to get off the trail and take another cow path that leads into the cloud forest. We could not have found it on our own. Since we’re right in the middle of rainy season, it was a pretty muddy slog – but not too bad."  - So part of the trail is indeed the same route that Kris and Lisanne took. But then you deviate (to the left on the map) and go in another direction. Still, it is technically very well possible that Kris and Lisanne wandered around in the vicinity of where their last normal photos were taken, and ended up near the hidden (and thus not that easy to find) waterfalls on day 8. And with all the talk about the night photos 'possibly' having been taken in a cave - which has never been identified further by the way - these waterfalls also are near a cave: "Upon your arrival to the second waterfall you can explore an underground cave and enjoy a picnic at the base of one of Boquete’s most exquisite waterfalls & rejuvenate yourself with an invigorating shower in the falling waters." Issue is that they are often visited by tourists, as well as by volunteers and search teams, ánd that they are only about 20 kilometres/15 minutes drive away from Boquete... So why wouldn't Kris and Lisanne have been found if they were holed up there?

So the waterfalls are in the vicinity, but not very close by. It's a big hike to the west. On a smaller map of the Il Pianista area, websleuth member Matteo_111 has discovered some side trails. See the map he made on the right here, with the side trails marked in red. We know already that you can reach the Lost Waterfalls by cow paths through the jungle, while starting at the Pianista Trail, as the cited blogger confirmed this. Matteo_111 may have marked this path on his map, or maybe the cow path is too small to find on satellite images online.. So it is possible to reach those waterfalls from the north-east, if you are desperate enough to get there. But it is not the official way to get there; these three waterfalls lie on private land and you normally need to sign in to enter the grounds. But maybe there is another way to reach the waterfalls without having to pass the main entrance and sign-in post, when going through the jungle and coming from the other side.. The Lost waterfalls also have a cave. At first glance it does not look like the nighttime photos though... 
Blogger Ian Mackenzie wrote about his hike to these waterfalls on August 2018: "My hike to find the “lost waterfalls” of Boquete began. A hike that would find me climbing up through thick jungle via a steep, muddy and rocky trail, occasionally aided by ropes. A hike that was undoubtedly one of the most taxing I’ve ever done. But one where the payoff of three beautiful waterfalls surrounded by jungle dripping with every hue of green imaginable was more than worth the effort. Located just outside Panama’s backpacker and ex-pat hub of Boquete up in the coffee-growing mountains of Chiriquí Province, the lost waterfalls aren’t really “lost” at all, of course. “Hidden waterfalls” would probably be a better description." He wrote about the first of the three waterfalls: "Directly ahead of the trail, a huge stone wall covered with foliage played host to a single-drop fall that plunged into a deep canyon below. I looked for a way down to its base for a closer look but that proved impossible. So instead, I made the most of my time alone to enjoy what seemed to me like a hypnotic slice of jungle paradise. Where the only sounds were the persistent calls of the forest and the plummeting river. A lost waterfall indeed. And then it was time to move on deeper into the jungle. The lung-busting steps that led up from the waterfall eventually brought me back on to the main trail. And that was by now on a distinctively upward trajectory."

And about the second waterfall he wrote:  "So, after checking out a nearby cave, I took the rope-enabled trail to the top of the waterfall and stepped out on to the rocky precipice. Holding back the vertigo whilst triple-checking my footing on the slippery rocks, I stood there for a while to drink in the incredible view over the jungle canopy to distant Volcan Baru. Once again, without anybody else around, it felt as if I’d truly found something special. I’m sure that in the high season (between December and March) this spot wouldn’t be so tranquil. But right then, at that moment, it seemed like this jungle wilderness was just mine to discover."  -  So there is a cave, visitors can go in and April would be outside of the tourist season and possibly not very busy there... 

About the third waterfall Ian Mackenzie wrote:  "Things started to get very serious when I set off again in search of Waterfall 3. This was by far the most challenging section of the trail and it’s one that many don’t even attempt. No wonder given the steep, muddy conditions and a not-so-obvious route at times. The jungle began to thicken and I became aware of the foliage closing in around me. Of particular concern was the warning I’d received about looking out for snakes in the trees rather than on the ground. So not only was I searching for firm ground to step on but my eyes were at the same time looking around for signs of slithery movement above. at last, I arrived at the end point of the trail and another stunning waterfall. [..] This time it was more about the sense of achievement in getting there rather than seeing the waterfall itself. It was also an opportune moment to rest and regain my strength while the spray from the falls provided a welcome cool down." Thanks for the information Ian and here you can see his great blog with lovely photos. He also uploaded two videos from the waterfalls, here they are:


And there is more... This blogger, Susan Saundercook, describes the road towards the entrance of the Three Waterfalls: "If you are renting a car, drive up the Bajo Mono loop, passing prime tourist sites: the rock climbing wall, the San Ramon waterfall and the abandoned castle (a beautiful, possibly haunted, home right next to the river). You'll get to a point in the road where you have to go left or right – turn right, following the Lost Waterfalls signs and drive for about 1 kilometre. Park on the side of the road and walk in. If you are taking a taxi up, let the driver know you want The Lost Waterfalls (there is another great trail in Bajo Mono called the Waterfall Trail, which can cause some confusion). Most of the taxi drivers know the owner of The Lost Waterfalls (either personally or by reputation) so if there seems to be some confusion, clarify by saying 'Wendy's Waterfalls'. The little buses you see in town (buses ruta urbana) also go up there."  So, this abandoned castle, I had seen it come by on a youtube video already... Locals had gone to this eerie looking abandoned place, when out look for Kris and Lisanne, who were still missing at that point in time. They talked in Spanish to each other about how good a location this place would be to hide someone. Well, turns out it is right on the road to the Waterfalls! Could it be, theoretically, that the girls were kept in that solemn looking horror building? And managed to escape in the night of the 8th, make it to that touristic park and up that waterfall where they tried to hide? Covered by the natural sounds of the water?  -  Ok this is not the same video, I cannot find it back now, but this one does show this freakish abandoned place better than a photo. I think you can actually hear the noise of one of the waterfalls in the video.


So.... the Lost Waterfalls are on a private trail and on private property  (maintained by Eliecer, a caretaker who lives on site with his family) and you are required to sign in and pay a fee. And the trail features three waterfalls in three different locations. The first two are more easily accessible, but the third one lies in more wild terrain and is the one for the more adventurous types. And the second waterfall features a cave to the left of the waterfall, a trail that allows you to hike up to the top of the waterfall and look down on its clear pool. I honestly don't know if this is the location of the nighttime photos... I am certainly not convinced that they were taken near one of the cable bridges, as I don't see any bridge lines in the background and I also don't think those supposed lines would follow the general direction of the wires as you can see them in photos. But it is also a matter of guessing and believing that the night photos' location is a waterfall. But let's play the thought experiment game again, and assume it is correct; the girls or someone else took those photos in the cave of Waterfall Two, or on top of/near one of the other waterfalls. How would that link to our information about Kris and Lisanne? 

Possible Scenarios for the night time pictures  There are 5 possible scenarios then, Jeremy elaborated further, and some are more likely than others in his opinion. Aside from the OBVIOUS scenario where the girls got lost and were out there alone, trying to notify search teams from afar. But aside from that obvious possibility, there are: 1) The Attackers take the photos to support the "lost in the jungle" theory. 2) The Attackers take them as part of a game with investigators, like a hidden message; the attackers know the girls and the location they've been held in are documented but they know that investigators will just see a black picture. The real location is documented in theory, but the photo settings are so poor that no photoshop specialist will be able to unveil them. It allows them to have a good laugh at the investigators whilst congratulating themselves at how clever they are. 3) The Attackers let the girls escape as part of a "fun" cat & mouse game and then take pictures of the game as it plays out. 4)  One of the girls takes them as part of a brief escape*, knowing they can't outrun their attackers in the dark in an area she doesn't know, she hopes that the flashes might be seen by someone. She climbs to a high point above Kris (or above Lisanne depending on who is in the picture) and flashes until caught. 5) One of the girls attempts to sacrifice herself as part of an escape* hoping to draw all attention to her and leaving the other free to make a run for it.

Jeremy's opinion:  It's entirely possible, assuming the night pictures happened on the 8th and not the morning of the 2nd, that the attackers weren't on location all the time (jobs, other commitments) but rather only there on an ad hoc basis. If the girls somehow managed to escape, but were entirely unsure where the attackers were in relation to themselves, they may well have opted to try using a sudden burst of activity, in the hope that something would be spotted, or in the case of the sacrifice theory, in the hope that one of them got away. Jeremy: "If the girls did escape, then the sad part of course is that on the left of this FBI enhanced photo you can see a light source, with what looks like a person holding it and almost directly behind the girl, slightly to the left, is a man with a hood I think, his lower part is obscured by foliage i.e. their escape failed totally. There may be another light source on the mid upper right". And Jeremy also has a theory about the night photo that shows sticks with red plastic attached to them: "The way illusionists/magicians work, is to get the attention focused on something specific, whilst something else is actually the important part. I wonder with this particular picture, whether or not we've been tricked. That we're focusing on what's in front of our nose rather than what we should be looking at, given that it's most likely one of the attackers taking the photo. The attackers are probably having a good laugh at us trying to work out the meaning whilst in the background waiting to be revealed might be the girls, the rest of the attackers, the location, who knows what. It's a pity we don't have access to a copy of the source photo data so we could do our own manipulations because I suspect that hidden in the background, waiting to be revealed, is something we need to see.

The big question is of course if this area has cell phone connectivity; can you call here with your mobile phones, yes or no. If the answer is yes then the chances of Kris and Lisanne having been here and freely using their own phones is smaller... But it would still be possible then that either this phone data was incorrect or meddled with, or even (theoretically) that someone else handled their phones and called from a cellar or from the jungle. And if  Kris and Lisanne were indeed at the waterfall at any night, either the 8th or earlier, then they must have been there temporarily; perhaps during a nightly escape. Because these waterfalls are tourist attractions and they have been searched by volunteers and Sinaproc, plus there were tourists there regularly; possible every day. The girls would have been found if they were holed up there. Same for the big cave, people would have found them there I think. But perhaps there are some caves behind the waterfalls which we've not heard about? Seems unlikely, or else tourists would have written about them in the many blog posts available online on these waterfalls. But I do think it could still be possible that the girls encountered foul play, and that the perpetrators loved to toy around with not just Kris and Lisanne, but also with police and everyone else investigating. If so, they must have a right laugh about all the videos and blog posts still coming out, seriously discussing their false leads. And the suggestion from Jeremy that one of the girls may have sacrificed herself to give the other a chance is original. I'd never thought of that yet. It is hard to explain those 90 nighttime photos, taken over just less than three hours in the middle of the night. Could that perhaps be a possible explanation for them? But in the end their bones were found more or less in the same area, near Alto Romero. There is no doubt that they either died in the same area, or these few bones were thrown out in the same area. But Lisanne's remains had a peculiarly slow decomposition rate; flesh and skin still on the foot, a rolled up ball of skin from her shin bone was found, still intact and with maggots. This was found at the end of August and it did not match a 5 month deceased state. Whereas Kris' bones were bleached and looking like they'd been out there for years instead of 9 weeks. May this mean that Lisanne died much later than Kris? Its remarkable that intact skin from Lisanne was found at the end of August. Either she had not been dead long, or her skin and bones had been stored in a dry cool place for a long time. For some poeple, all this points toward a 3rd parties involvement, while others think ti does not.

The Hidden Waterfall nearby
Then there is also a hidden waterfall, located closer to the last known location of Kris and Lisanne (the stream of photos 507 and 508). Here and here you can read blog posts about this waterfall. Perhaps the night pictures also look a little bit like the top of one of the big waterfalls? Which would be much nearer to their last known location... Shame there is no photo taken from the perspective of the top of the waterfall, so we can see what it looks like from above....

Sas also wrote me about this and wondered also if the night photos could have been taken near the Three Waterfalls in Boquete?  

Sas wrote me: "I was looking on the internet and I was on this site called ailishinwonderland [since removed, Scarlet]. I think its from a woman that makes journals of her trips ..the photo that catches my eyes was this one: the type of rock does remind me of the photo in the Kris and Lisanne case. I don't say its the same spot, but the rock type looks in my honest opinion the same.. Maybe that woman on that website knows more about the location of the photo.." [..] "Because the 'looks' of the rock parts look to me quite the same kind as on one night photo. I think that night photo was taken from above, looking down. Where in that area are the same kind of rocks and views..? To be honest when I compare this with these photos, I see an open part in the bushes on the right side...on both pics.. (On the place where some people think there could be laying someone, mostly thought Kris). Could it be the same spot as on the night photo? I don't know..but the shape of the rocks, and those brow/pink dots (vegetation plants) on the rocks.. look to me the same. Even the rock on which the girl stands.. In the area next to her left foot, it has the same kind of carving as on the night photo.. The night photo was taken further to the right, and you see that shape from another perspective.. Those lines and carvings in the stone are almost like a signature or fingerprint of the stone." (Added is a photo of a woman standing on a rock overlooking one of the Lost Waterfalls).

I replied:  "Ahh ok, yeh I understand what you mean. Hmm... The grey rock looks kind of comparable in colour and texture. Although similar looking rocks may be found all over Panama of course... But the night photo seems to have a lot more foliage, green plants etc around the edge? I think (?) that it also has a more gradual descend down, whereas the photo you shared has less green foliage and plants at the edge and shows a steeper decline in height perhaps? But its hard to say with certainty, because of the night versus daylight and the angle also of the photos. Ah yes I agree, the brown/pink dots principle on the grey stone is kind of similar. (Btw: I don't know how common such speckles are on all the other rocks in that region?) Indeed they must have taken the photo then at another part of the rock. But the more dense vegetation at the end of the rock of the night photo does seem different perhaps? Ah yes I understand what you mean with the lines and indentations in the rock making it like a personal marking of sorts. And the discolorations do indeed look a bit similar. Here the three waterfalls are on the map. Compared to the Il Pianista Trail (not a huge deviation and in the same area).

And there may be another waterfall 
In fact, next to the small and narrow waterfall which the girls would have passed after the small stream where they took the last daytime photos #507 and #508, there is also another, larger waterfall beyond the Pianista summit. But it is hard to find. Is it possible that the girls deviated from the main path at some point to find this waterfall? And that they got lost along the way? Calista Hart wrote about the girls' disappearance in her blog:"In April my Spanish teacher told me that two young women had gone missing from the sister school in Boquete, Panama. They had left all of their belongings, and not told anyone where they were going that day. The last anyone saw of them they were talking to two strange men, making plans to see the waterfall."  In this blog post, a description of how to get there is given, plus photos of the fall. This waterfall is considered the hidden one, as there is no official description of how to get there. "The Pianista really is a knockout, winding through meadows with stunning mountain vistas along the rushing Rio Pianista, and with an abundance of lush cloud forest vegetation. This trail goes up to the Continental Divide (a more ambitious hike that we did with a group last year), and if you’re especially adventurous, it can take you all the way to Bocas Del Toro on Panama’s Caribbean coast. (CAUTION: no one should EVER go beyond the Continental Divide without an experienced guide. Just Google “Dutch Girls in Panama.”) Today we had something much more mellow in mind – we wanted to get to the “secret” waterfall that Susan and I had not seen yet, but the others in our group had been raving about. The trail begins at the Il Pianista Ristorante (outstanding Italian food, BTW) in the Alto Lino area just north of Boquete. You need to wade across the Rio Pianista after 200m, but then it’s a steady, leisurely incline for 2km before you start to climb a steeper, narrow path. Today, we were accompanied by two young guides, Jefferson and Miguel (as it happens, these cousins are nephews of our gardener, Sergio) – and it was a good thing, because finding the waterfall required us to get off the trail and take another cow path that leads into the cloud forest. We could not have found it on our own. Since we’re right in the middle of rainy season, it was a pretty muddy slog – but not too bad."

View of the Lost Waterfalls from above...

An interesting discussion on Websleuths about the different clouds in Lisanne's photos 

Het Lichtpuntje wrote: "I know this is already discussed, but I would like to bring this up again, because in my opinion there is something not correct. This is a photo of the Mirador (see photo A. below). Taken by local guide P.. Lets compare the photo with both the photo's of Lisanne (photo B. and C. below). Let's compare all three photo's (photo D below) and you can see that the two photo's of Lisanne are a Panoramic photo. The mountain in Lisanne's photos is almost fitting except in the middle. But that's a little, tiny bit. In the photo beneath, the top of the mountain is not visible due to the cloudy weather, as you can see. So both photo's of Lisanne are made within 6 seconds of each other?? The photo data confirm that these photos were taken within a 6 seconds interval, in which Lisanne had to walk to another spot, with a different background, change her hair from swept over one shoulder to the other and then the camera had to be aimed right too, without a screen that allows you to see if you focused correctly. Also true that the difference of the sky/clouds seems like night and day. It's not a fluid motion, like the mountains in the background. The mountains, they fit perfectly. Could these photo's therefore have been made on different times of the day? Morning/afternoon/late afternoon. One on the way up and one on the way back? Or is this just the special effect the Continental Divide shows some days; clouds on one side and blue skies on another? 

Photo A.

Photo B and C.

Photo D.
If it is true that the girls turned around and went back to the Mirador after taking photo 508, then by the time they started making their two emergency calls from 16:39 PM onward, they could then not be lost in the jungle...  Instead they would have been on their way back, down the mountain already. Possibly already had reached the main road again, going back to Boquete. This then changes the possible reasons why they could have called emergency services. They wouldn't then have called because they lost their way beyond the Mirador. They also wouldn't have called because they had fallen off a cliff: the cliffs along the Pianista trail were combed through and descended by volunteers, Sinaproc and local guides in the subsequent days and there was no trace of the girls. In fact, this scenario would then reinforce the chance of them having been followed or taken by a third party. Because someone or something may then have forced them away from the same path they had taken to walk up the mountain. 

Het lichtpuntje then continues: "This was the weather at that day, April 1st. You can see that at exactly 13.00 PM was the highest amount of cloud(s) 14%. Is this what we see in the left photo of Lisanne? And then we have the photo on the right with less clouds, from which we can see due the shadow/sun that is was approximately 13.00/14.00? Don't tell me now that the sky/clouds are the difference between Caribbean and Pacific. This is too much of a difference. Also the right photo of looks like she is way bigger than at the left. Also her hair is at one photo on her right shoulder and the other her left shoulder. There are things that don't make sense. But the point is that within 6 seconds, there would have been no time for (new) settings; they used the same camera, the same sun... the same light.... Maybe the only difference is where the photographer is standing. 

DutchTreat replied: "IMO there's no way that the 2 pictures of Kris were taken within 6 seconds. Some other observations I made: - Lisanne on the right looks a lot more 'sweaty' on her forehead. There is no way that the sky is that different within 6 seconds and literally divided by a vertical line. I think that when you look at the sun's position in the sky and the shadows cast on Lisanne's face/body where Lisanne is on the right, that it does not match the position in the sky on the picture with Lisanne on the left. If you would put the picture with Lisanne on the right and Kris on the right next to each other, there is NO WAY those two pics were made around the same time. Look at the sun's position/shadows on faces/bodies. To me it looks like the picture with Lisanne on the right is made at 13.00 PM. But I think the other 2 pictures were made much later. My guess is on their way BACK TO BOQUETE. And by the way, the resolution of the picture with Lisanne on the right has a different resolution/pixels than the others. How is that possible? If the sun is shining from the right upper corner in the pic on the right. It is IMPOSSIBLE that Lisanne's butt in the left picture is illuminated by the sun, while her front is shadowy." 

Het Lichtpuntje replied:
 "Next photo.....same sky....same sun.....almost the same cloud(s) much time is there between the 2 photos?? I think not much, because of the cloud. So where are the sharp shadow lines at Kris?? The ones on Lisanne are clear. The sharp straight shadow line on her left arm (on the photo) looks still very strange to me. Next photo shows the clouds. 

DutchTreat replied: "Kris' entire front and face should be covered with shadow, because she's completely standing with her back towards the sun. Baru, do you know how the sun moves during the day at the top of the Pianista summit? If it is a the right upper corner at 1.00 PM, at what time is it on the left side almost vertical?"

Matteo replied to Lichtpuntje: "All of this can be explained by looking at the position and angles from which the pictures were made. See comparison in this photo. In the three pictures, you can detect one plant. It is standing different towards its background. That indicates the direction from which the picture was taken. You can also notice the arrow marks at the horizon of the mountain rim. The horizon on the left picture of Lisanne stretches far more to the left (bow) than on the upper picture, the same goes for the right picture, but then to the right (bow). Considering the foreground, you should overlay the indicated same plant, but considering the background there is a part of the horizon / mountain rim not on the pictures. I split the pictures according to the background. So Kris AND Lisanne changed places in the 6 seconds between the pictures. Clouds are often very locally at the northern side of the CD as we know. The difference in angle is some 80 degrees I guess, so that makes it quite possible to have one sunny and one cloudy picture at almost the same time."

Het Lichtpuntje replied: "Well it's 6 seconds between the photo's and at the right photo there is much sunlight if you look at the bushes, leaves, shadow etc. The leaves are glowing in the sun in the right photo, you can see that very clearly. And then 6 seconds later at the left photo, where are the glowing leaves, where is the clear shadow on Lisanne..? It's all about the 6 seconds."

Het Lichtpuntje wrote: "I was only trying to explain that this photo and blue sky and abrupt clouds also look weird, but I believe this. And if I cut it in half, I still believe it. Like I said, this is 1 photo. The photo's of Lisanne are 2 photo's. You can fit them perfectly!

Chiatos replied"I don't know what to think about this. Apparently, there isn't a gap between the 2 pics with Lisanne, but an overlap. You can deduce that by looking at the vegetation. So if we place the pics overlapping each other, then the clouds indeed do not coincide. I have also recognized the leaves and plants Matteo has pointed out. [..] Right photo: It seems as if the sunlight is perpendicular, so coming from straight up. Left photo: It seems as if the sunlight is coming from left. But: because Lisanne is leaning forward, she creates her own shade on her shirt with the upper part of her body. So actually, also here, the sunlight may also come from straight up? I'm not an expert in sunlight, but what I do see, is Lisanne's wrinkled shirt in both pics."

DutchTreat replied: "Regardless of the Lisanne on the left and Lisanne on the right picture. If you look at both Lisanne and Kris on the right, you cannot deny that there is something not right. Kris' entire front and face, should have been covered with shadow. Those two pictures cannot possibly have been made within 2 minutes time. It's more like 2,5 hours time difference. And what would be the implications of that ......."   
Romijn replied: "The fact that it is the same plant IS important, because it makes clear that both pictures were take from a different angle, one in the east direction, the other to the south and that has a huge impact on the view and explains why on one picture we see a totally clouded sky and on the other an almost blue sky. You just should not put these pictures next to each other as if they were made in the same direction. It also explains why shadows and wind directions are different."

DutchTreat replied: "It does not explain why the sun is shining from the right upper corner on the picture with Lisanne on the right. And from the left upper corner, where Lisanne is on the left. The sun is at a fixed spot in the sky at a certain time of the day. The photographer cannot manipulate the sun's position. If the left side of a person is covered by shadow. The left side of that person will not suddenly be illuminated if the photographer takes an other angle/position.

Matteo replied: "Hi Lichtpuntje, Cameras do lie. Not deliberately of course. When you take a picture the camera measures the light and adapts to it, to make the best possible picture, all done by computer nowadays. When you turn and take another picture and the light is very different, the camera will create another optimum for the length of the opening of the lens and how far it is opened (diaphragm). You will notice that on the picture. This explains the big difference between the sunny and the cloudy picture of Lisanne. On the cloudy picture of Lisanne you see less contrast and the whole picture is lighter: the clouds are white and lighter than the blue air and everything is less sharp lined out. Even when you take a picture at the same spot but you capture less blue air or more dark corner, the light will change, and the camera adapts to less or more light. That is normal: With the picture of Kris it is more or less the same. Less blue air and Kris against a darker background makes her better visible in the picture. she is given more light by the camera. Lisanne at the same spot though, is taken against the clear sky. The picture suffers from contrast and Lisanne has much more contrast and shadow and less light. It must have been like this, so 6 seconds were no problem at all: Try some of these things when you take pictures next time.

DutchTreat replied: "[QUOTE: danyoromijn said: "On the picture where Lisanne stands on the left (with thumbs up), I actually get the impression the sun shines from up and a bit right, since the shadow of her arm on her t-shirt stretches out a bit to the left. When the sun would shine from the left side, the shadow would stretch out more to the right of her elbow.] - "You're wrong. Look at the picture where Lisanne is standing on the left. Look at the thumb of her right hand. It casts a shadow on the fingers of her right hand. That is impossible if the sun would be shining from the same position as in the picture with Lisanne on the right. These pictures were NOT taken within six seconds. There should really an expert be looking at these pictures. Because if it can be established that this is not possible, it would also mean that the data of the pictures has been tampered with..... and we all know what that would mean."

Danyo Romijn replied: "I see what you mean with the thumb, but the shadow formed, looking as if it goes from up-left to right-down is caused by the shape and the direction of the thumb itself. On this picture the sun comes from up and a bit towards the photographer. The sun never could come from the 'left' side, because there is the north and the sun never shines from the north. It just is a bit difficult with those shadows and directions, mainly because the sun at this place on earth and a bit after noon shines from up (and not that obvious from the south)."

IceT wrote: "Here is another picture that illustrates your point. It shows tendrils of thinner clouds extending across the Continental Divide from the thicker masses of clouds north of the Divide. A photo taken from the Mirador toward the SE could show small individual clouds in a mostly clear sky, while a photo aimed 90 degrees to the left could show a much thicker cloud cover north of the Divide. This seems to be what we see in the photos of Kris and Lisanne."

Also, look closely at the shadows of the sun in the different photos on the summit 
which were all taken within the same 15 minutes according to their digital camera data. In some there are strong shadows on Lisanne's body, while there is hardly a shadow visible on Kris. Is it certain that these photos were all taken at 13:00, going by the angle of the sun? But then again; check out the aerial photo below; it clearly shows the way in which cloud packs can close in suddenly over there:

Looking at the blue sky versus the cloudy sky in the background of the new Pianista photos, are these new photos perhaps indicating that the girls did in fact make it back down the Pianista Trail? Photos from the way up (sunny and blue skies), versus photos from the way down (cloudy)? 

These summit photos were all taken within the same 15 minutes according to their digital camera data. Firstly there are the difference in sky in some of these photos. Although I must admit here that both the cloudy sky photos were taken facing the 'other' side the the Mirador. Possibly there was a very extreme division line during those 15 minutes between cloudy on one side of the mountain and sunny/blue skies on the other? I don't know, the contrast is quite extreme I think. Then secondly there is also the other matter, that in some there are strong shadows on Lisanne's body, while there is hardly a shadow visible on Kris. Is it certain that these photos were all taken at 13:00, going by the angle of the sun? 

If it is true that the girls turned around and went back to the Mirador after taking photo 508, then by the time they started making their two emergency calls from 16:39 PM onward, they could then not be lost in the jungle...  Instead they would have been well on their way back, down the mountain already. More likely they would have been already down at the start of the trail by 15:30, and they may have been already at the swimming location of the new photo by 16:39 PM. This then changes the possible reasons why they could have called emergency services. They wouldn't then have called because they lost their way beyond the Mirador. They also wouldn't have called because they had fallen in a cliff, or drowned in the river, as Betzaida Pitti keeps holding onto. In fact, this scenario would then reinforce the chance of them having been followed or taken by a third  party.

Or could it be the other way, and were the cloudy photos taken on the way up, and the blue skies from their way back down again to Boquete? This was the weather at that day, April 1st. You can see that at exactly 13.00 PM was the highest amount of cloud(s) 14%. Is this what we see in the left photo of Lisanne? And then we have the photo on the right with less clouds, from which we can see due the shadow/sun that is was approximately 13.00/14.00? (Notice also by the way how on the right photo of Lisanne, it looks like she is way bigger than at the left). Also notice how Lisanne's hair is at one photo flipped over on her right shoulder, and in the other photo it falls over her left shoulder. And in a third photo she has her hair tied back. Supposedly those photos were made within 6 seconds of one another. On different sides of the mountain. Lisanne on the right also looks more 'sweaty' on her forehead. So maybe they are in fact taken at very different times; one on the ascend, the other on the descend again, after having walked to the little stream from photos 507 and 508. Also, there seems to be quite a different sun angle present in these different Mirador photos. Sometimes the suns position on the faces and bodies of the girls are more diagonal, coming from straight above, other times there are more shadows and a different angle of the sun. Some seem to have been indeed taken around 13:00 PM, but others may have been taken later in the afternoon, in fact. My guess is on their way BACK TO BOQUETE. I mean, these two pictures below of Lisanne and Kris have officially been made within a 2 minute time-frame. It looks more like a 2,5 hour difference though, going by the extreme difference in shadow on the face and body. Shouldn't Kris' entire front and face have been covered with areas of shadow? By the way, in none of the other photos of the girls, taken in those precious week of holidaying, are the ever photographed with their thumbs up like that. Could this be an indication that they were not alone on that summit? 

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama


Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon, Panama 

Although this photo from a day or two before their hike does show that there can be tight cloud formations hanging over the mountains, right next to blue patches of sky:

Juan made an excellent photo collage of the known photos, picturing together the scene on the Mirador and showing (in my opinion) that these clouded skies were taken at a different time of day than the clear sky photos. It also shows I think that the girls were not facing the (opposite) other side of the mountain in the cloudy photos:  

Pictures of Casa Verde Hostel 
& Guesthouse (Bocas del Toro):


I like to repeat one more time what issues I keep having with the Getting Lost scenario - pls skip when you are utterly tired of this: 
things nobody seems willing or able to solidly explain and rebut: the official version of events is that they either fell into a river and drowned, or fell in a ravine of sorts and couldn't get out, OR were eaten by wild animals. Pick your favourite and then try to explain how that makes sense considering that:

1. Ravine: assume they slid off a steep slope, and this slope may have been too steep for them to climb back up on without any gear and they were stuck. Firstly; this Pianista trail they were following was well kept, clear to follow, and no-one has to date fallen in a ravine there. So for this to happen to one of the girls, on a clear sunny day without rain or mud on the road, is hard to imagine. But for two of them, both, to fall in a ravine on this beautiful day of April 1st seems near impossible. But what if.. Lets follow this highly unlikely scenario; they both fell in a ravine: going by the dates on their pictures and mobile phones use, at least one of them must have been stuck there then for at least 11 days. No heavy rain fall was washing them out there in this first week as there was hardly any rain, only short showers: checking statistics about the local weather in Boquete that week, only on April 3rd, around 17:00 some rain started, which lasted throughout the next day until the evening/night of April 4th. Then it took until April 8th for more rain to fall, which only lasted a few hours in the late afternoon/ early evening. However, the place where some steep edges are, lie on the Boquete side of the Pianista trail (so the side very frequently walked by people), and close to the summit of the Pianista trail; NOT after the Pianista summit. If they had fallen there then rescue teams and searchers would definitely have found them. Sinaproc and volunteers combed through the entire jungle there, multiple times (especially the trail of the Pianista itself), and were certain the girls weren't there. They even scaled down on ropes down several slopes near the main trail, as was shown on TV camera. The spots that truly have some height are near the summit of the Pianista trail, and in this Dutch TV program, local guide P. even explains that they descended attached to long ropes down these spots to look for them. Then Dutch forensic investigator Frank van de Goot stated that he suspected that the girls fell down a ravine somewhere after the summit, but before the small stream pictured in photo #508. Yet, there is no place there where you can fall and remain unnoticed. The road is also mostly stuck between rock walls, has no cliffs or anything really to fall into. When Frank van de Goot, who led the Dutch forensics team in this case, hypothesized that the girls must have fallen into a ravine of 30 to 40 metres deep at the start of the Pianista Trail (and this being the only place where they could have fallen off the mountain; at the start of the Pianista trail), he offered no proof. Instead, this claim raises questions: why have there never been pictures released of this supposed spot? Why no proof of the underground there showing any signs of 2 people falling down there from 40 metres high up? SINAPROC are specialized in these things and regularly find missing hikers, they looked for trails and clues of a fall everywhere along that route and found nothing. They went down with ropes for no less than 500 metre in crevasses along the Pianista trail, so they combed the place out. And even stated so on TV; the girls were not there according to their findings. A fall there would have left traces and those first days after their disappearance it was dry and sunny, not rainy so no trails could go missing. Why would both have fallen there? No clear signs of a fall were found on the shoes and the backpack either. Contents of the bag were in good order, as we could all see for ourselves. There were only two minor tears in the backpack, caused by 'a sharp edge' but they were not consistent with the type of dragging damage you usually see when someone slides down a rock wall for 30 or 40 metres. Not a scratch on the sunglasses that were carried inside the backpack. But let's assume theoretically they fell in a ravine: why then wouldn't they have been found there by the onslaught of rescue groups and volunteers and army and dogs? They would have heard them so why not call out for help? Not to mention the rescue dogs easily being able to smell them down there [if this was a cliff near the Pianista trail, which is said to have been the most prevalent spot with slopes]. The girls were for many days seemingly capable of using their phones, attempting phone calls or looking for reception; so they were conscious and would have heard the rescue teams, dogs and all that came with it if they had fallen close to the main trail. There was a big reward for the person who found them so there was extra incentive to find them. Yet, nobody did..

And why wouldn't they have been able to call from there, given that that area has confirmed mobile phone reception? And even if this scenario is true: how did their backpack end up from the bottom of a ravine into the river, 14 walking hours up north, without any decomposing body fat on it. No blood, and most of all; everything in perfect order? You'd not think that two cheap sunglasses would come out of a 40 metre fall without a single scratch, yet these girls wére badly broken up from it. No damage to the bag for instance as you would expect to see it as a result of sliding down a stone wall or muddy ravine slope. And how could their (very few) remains been scattered over a huge area along riverbeds and behind trees, so many more kilometres up north and nowhere near the bottom of a ravine? Some north of the backpack, some south of it. Animals there are not eating bones and wouldn't drag a foot or a pelvic bone for many kilometres, and they are ruled out anyway as the bones found had no microscopic teeth or claw marks; they were completely clean of significant markings. Besides, Kris' shorts were also found near the river and their bras were in their backpack; would they have fallen down a ravine naked then? A pelvis broken in half and a severely broken foot would normally have prevented them from climbing out of a ravine themselves and moving 14 walking hours up north, away from civilization. Just like Kris' broken pelvis would make it probably unlikely that she or Lisanne would have taken off Kris' very tight jeans shorts. When you are injured, you stay put (and if they had done that, they would have normally been found on or near that main trail). But large scores of rescue workers combed through the entire jungle there, multiple times, especially the trail of the Pianista itself, and were certain the girls weren't there. 

2. River: at that time (first week of April 2014) the rivers were rather shallow and not wildly fast flowing yet. It had been exceptionally dry at the time and the rain season had not yet started. From what was pictured and seen on news reports at the time, the river im sprache was not standing very high, and it wasn't very fast flowing at all. This in contrast with the rescue/body cam videos appearing much later, at a time where it hád been raining and the water wás now running much more wild. But this is not representative of the week when Kris and Lisanne had gone missing. Although the current is in general said to be strong, making it difficult to get back out once you fall in at the wrong place. But the girls could swim very well and the river wasn't that large that they couldn't make it to shore without drowning I think. It also has many rocks crisscrossing within the water, where you can hold onto. And although those monkey bridges are feeble, you don't cross them together at the same time; only one person can go at a time, so the chance that both girls fell into the river there at the same time seems also very small. Besides, then their backpack would have gotten wet, not to say soaked. If a river is said to be powerful enough to tear apart dead bodies, it can't leave a cheap lycra backpack floating in it for kilometres on end hardly damaged. Also, along the river near the monkey bridges are local people living; why wouldn't they go to them for help, instead of passing a monkey bridge and river, moving even further away from the Boquete region where they had to go? And if they were lost, why would they cross rivers anyway, leading them further away from their starting point, further into the wilderness? They took a photo of Boquete lying behind them on their way up the Pianista; they knew that Boquete was south of them, not north. So with no marks found on the few bones they did find, no animal jaws and teeth could have torn the foot off, in Lisanne's case, but there were also no signs of the river and rocks breaking up the bodies or damaging them with indentations and markings, as specialists would expect if the bodies and belongings had truly been bouncing over rocks and swept through wild rivers. And how did Lisanne's severed foot end up almost under the root of a tree on land, if she was floating in it?

3. Animals: (photo left the amount of registered snake bites) The black panther and puma are rare sightings there and shy; they don't go out to look for human contact. A jungle specialist from the region has wandered that jungle for 40 years and never ran into one, he said they don't even live in the Boquete region. Most bigger wild animals have long retracted to the deeper jungle, further away, due to the many humans walking through this part of forest. This travel blogger went to the same area and wrote about it: "We never saw a mammal and heard monkeys only once, quite different from our experience in other tropical forests." And even if we wildly assume a big cat attacked, them then the bones found would have had bite- or drag marks and their clothes wouldn't have been found the way they were; the jeans shorts from Kris would have had blood on them or been more extensively ripped or damaged (it also had no blood or other bodily fluids on it). The backpack was also not torn or damaged too much. So this in itself, and the fact Dutch investigators found bones with no microscopic signs of teeth, damage, bruising, biting or violence on the bones, which would be visible if an animal ate them clean, more or less debunks the animal attack theory.  And a big snake such as the Bushmaster would have attacked one, not both the women, and would also have left marks on the bones. And none of those animals can crack big bones or eat and digest big bones, so where are their skeletons? Their skulls? Hardly any bones have been found other than one foot, one upper leg bone part (a femur), a lower leg bone (tibia) and half a pelvic bone and one rib. IF a wild animal in fact did kill them, how did their clothes come off - Kris' jeans shorts was found in one piece in/near the river and both the girls had their bras neatly folded in their backpack? So despite Betzaida Pitti naming wild animals as a possible culprit, this official statement was pretty vague and unfounded, and it wasn't well received. Nevertheless, this down to earth commentator - Danny R. Smith - said about this: "I've had cases where only a few pieces of the skeleton remained. Animals can take pieces and run off. Think of a pack of coyotes each grabbing what they could and heading over the hill. Searches are usually constrained by terrain and quite honestly manpower and hours. A fifty foot diametre or maybe a hundred yards, depending on the terrain. There is so much overgrowth in that region there could be bones within those distances that will never be found. As far as markings, the absence of the markings on the remaining bones just means an animal did not disturb that part."

Questions I have with the wild animal scenario are: - Why have none of the bones found shown a single clear microscopic marking from teeth or claws on them then? Also, where are the skulls and other big bones which animals cannot crack? Jaguars and panthers are so rare in those areas and so shy, that many wildlife specialists and guides from the area have never seen one in their lifetime. And would they really have both been attacked and killed by the same wild animals then, at the near same location? Because the few bone remnants of both girls were found more or less in the same area, close to Alto Romero. How can a rolled up mass of skin be found, but not.. two skulls? I think that the science in this case actually speaks against a wild animal attack... These forensic findings were leaked by the scientists, not spread by the official prosecution. They seem legit to me, people like Jeremy Kryt have had access to the autopsy and forensic reports and findings. And last but not least: if wild animals attacked them at some point,why did the girls then call emergency services on day one already? First emergency calls were made during daylight and by all logic still close to the Pianista summit and civilization. And if they took the night photos to scare off wild animals, then where is the Jaguar/Panther on these photo..? In fact; not even a single nighttime photo shows an animal, despite three hours of flashing the camera. Not once was an actual animal caught in the camera's flashlight. Which doesn't mean that there were no animals around, but they most likely weren't killed and/or dragged around by a big animal.  

There are some serious issues with the official notion of the authorities that on the one hand Sinaproc and the volunteers and half the army searched that region extensively, for months in fact. Over and over again, including all the trails (and off trail) between the summit of the Pianista trail and Alto Romero, in which vicinity the remains were found. Sinaprocs director said it on camera; those girls were not there. They must have gone somewhere else. But at the same time these officials want everybody to believe that Kris and Lisanne have both fallen down the slope of the main riverbed that runs through that area. Near monkey bridges, no less; places which are passed every day and which the search troops certainly passed. They weren't there, according to the people who actually were physically in Boquete and doing the searches. Neither by bloggers who had gone out in may to help look for the girls and who passed all the monkey bridges, looking for clues. Yeh, says police on the one hand, yeh they did a magnificent job, the police and investigations. No stone was left unturned. But how can one maintain on the one hand that everything was properly searched, and on the other hand that Kris and Lisanne were withering away right next to this river in some riverbed they couldn't get out of and nobody heard or saw them. Despite the phone being activated until day 11 and them having be conscious by all logic, going by the phone log activity. They wanted to be found and yet nobody did. Despite normally finding anyone who went missing there in the terrain above Boquete. But here we are, that is just what authorities want us to believe. Everyone who takes a step beyond the summit is entering the portals of hell and risks their lives, even though the same region is visited daily, weekly by tourists who have a guide with them. It always was a normal continuation of the Pianista trail. Smiling photos on those monkey bridges, not a problem. Until the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne.They were there in a very dry and sunny period of early April without muddy trails even. But no, Pitti warns: one wrong step and you are gone forever. But nothing proves that they have gone off trail and got lost. Even in their last photos of April 1st, behind the summit, they are firmly on the main trail. And those photos and the video of the Kremers family shows clearly that this isn't 'wild unchartered jungle terrain' but a simple and clearly visible winding trail, passing some streams and trees and eventually a meadow. They weren't dressed to go off track and we have no indication that they did go off track, other than the impersonal odd night photos (do not forget that several different fingerprints and DNA from 4 unidentified people were found on the camera and belongings, people who have never been identified by police). But in the media, these university educated, fit women have been painted unfairly as two naive adventure seekers. 

And the absense of anything personal is what stands out as well. Personal indications would be for Kris or Lisanne to have looked up the phone numbers of the parents (but a 3rd party wouldn't know what to look for then); personal would be to not only look up Myram's number (the only person in those phones which locals would have known) but to also try to actually call her (they never did). It would also be personal to write something in Dutch; some notes, some documentation (they both wrote in their diaries daily normally), or a draft message to a loved one. Of course, with a 3rd party not speaking Dutch, this was also impossible to fake for anyone from Panama. Selfies - nope. Movies (Canon had enough battery and memory) - nope. Daytime photos showing where they were - nope. None of that. In light of this, powering a phone on overnight but not using it for anything that would have been natural for these young women, such as calling loved ones, writing draft messages, anything personal really, is odd. It drained the remaining battery and for what? To check a weather app once, in the middle of the night. It's all highly suspicious and out of character for Kris and Lisanne who demonstrated completely opposite behaviour until then, taking pictures all the time, being in daily contact with their parents and writing in their diaries daily to document their days. 

*And let me remind you once more what a sh*tshow this entire investigation was
One wonders why the local government didn't get searchers in more quickly (during the first and most important days, no professional searches were organized) or even set up emergency cell coverage in the area; some sort of mobile network range extender, which is technically doable with a helicopter, portable tower, or drone, from what I understand. And why were no thermal cameras used? (I guess these days with drones that would have been easier perhaps than in 2014). And have authorities tried to call the girls' phones, while they were missing? Why were not even their phone locations provided by the telecom operator in the area? Did Pittí not properly request for them? And why didn't she look into the phone use of other people in that area at the time? Telecom providers can map out exactly who were in the Pianista area on April 1st, based on their phone locations. But nobody seems to have investigated this... It is basic investigation stuff these days; checking surrounding phone activity (WHO were also in that area that day??), checking the phone and internet activity of potential witnesses. But I have verified that the official case documents, unfortunately, confirm that none of this was done by authorities. It's enough to make a grownup cry, this investigation. Why wasn't there a case official sent to accompany the locals who were searching for the girls' remains? Can you imagine the FBI asking locals to do the work for them, without even a single officer in place to oversee the operation? (No). Why were the houses of potential suspects never checked with luminol for traces of blood? Private land of people of interest should have been scanned for the presence of bones. Local soil samples were never properly commissioned, Dutch search and rescue dogs were somehow never allowed or able to search beyond the Mirador. We still don't know what type of water remnants were left in the plastic water bottles that were found in the girls' backpack, because the forensic testing was never requested by Betzaida Pittí. We should have known where they last filled their bottles; was this in a river? Was it filled with tap water in a house? Was there still commercial 'supermarket water' inside? Why do we not know these things? Crime scenes weren't secured, a private bedroom was trampled and raided before police even got there. Locals who should have been people of interest were protected and witnesses were cast aside. Notice how there is no official report on the factually established bleach on Kris' bones; no official mentioning/explanation of the mysterious disappearance of photo 509, no mention of the crazy timeline with the nighttime photos, the widely scattered remains, the absence of most other remains, the inexplicable fact that large scores of searchers couldn't find these girls in a relatively small area; the incompatibility of many solid seeming witness statements with the official timeline. No scientific evidence that they fell off a cliff, no signs of a slide down a mountain on the personal belongings... Their belongings were found undamaged, as far as we know. But the official story is that Kris and Lisanne simply got lost and fell to their deaths or drowned. Never mind that the rain season hadn't started yet at the time, never mind that the rivers weren't swollen yet, that these two athletic girls could swim or at the time have even hopped over river rocks from one side to the other, or wade to the other side. Autopsy reports weren't shared in the official case files, Pittí's end theory was never proven, not even partly. Specialists who offered their help were ignored. The prosecutor was more interested in parading in front of the cameras than doing the hard stuff. Despite having been fired in 2015, Pittí later betrayed the parents by trading THEIR daughter's private case files, against their will and probably illegally, with a bunch of opportunists who tried to clean her reputation for money. Absolute corruption. And yet, some people keep it up that the investigation was very thorough and professional...

It seems there were some risks involved with this Pianista trail

People had been robbed in the past. People had gotten lost in the jungle. A guide was recommended. The girls seemed confident however, perhaps due to the low difficulty grade of the walk. It takes around 1,5 to 2 hours to climb to the top, which has stunning views, reaching all the way to the coast on clear days. Then downwards is achieved in around an hour, depending on your level of fitness. Especially the climbing part can be tiring when the day time temperatures and sun are high, combined with the high humidity in Panama. But for young, fit people it should not be a problem. Lisanne was known to be sporty, she played volleyball at a high level and liked to go for walks. Kris was slightly less athletic but in good physical shape nonetheless, which is also visible in their photos on the trail and at the top. At the start of the trail, the path is clearly visible and well defined. But as you ascend, it gets more narrow and the jungle does close in. Nevertheless, it should be clear which is the main path and where to go. And once you descend again from the summit (which is cooler than the valley), moving on instead of the recommended turning back, the trail is for a long time still clearly distinguishable, especially on the dry and sunny day of April 1st 2014. However, the further you move on, the more risks of getting lost. It drags you further and further into the jungle, and the next settlement is a multi-day walk. And there are risks with the rivers too; they have monkey bridges; dodgy swanky frail cables where you can move over, but which can easily make you lose your balance. They are placed high above the river and a fall can cause injuries. If the water is high and runs fast, you can drown too. At the start of the girls' trip however the water was relatively low and slow flowing. There is also said to be another bottleneck on the route, where you need to pass a metal gate to continue the Pianista Trail, instead of walking along it (which would direct you in the wrong way).

Thanks for following this case and for everyone chiming in here or on my youtube channel to share your thoughts. I hope and believe that now that this case is properly archived and covered, now that the Dutch videos are for the most part translated and all the Dutch sources have been translated as well, and now that the story is being covered by writers, bloggers and youtubers all over the world, this will increase the chances that people who do know more will speak out, eventually. I truly believe that.

When I tried to make some sense out of this disappearance case back in late 2018/early 2019, there was on the one hand very limited public information with regards to what actually happened to Kris and Lisanne, and on the other hand a lot of journalistic work was done on the matter which had not always been highlighted equally well. It was clear that the story had some gaping holes and that there was conflicting information out there. I have tried to shine a light on all this publicly available info about the disappearance of Kris and Lisanne and I tried to bring it all together here, free of charge for all of you to see and if needed I translated it from Dutch or panish into English. I also tried to broaden the narratives about what may have happened to these young women. In the hope that when more people know about this case, chances would increase that we'd ever find more facts and answers. So, with this blog series I wanted to gather all the publicly available and relevant information in this case comprehensively in one spot (call it a form of Open-source Intelligence), with source links provided whenever possible. 
Instead of having all these pieces of information scattered all over the internet, I brought them together here in a (long) overview story of my own, reflecting what is known about the case by now. This includes interviews, journalistic pieces, statements from people linked to this case, investigation results, possible theories, arguments pro and contra and more. In part 2part 4 and part 5 especially of this blog series, I cover many different theories from other people. I also translated many videos and articles of interest from Dutch to English for you, in order to provide you with the most detailed archive of this case.  -  Over time the media in general has gotten a beating for supposedly not covering this case well enough. This mainly comes from officials or their representatives, who are not happy with criticism. I strongly disagree with this however. I based nearly my entire blog series on public (media) information and as more official case info has become available slowly but surely, I am surprised how good the media did, all in all. Over time I only had to make minor adjustments to the story as we have learnt it from public media sources. Overall they were spot on. The case officials themselves have also chosen not to inform the media about certain things, but blatantly leaked other details they díd want to come out. So there you go. Oh, and it took me many months to find all the sources, to translate Dutch material and compose the summarized, detailed story here below, based on what is known from publicly available information (including official police information, news articles and interviews) so far. Some people have used more than just a little of my work for their own publications, without as much as a source mentioning. Don't be such a douche and give a shout out or a source mentioning when you use info from these blogs or my videos for your own videos or sites or publications :) 

This is part 3 - See follow up part 4 on this case with Latest Updates. Or here you can read in part 5 what other people think about this case. And in part 6, you can read interviews with the families of Kris and Lisanne.


  1. I have nothing substantial to add, but wanted to thank you for your vigorous work in collecting and translating every relevant piece of news and evidence for this case. It was a great read that I enjoyed very much. The case itself is very unsettling and kept me up a few nights.

    I do not personally think it is possible that either accident or crime theory can account for all of the evidence. Either they got lost first then ran into someone, or they ran into someone and fled then got lost and were eventually found by this third party.

    Thanks again! I got weeks of reading material from your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for reading about the case here. Like many others out there I am simply trying to do my part in an attempt to keep this case in the limelight and perhaps get it solved even, eventually. Although both the Panamanian and the Dutch prosecution and officials are 'dead set' on keeping the case closed. Yes I think you are right there, it is indeed a never fitting puzzle. None of the theories out there give a 100% fit and thus we keep changing around the puzzle pieces. But now that Juan published the never before seen night pictures and such, we have a few more facts to work with again. Glad to hear you also ultimately believe in an element of foul play.

      Best wishes

  2. IMG_0573-63.jpeg

    Is that a face in this picture? this was found on the photo album you had linked in this blog

    1. Hi, thanks. Do you mean the outline of a skulled face almost? It may just be a pareidolia?

    2. Hi, I wanted to add that on the picture where you see the hair it really looks like you can see 2 teeth in between the red hair. You can see it on the right just below the middle. I've zoomed in many times and am really sure it's 2 teeth.


    1. Thank you for this update! Seems another case where the authorities are quick to rule things an accident, and then close off the case. Where have we seen that before eh? :(

  4. In my opinion, the (little fact-based) argumentation of some people culminates when it comes to the 90 or so so-called night photos. Here, for example, you give a commentator who, precisely because of the absence of concrete objects in the photos, suspects a criminal mastermind behind these pictures. This is like arguing that the girls rarely used the mobile phone when they were in captivity, without realizing that captivity would likely have prevented them from using the mobile phone altogether. But the argument that the non-representational nature of the pictures was signaling a perpetrator as their author seems even more tendentious: This argumentation misses some of the rules of argumentative honesty, I guess. Particularly since it is based on a whole series of assumptions that are not mentioned in the context, such as that if Lisanne or Kris had taken the photos, concrete objects would be visible in the photos. But why actually? Because it must have been about capturing images?
    I don't think it's fair to imply that. Obviously, it was about something else, because otherwise there would be more to see in the pictures than the night sky. You yourself give good clues that the purpose of the night shots could not have been to scare off animals or attackers either, because otherwise there would probably be animals or attackers in the pictures. It also seems impossible that the path should be illuminated because, as you were able to show very clearly, there was no change of location in the three hours during which the pictures were taken. Against this background, the interpretation must therefore be based on what is constant in the photographs, and that is simply the orientation of the camera and what was done with it, besides not taking pictures, namely triggering the flash. Therefore, the old, unexciting assumption that it was an attempt to send out light signals into the night sky is the most plausible one. Even if there may be doubts as to whether objectively the conditions were actually given for drawing attention to oneself in this way, this explanation is far more plausible than the more presuppositional thesis that someone else could have taken the photographs in order to create a false impression. A simple cost-benefit analysis illustrates this well: What value should it have had for the perpetrator or perpetrators to spend three hours (!), and thus a good part of the night, photographing the night sky several times a minute? And what use could it have had for the girls or one of them? Maybe even being in a state of half-consciousness. For whom, if not for Lisanne and Kris, could the flashing of light have been of such essential importance that they made producing flashes their main task for hours? While the subjective motives and the objective Benefits for alleged perpetrators remain completely in the dark and incromprehesible, it is obvious what the two young women, or one of them, might have wanted to achieve with the flashes. After all, search teams flew over the area the day before. Light signals couldn't be helpful at daytime, at night, that might have been her idea, they were.

    1. It's difficult and I think some people make the mistake of zooming in too much to one or two aspects of this case. For instance on the night photos or the phone use. They can all be explained in whatever way you want. They could be rationally explained as the work of two girls delirious with hunger and first and exhaustion, or as photos made by someone else entirely, trying to create a fake trail of evidence. We just don't have enough facts to be certain about anything, when it comes to these photos and the use of their mobile phones. Yes thank you, there are soms things we can argumentate about them, for instance that it is less likely that whomever took thee photos did so to scare off an animal; because in the 90-something photos an animal hasn't been pictured once. Also, why would you keep making photos for 3 hours on end then? Also, there is zero evidence that helicopters were flying at night. All the info available indicates that helicopters only flew during a few days at the start of the search and always during daytime. There is zero evidence that helicopters would have flown in the dark of night, and as late as April 8th. I therefore dismiss (until new facts show up) that they were trying to flash an overflying helicopter. The same issue for search groups; we have no evidence whatsoever that search groups were walking out there in the dead of night. Yes same for the theory that they were lighting their way with the flash; all evidence points against this, due to the static nature of these photos. I agree that orientation is one of the most logical explanations around for now. Regarding light signals; that is possible, but I do wonder what triggered them to do that then, and why only on april 8th and not way sooner? They had been alone in the jungle for over a week (!) by then, and we have no evidence that troops were out between 01:00 -04:00 that night.

      But none of this disqualifies the alternative explanation of a 3rd person taking the photos. No, not at all. We have not a single photo identifying the photographer. Not even a hand or arm has been captured, enabling us to see if it was a he or a she. And you can personally think it is an illogical notion, there are no objective facts that disprove it, at the moment. I understand that you find it illogical that a 3rd party would make the effort to go out to take those photos. But I can think of a rational (I think at least..) explanation for that. IF a 3rd party was in fact involved then I don't personally believe that they would have done a hell of a lot of photoshopping or manipulation of the photos when they found the backpack and the camera. I think they went through them and only erased the photo 509, possibly because it contained something incriminating. The rest all told a perfect story, of kris and Lisanne walking alone in the wild there, unprepared, poorly dressed for the endeavor and going to the Pianista summit and beyond. Perfect stuff to allow the police to find. It just cements an alibi story on their behalf. People who say that criminals would just destroy a backpack like that, sometimes forget that there have been other missing people there including the missing British tourist Alex Humphrey, who has gone missing without a trace in the exact same area. You cannot continue to let people dissolve into nothing there, not with a mad circus of foreign press and searchers looking for these girls and demanding answers. If that backpack and those bone remains hadn't been found, the search would have gone on and on. The Dutch families had the financial means and the drive for it. Nobody living there wants that.. Indeed, a signal that the women were dead.

    2. In light of this, it is not incomprehensible that a 3rd party would want to add more evidence to the camera, finishing the visual alibi of sorts. Now police and the families not only have photo evidence of the girls being physically on the Pianista Trail on day 1 and beyond the summit, but also an update from day 8, cementing the story (visually) that YES they got lost in the great unknown and yes they tried to survive for over a week. It really meant the evidence of an accident, for a lot of people, those night photos. Not all criminals are low IQ'ed brutes, some are highly pragmatic and logical.

      And people must also not make the mistake of just zooming in on some aspects of this case, and then forgetting about the bigger picture. I like to look at all the details though and to zoom out. Everything must be incorporated into one theory or another, not just nitpicking about the psychological analytics of these photos. It seems a fact that Kris and Lisanne ventured out without taking the necessary precautions. They weren't properly dressed or equipped for such a trek into unknown wild terrain. They did not bring enough food and water or extra clothes, let alone a means to defend themselves or find their way back if needed. These two lovely girls made grave errors in judgment when they ventured out in unknown nature without the necessary precautions. That is something that stands above everything else.

      But there are other reasons why an accident seems less likely to some people, me included. For instance:
      -How come the entire skeletons were never found?
      -How come the bodily remains of the two girls were find in the same vicinity, but one had her bones bleached clean and in a late stage of decomposition, while the other had remains in a very early stage of decomposition?
      -How come 5 months after their disappearance, a rolled up ball of skin from lisanne was found (from her shin bone), in a very early stage of decomposition? Impossible for the skin to have been kept out in the jungle all that time, and still look like that. The forensic pathologist stated that either it was fresh or someone had stored it cool and dry for a period of time. How does that match with an accident scenario?
      -How come their backpack was found dry and clean, 8 weeks into the disappearance when the jungle was wet and muddy? If they left it there themselves, why didn't they ask the help of the villagers living there?
      -What happened to the completely missing photo 509, which couldn't have been so thoroughly erased if the girls just pressed the 'delete' button. They didn't delete any photos during their holiday so why was this one deleted if they just got lost at that point and had other things on their mind than selfies?

      These are core questions and the accident believers always struggle to come up with a believable logic explanation for all the forensic facts, not just the ones they nitpick here and there.

    3. it makes zero sense for an attacker to spend 4 hours taking night photos. To prove what? That the girls were lost? 1 or 2 photos during the day would do just the same. If I had killed those girls why would I hike my ass to a remote location and spend all night taking photos to convince the worlds that two girls assumed lost were lost? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

      At best I would take a few daytime pics and maybe of different locations.

      Would the girls take the photos? I dont think anybody else had any reason to do it ... Why would they?

      For all the reason that were already exlpained but here is another reason:

      - whichever girl was still alive in the jungle exhausted and tired knew she would die. Maybe she was just scared of the dark night and just used to flash to have some light in her last hours. Maybe she was bored and dieing and just needed something to do. What is there to do in the jungle at night? Play with your camera, take some pics.

      What makes no sense is that they did NOT take any note or any picture of themselves. That makes NO sense. And that they wanted to spare their parents how they looked? Fucking please. Give me a break.

      To all the photoshop clowns. Give it a break. In case of murder to most likely would be a local or drug runner. Do you think those people have the skill and the time to generate dozens of photshopped pictures to prove some nonsense? Fuck no.

      Nobody who raped and killed those girls then went to the Photoshop PC and masterly stitched pics together. That just didnt happen! Also these days you can easily analyze photos if they were edited. why doesnt anybody do that. And that Juan guy and his ramblings are only one thing: obsessed and crazy.

      Sadly his ramblings are so drawn out and crazy that one can not bear watching his long videos with seconds of facts in regards to exif data.

      Again, no sex killer would fuck around with exif data. that just makes no sense. They dont have the skills and no motive. If something bad was in a picture they would simply be deleted like some were.

      IF the pics were edited and exif manipulated who did it? the only option is the police who would have the skills and the motive to support their claim the girls got lost and they didnt want to fuck around solving a crime making the area look like a death trap.

      To the two SAME images of the SOS marker. No killer would have fucked around making little baloon sticks and SOS markers from pringles cans to divert attention from him. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

      Obviously the girls made those markers. So to the same pics. It is 100% it is THE SAME pic. the clear one is the original and obviously the one with the blown out foreground is the edited one. it is clearly edited. someone took the time to make the rock on the right white WHILE all the other foreground to the left is painted with a white brush to blow out the details. This is 100% manually edited. Who and Why?

      could have been the cops trying to obscure it or a journalist jut playing around and saving the pic and then leaking it with the others.

      THE ONLY QUESTION IS: were those pics leaked as different pics with different names and exif? If so then whoever leaked it (cops or journalist) want to hide something.

    4. it makes zero sense for an attacker to spend 4 hours taking night photos. To prove what? That the girls were lost? 1 or 2 photos during the day would do just the same. If I had killed those girls why would I hike my ass to a remote location and spend all night taking photos to convince the worlds that two girls assumed lost were lost? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

      At best I would take a few daytime pics and maybe of different locations.

      Would the girls take the photos? I dont think anybody else had any reason to do it ... Why would they?

      For all the reason that were already exlpained but here is another reason:

      - whichever girl was still alive in the jungle exhausted and tired knew she would die. Maybe she was just scared of the dark night and just used to flash to have some light in her last hours. Maybe she was bored and dieing and just needed something to do. What is there to do in the jungle at night? Play with your camera, take some pics.

      What makes no sense is that they did NOT take any note or any picture of themselves. That makes NO sense. And that they wanted to spare their parents how they looked? Fucking please. Give me a break.

      To all the photoshop clowns. Give it a break. In case of murder to most likely would be a local or drug runner. Do you think those people have the skill and the time to generate dozens of photshopped pictures to prove some nonsense? Fuck no.

      Nobody who raped and killed those girls then went to the Photoshop PC and masterly stitched pics together. That just didnt happen! Also these days you can easily analyze photos if they were edited. why doesnt anybody do that. And that Juan guy and his ramblings are only one thing: obsessed and crazy.

      Sadly his ramblings are so drawn out and crazy that one can not bear watching his long videos with seconds of facts in regards to exif data.

      Again, no sex killer would fuck around with exif data. that just makes no sense. They dont have the skills and no motive. If something bad was in a picture they would simply be deleted like some were.

      IF the pics were edited and exif manipulated who did it? the only option is the police who would have the skills and the motive to support their claim the girls got lost and they didnt want to fuck around solving a crime making the area look like a death trap.

    5. To the organ harvesters:

      you cant just kill someone somewhere, put their organs in a bag and take them somewhere else to be implanted. IT doesnt work that way. organs dont last long and the donor has to match. You dont just kill people and then advertise their kidneys. IT DOESNT WORK THAT WAY.

      The only way that works is that you run bloodwork on your victims, to catalog them, then keep them alive until you find a matching recipient and then you kill them and harvest their organs.

      You do this because whoever paid you $200000 for a kidney doesnt want HIV with it and wants it to match that is why you cant sell some kidneys you "just found in the jungle". Seriously, people need to fuck off with this shit.

      The only things you can bulk harvest are generic things like skin, blood, eyes, other membranes, bones. But I dont know if thats worth the effort and if its done in the jungle and why you wouldnt just harvest the natives who nobody gives a fuck about and they are also less likely to mess up your shit with HIV and Hepatitis.

      Otherwise, good blog and it weird that nothing makes sense. Especially that they left NO note and no pic, like :Hey mom and dad, we got lost, we are hurt and we are not well. If we dont make it, we love you"

      ANYBODY would have done that .. so thats weird

      Also take in mind that both options: Getting lost, murdered or abducted are not at all mutually exclusive! I think you mention that.

      It is also possible that they went to some horny local for help and rather then helping them, he helped himself to their white pu***es.

      the bones are obviously planted. It is highly unlikely they BOTH died in the water at the same time, unless one fell and the other died rescuing her, happens often enough. But then there would be more bones and entire torsos.

      The backpack was obviously planted, whoever denies this must be braindead, but it could be that a local found or bought the backpack with contents and wanted to keep it (the electronics probably had the value of their annual income). BUT when the media shitstorm hit they got scared and just dumped the backpack. That is why it was like new.

    6. They were already dead the at the time those night photos were taken, don't you understand up til now???!!! Imagined that you suffered from dehydration and hunger for 7 days in the middle of jungle, you wouldn't and woundn't have waited until 7 days to take these nonsense night pohots (wouldn't be able to actually as well), I mean not even a head-on photos, all dark surroundings and no videos, no messages, no talkings. I mean it doesn't make any sense. Then you check the weird phone calls, they are quite fixed and orderly done acutally, no damn lost hiker would do that for no reason, if I was lost or trapped in a rain forest, I would keep on calling for rescue anytime and anywhere, I wouldn't do it for once the shut my phone, and the 77 times of PIN entries are even bullshit and nonsense too, none of girls would do that if either of them is alive at that time, the first they should do is straight for the emergency call instead of PIN entry.

      So to sum it up, they were dead already before the weird phone calls and night photos, at least before the night photos, all these weird shit happened just because the perprtrator wants to mess around with the police, they are arrogant and even with psychological distortions for leaving the phone and camera safe and sound, maybe they are used to it. They planted the backpack intentionally after two months no result investigatoin just for the 30000$ reward. For those who still think it's an accident, I would say fuck your degraded braincells, you won't come up with this stuipd ass conclusion if you took a goddamn minute to think about the case.